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No exceptions.

Some mornings my bedroom door looks like the scene from a horror movie when shit's about to go down.

Every passing day it becomes more and more evident what a sham this presidency is. Possibly as or more important is the disturbing amount of members of his party who continue to stick by him and defend his nonsense. Even those who called him 'really crazy' or said his election 'taints the republican party for generations to come' or called his campaign 'opportunistic, race-baiting, religious bigotry, xenophobia' or said 'I will not defend Trump, not now and not in the future.' I made this piece a few days ago. I stand by what I told my children before the election. We're better than that. As a country, as people.. we're better than that.

Amazing how much a clean haircut can give you a fresh perspective.

Smoke brake.

...but who's counting.

Today would have been the 35th birthday one of the best friends I have had or will ever have. I still miss him everyday. I still think about what he would think about world events or what he would say in certain situations. It's been a dark few days but it's good to take a minute and recognize that the sun still shines.

Be good to people today.

No matter what your week looks like it's better than his.

In flight.


Digging this shot I caught at the #wwim13 with @igkansascity. I need to take more photos in caves.

A week ago today we heard the terrible news out of Orlando about the worst mass shooting in the history of our country.  You can say whatever you’d like about the motivation but it all boils down to hate.
Wether that’s hate of another’s sexual preference, someone’s race, someone’s religious beliefs or any other reason.  It’s hate.  Here’s to better world with less of that.  Less war, less bigotry, less classism, less racism, more good.  Do more good.

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