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yogiberes  Thankful every day for Raney and Rye.

Understatement of the decade. @thrashermag #raneyberes

College roommate reunion!! So rad! @cursemackey #ivebeencursed

This might be the silliest Bad Brains shirt ever made...but I've been wearing it for 31 years, so maybe I'm the silly one?

Mijo! Remember how cool you were to have your artwork displayed in an actual museum!! @bonelesszine at The Institute of Texan Cultures, 2013

Reagan Beres, Age:37, Interests: Reggae, Punk Rock, Skateboarding, Leftist Politics, Mumia Abu-Jamal. May 2005

"If you read them and let yourself feel the magic, you could live without pain, with hope, no matter what happened to you." Bukowski
Reading + Skating= Love

Raney having quite a bit of fun Down Under. Repost from @vansparkseries Photo: @epiclylaterd

Oh how I've missed my junky old bike!! Night rides are the best rides!

So, I broke my phone and I'm using an old phone...with old pictures...and apparently there was a time I thought it was a good idea to pose in a bathtub while wearing a pink wig.

Rye and Ronnie are soooo LA! @bonelesszine @ronniesandoval_nfc

Photos like this will continue to blow my mind. So proud of you mijo! @bonelesszine @samsklub @girlskateboards @mccranker

Oh man, I'm so proud of this little cuckoo bird! Can you imagine having such a rad life at 19?!

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