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Yokumon Dessert Lounge  10818B Jefferson blvd. Culver city, CA 🌴 BEST dessert lounge in LA. 🎂🍧🍨🍰🍩🍪🍮Twitter @yo_ku_mon. Follow Sister company @islandmonarchcoffee☕️👍

@joyandsweetsshop is taking over the Yo Ku Mon space and adding Macarons, cupcakes and ice cream! Follow them! And show them your a follower and they will give you a special discount on the Macarons thru Sunday the 25th!
#yokumon #joyandsweets #frenchmacarons

Get @yokumon and be happy! The ultimate ice cream sandwich!

Guess who had ice cream at @yokumon to ease off 105 temperature. #Toto and #Lillie from @Islandmonarchcoffee! 🐶💖🍦

What a great way way to start a day with delicious banana split from @yokumon! Yum! 🍦

Krazy muffin freshly baked at @yokumon. Yummy!

Looking for a little self indulgence today? How about a box of these amazingly delicious french macarons. Available at @yokumon !

Anyone having craving for some good old fashions muffins? Here are Krazy muffins freshly baked at @yokumon 👍

Don't miss out this intensely delicious multi berry tart from @yokumon 👍

There is never too much macarons. Enjoy the delicious french macarons at @yokumon 👍

Don't miss out this amazing mango cheese cake at @yokumon 👍

Delicious @yokumon red velvet icecream sandwich. Don't miss out!

Delicious waffle cup muffins freshly baked at @yokumon. Come and experience the happiness!

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