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Leave the animals alone!! And how can you be a feminist and support babies being taken away from their mothers within 24 hours so you can drink the milk intended for the baby calfs.. wake up humans!
RepostBy @iamamagedoff: "Animals are living beings , they have connections with their babies just LIKE US!! We have food options and animals shouldn't be one of them ! #vegan #govegan #cows#calves#dairyisscary #dairyismurder #motherandchild #animalsarenotfood #havecompassion #havecompassionforanimals #notyourmeat #animalrightsactivist #friendsnotfood #vegansofnyc #fuckdairy (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

Anonymous for the Voiceless NYC last week with @jamesaspey
We are anonymous.
We are vegan.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
#cubeoftruth #nyc #vegan #anonymousforthevoiceless

RepostBy @mr.polarizing: "#Repost @torontochickensave
Even in the 'high welfare' farms, each Chicken is usually permitted the equivalent of an A4 piece of paper of room.

That's how much space they have their whole lives.

Not even enough to spread their wings. #babies #compassion #petstagram #petlover #petstagram #vegan #vegans #veganism #vegansofig #govegan #macklemore #whyloveoneandeattheother #eggs #freerangeeggs #freerange #organiceggs #chicken #chickens #vegetarian" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

Facts! And you're too ignorant to believe it then do your research... use that phone for something useful. ...
RepostBy @cattitude62: "@Regrann from @activistvegan - Yeah we're in a cult. We brainwash people to think for themselves.
Take the red pill friends.
Video by @plantbasednews.
Escape #TheMatrix #Vegan #GoVegan #sustainability #heath #environmentalist #activist #wakeup #animallover #animalrights #naturelover eat #plantbased ditch #paleo #ketodiet #lowcarb #diet #ketogenic eat #WFPBdiet #climatechange #drought #species #extinction #racingextinction #anthropocene #maketheconnection - #regrann" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

VOLUME ⬆️ if you support this, I hope you die screaming just like these poor babies. I'm disgusted with humanity... what gives us the right to treat them like garbage? As long as I have a voice, I will NEVER STOP speaking up for them.
RepostBy @mr.polarizing: "When you aren't vegan you arbitrarily decide what degree of pain torture and death you're willing to consume... when you are vegan you simply say I will not knowingly take part in ANY of it. Put the volume up! #Repost @earthlingmcginn
🔥Angora Rabbit Fur ▪️Stealing angora fur without harming the rabbit requires slow labor that isn’t congruent with the industry. Angora wool farms, like so many others similar to it, only continue to exist because of supply and demand. ▪️The trade value of angora wool is $27 to $35 for every two pounds. Longer hairs are worth more, which are achieved by plucking directly from the skin rather than shearing. ▪️Angora rabbits are sheared every three months for two to three years. As they age, the rabbits yield less fur and are ultimately strung up and inhumanely killed before they’re sold to market for their meat. ▪️The male Angora rabbit has a fur yield that is only 80 percent to that of the female. They’re routinely killed immediately after birth since they’re not profitable to the breeder. ▪️It’s estimated that there are 50 million rabbits being farmed for their wool, each one producing on average one pound of fur per year. ▪️Today, 90 percent of angora wool being sold has been imported from Asia which is known for their lax animal welfare laws and negligence when prosecuting those who have perpetrated animal abuse. 💡The fashion industry systematically attempts to conceal the abuse and killing of animals for their products as much as possible – if consumers knew the truth, after all, it could hurt sales. But, a portion of the public need to take some of the blame as well for their refusal to acknowledge the abuse in the products they purchase. We need to join together and let major retailers selling products made with angora wool know we will not purchase from them while millions of rabbits continue to suffer in cruel and deplorable conditions. #angora #fur #rabbit

Amazing artwork by a fellow activist @mommymish2
RepostBy @mommymish2: "In a world where we are all made of "meat" - and yes I said ALL.... Why love one but eat the other?

We live in a time where we have enough scientific evidence to realize that although we can eat and digest meat, we don't necessarily need to, not to survive nor to thrive or to be healthy. So the question then becomes, if we don't need to eat meat to survive, why are we doing this to them and better yet, why to the pig, the cow, the chicken, lamb or turkey and not to the dog?

Please chew on that for a bit, won't you✌️

Artist: yours truly,
@mommymish2 @paintbymish
Inspiration: @danaellyn" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

Next time you think vegans are annoying and you roll your eyes and think we're crazy, just remember we're not the ones supporting this industry and paying for animals to go through this... YOU ARE!!!! Who's the extreme now?! RepostBy @joannabak__: "RepostBy @lightmoveme: "🔥Veganism isn't a fad. It isn't something that I do to be trendy. All life matters. All life is precious. I am vegan because my life is not any more important or valuable than any other living being on the planet. I have NO need to harm another for my survival, so why would I? I listen to my heart and soul. I wish to live my life by love and compassion. All animals feel the same emotions as I do- love, joy, as well as fear. They all feel pain like I do. I don't want to be a part of their suffering. I don't want to support or have anything to do with any industry that sees living beings as mere commodities with which to make a profit. When I look into the eyes of a non-human animal, I see myself. I see a soul. I see a sentient being who only wants to live his/her life free of suffering. Humans are a part of the environment, not above it. We have no right infringing our will onto others, especially those who cannot fight back. I want to make this world a better place for all who live here. Therefore, I will always be vegan. ~ Tumeria Langlois, Maynard, MA. USA 🔹🔹🔹Animal tissues and their secretions are NOT human food. They are acidic, pus, and mucus forming "foods" that are unnatural for humans to eat, and contribute to constipating the human body, leading to disease, and death.🔹🔹🔹 ▪️Cancers,
▪️Obesity, ▪️Diabetes, ▪️Heart disease.
http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/facts/ 🔹🔹🔹Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.🔹🔹🔹
http://www.cowspiracy.com/facts/ 🔥Humans kill 60 billion land animals and trillions of aquatic animals every year to suit their pleasure in eating their corpses, not for any legitimate need to survive.
All Animal use is unnecessary for purposes of:
▪️Entertainment, ▪️Pleasure,
🔥We live in a consumer-driven society. Make ethical choices in what you buy

Don't support puppy mills! ADOPT, DON'T SHOP! 🐶🐾

So the videos are disturbing so they have to put a warning on it. Ummmm helloooooo the way your food is made is disturbing! It tells you right there... graphic violence or gore!! When are people going to wake up!?!? MEAT IS MURDER!!! You think these animals willingly give up their life!?! You think they want to live a horrible life full of torture, abuse and then be violently slaughtered!?! It's 2017, it's time to evolve and live a compassionate life and not be a robot to the society! And that dead body you're munching on is going to kill you with one disease or another. Ohhh it's not a dog or a cat so you don't care huh!?! Since when is it ok to draw a line between one animal and another!? How about you use your brain and see that NO animal wants to die and they all value their life! Wake up! #meat #meatismurder #graphic #violence #alllivesmatter #leaveanimalsalone #animals #govegan

Until every cage is empty!! All animals lovers, it's our duty to be there on September 2nd!!! The biggest march in NYC yet!! Be there!!! RepostBy @animaliberationfront

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