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not ready to let it go just yet ~

encased in a chain-linked box of emotion ~.
and all i got are pictures

i honest to god don't know what to say to them ~

#WPHescape to the woods with yofamily ~

that time of year ~

time to change the locks ~.
This is a doorway to one of the first greenhouses built on the farm where I grew up in NJ. After years away, I returned home this summer with the yofamily. It was a first glimpse into my past for the yoLittles.
Things from our childhoods rarely look the same as we remember them. For instance, this greenhouse always seemed bigger. Bigger, but oppressive. Even a little claustrophobic.
Back then, it was covered in opaque plastic sheeting pulled tight from the top down both sides. Amazing how well that stuff trapped the heat. Whenever you opened the door, you were hit in the face with a blast of dripping humidity.
Inside were rows of benches holding various shrubs and plants. Under the benches, the ground was lined with strips of black plastic to keep the weeds from growing. Not quite so amazing in that task. Weeds always grew under those benches.
My job was to pull those weeds under those benches in those hot houses.
And look at that ground now.
As I was saying, some things from our childhoods are just as we remember.
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happy birthday, boo ~ yo9 🎈🎉

last one up is a rotten egg ~. #whpfreetime

you have to know when to hoe it ~

la vue de la caboose ~ #whpfreetime

Forget me nots and ne'er do wells.

To help the medicine go down.

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