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Andrea Jensen  See you on your mat.

Can we all just laugh a little more?

I posted this photo as a gentle reminder to myself, to not take life too seriously.
This photo was taken at one of my best friend’s birthday parties @theminimalistblonde with a handful of other very close friends.
Life is short, life is beautiful, we are blessed.

Happy Monday!! ✋ a polar 🐻 this week.

Baby goats and Yoga!! These little guys are soooo cute and so sweet. And there’s only 5 spots left in our Baby Goats and Yoga workshop at the @oatsandivyfarm ranch out in Somis!
Grab your spot!
SunKissedYogaVC.com and click on the “workshops” tab.
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Heart openers....
I feel like my heart has been broken more times in the past 3 years than in my entire life combined. It’s so easy to close off, to build walls, to not want to let anybody in. I spent so much of my life that way... maybe that’s why my heart never got broken. You can’t get hurt if you don’t let anyone in. It’s a defense mechanism that I am all to familiar with.
There was a point in my life, after practicing yoga for quite a while, I promised myself I would live my life with an open heart. It took years to break down the walls, and it is a daily practice to remember why I did it in the first place.
So when that fear starts to creep in, when I start to close my heart again, when another wall begins to construct around the soft center of who I am, I remember that loving without condition and from an authentic place is WHO I AM. I would rather love completely and risk having my heart broken again then live a life where I don’t love at all.
I’m so grateful for my incredible friends and family who love me unconditionally and who always show me why loving is one of the best things in the whole wide world.
Keep your hearts open yogis! Don’t let anyone or anything dim your inner light. You are capable to love completely and deserving of all the love in the world!! Threads by @onzie

Happy Monday Yogis!!!
Do you ever feel uninspired? Notice who you surround yourself with. That can have a very deep impact on your life underneath the surface. Are your friends bringing out the best in you? They should! They should inspire you and push you to do bigger and better things! Your friends should be your number one cheerleaders. I’m lucky to have a tribe that in consistently helping me be the best version of me!! You guys know who you are. ❤️
Photo by @theminimalistblonde
Threads by @onzie

I’m so honored and excited to be a part of the @_eastandwest team!
We are hosting our first retreat in September!! Spend 8 days with me on an island off the coast of Thailand!
Early bird pricing is still available!! Hold your spot for only $500! This retreat WILL sell out so jump on it. And DM me if you have questions!

Photo by @theminimalistblonde
Threads by @onzie

A little bit of hippie and a little bit of city.
The best way to start my Thursday! @devynrush
Threads by @onzie

It took 32 years to get here. It took blood and sweat and tears. It took facing my fears, support from my peers, it took 32 years.
It took torn tendons, learning not to blend in, and knowing what personality to send in. It took 32 years.
It took having my heart broken and breaking others. It took sleepless nights under the covers. It took 32 years.
It took 32 years and a lot of “not yet”. It took tears and blood and sweat. It took facing my fears, support from my peers, it took 32 years.
It took traveling around the world, watching my whole life unfurl, trusting I’m not “just another girl”. It took 32 years.
It took finally forgiving my mother and father. It took the birth of my best friends’ daughter.
It took 32 years.

It took 32 years caught in this flood. It took tears and sweat and blood. It took facing my fears, support from my peers, it took 32 years.
It took nights spent next to a hospital bed, trusting myself with every word that I’ve said, and absorbing everything that I’ve read. It took 32 years.
It took finally believing in who I was. It took embracing every one of my flaws. It took 32 years.
It took looking in the mirror and realizing perfection is perceived. All I can tell you is follow your dreams. Our lives aren’t always what they seem.
It took 32 years.
Photo by @benjamingaskell

Registration for Baby Goats and Yoga just opened up!!
Visit SunKisedYogaVC.com and click on the “workshops” tab to snag your spot!!! #seeyouonyourmat

Look at this little nugget!! 😍
I am super excited to team up with @oatsandivyfarm to do our next round of Baby Goats and Yoga!!! Tickets go on sale TOMORROW! They will sell out FAST and we have limited space, so make sure you grab one... or two... or three!! Tickets will be available at SunKissedYogaVC.com under the “workshops” tab.
The class will be Sunday, March 25th, 2-4pm and will be held in Somis at the @oatsandivyfarm ranch!!
These little guys are so sweet! Don’t miss out!
Threads by @onzie

Root to rise.
I love this saying so much. It can be so many different things for each one of us. Today I see it as an inspiration to ground myself. I realize I have to be grounded before I can rise above. I have to be secure and stable in where I’m at and who I am before I can be the best version of myself.
Root myself to rise above.
Photo by @theminimalistblonde

Weekends are for friends. And I’m gettin’ real excited about this one! Ladies night + 3 guys 😂😂
Photo by the lovely @theminimalistblonde
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