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Yoko Ono  I think it's better to dance rather than to march through life, don't you?

Thank you SKY, now we are together. And thank you to the MTA Arts & Design for inviting to create my new work.
Photo by Patrick Cashin


Something wonderful was told to me just recently. Two scientists who were researching the effect of waves in the ocean for two years, came to the conclusion that the smallest stimulus to the water be it a drop of a pebble, or a child splashing the water at the shore, affects the whole ocean, each time. Well, I thought we do affect each other on land, but I hadn’t realized that that was true in the ocean as well! What a blessing!
So now I call ourselves the small pebble people. Send small pebbles to the world. Don’t make big splashes with large stones. That will attract people and the wrong people as well. Our quiet revolution will not make announcements, but one day will be accepted by all people as the norm of life. The human race has done that with many things. This time, we want to heal our planet, and bring peace to this world. We will. Love, yoko

Before the storm...yoko

Yesterday I released the first song from my new album Warzone. I love you more and more because of the time we are all in together. Here’s some of the first song, Warzone. yoko
Vocals, words and music by Yoko Ono
Produced by Yoko Ono and Thomas Bartlett
Drawings by Yoko Ono
Video animation by Jonny Sanders
From the album, Warzone, on Chimera Music, in stores on October 19, 2018.
Album pre-order information at www.YokoOnoWarzone.com

I love you America. Your ancestors had wisdom, courage, and love for the country. Remember peace. love, yoko

This is John’s room in Menlove Avenue. I feel John here with me...I love you John. yoko

I’m here in Liverpool for the opening of DOUBLE FANTASY JOHN & YOKO. What an incredible and moving show they’ve created @museumofliverpool

Spring time. As the view from the window is getting greener and greener, my heart is getting stronger and stronger

Working girl

First day in the studio. Feeling good!

PEACE IS POWER! Happy International Women’s Day! yoko

When we were young we said we cannot trust anyone over 30, and now it’s you, the youth of America. I invite you to give us your brain power. We need you. Kids power!

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