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Today she, the one that made me a mother is 9. .
She did so much growing this year. She’s blossomed and become more herself than ever. .
Her likes are more prevalent.
She decided she would cut all her hair off. I asked her repeatedly, for months, to see if she was SURE. And she was 100% committed.
She’s started to develop her opinions.
Her intrinsic kindness continues to expand.
She loves her little sister very much - although at the same time the little powerhouse drives her NUTS.
She’s begun the process of being self aware, and for the first time I’ve seen shyness and blushing 😳 She’s not quite as free in her dancing and singing as she’s been up to now. She embodied the saying ‘dance as if nobody is watching,’ now I see that she is aware that somebody is watching and it’s given her pause.
Her sweet soul remains vibrant as ever. She sees most everything through the eyes of joy and delight.
I cannot be prouder to have her soul on this planet.
My vocation continues to be to keep protecting that innate wonder…she is seeing the world as it should be. Her heart and soul are not burdened with the challenges of living. She is 9. There is plenty of time for all the rest, and I am very conscious and grateful of my privilege to make that choice 🙏🏽
Showering you with blessings my sweet soul of a girl. What a gift you are to me and to all of us.

I had a chance to talk all about one of my favorite movies “Some Kind of Wonderful” on Pop Culturally Deprived! SOOOOO FUN!!! #Repost @eloquentgushing (@get_repost)
On today's episode @yogeek talks about this moment she loves from Some Kind of Wonderful. Duncan is such an endearing character. #PCDeprived

I stepped out of my comfort zone, for sure, and it has to be one of my memorable moments from @podcastmovement
I’ve been disappointed with the quality of conversations and coverage of the podcasting industry, not only within the podcasting space itself, but also in the ‘mainstream.’
Most headlines are about money, metrics and downloads numbers and super fancy new ways to measure them.
💥Podcasting and it’s power is about so much more.💥
It is one of the key digital media platforms that can effectively disrupt and transform not only culture, but our existing media for greater understanding, inclusion, diversity and positive evolution.
Thus this panel happened at #PM17. .
Billed as “The Culture of Podcasting: Exploring The Impact of Podcasts in Society and Culture”
I was BLESSED with the buy-in from those I invited, toward taking this step into dialogue. Nicole, Cate and Ernesto. Pure awesomeness.
I was humbled by their willingness to stay open. To listen. To feel. To see each other. To see within. To open up. To allow for vulnerability, in a public setting no less 😨
This took me to the cusp of ‘comfort’ on the stage, taking the seat of ‘moderator’ of this delicate and charged conversation, as a woman but most importantly as a latina.
I was changed by the dialogue and by how powerfully evocative the conversation was 😳 SO MANY FEELS, especially when I’m not used to speaking so openly about my experience as an immigrant and latina from Central America.

It feels like fire and nausea to speak out. Holy crap.
I am in a position of influence in the industry and I’m bringing my race front and center, which I’ve had the privilege of avoiding - because of how I present to the world - it’s always felt too scary, too painful, too uncomfortable, too raw and tons more subtleties in between.

I was culturally conditioned to stay quiet.

This is now my work in podcasting. It’s what I’ll continue to talk about in podcast interviews. It’s a driving force in my mentorship experience The E-League.

Thank you Cate, Ernesto, and especially Nicole for your bravery and joining me. I am SO very proud 😭

I’m still processing…The lead up to this moment was overwhelming. I woke up at 4:30 am the morning of the Academy of Podcaster Awards @podcastmovement to write my acceptance speech. I was done at 7 am. The speech was a less than 5 minutes!
I had so many emotions around this whole thing, which ranged from uninhibited PRIDE to anxiety around ‘will I represent’? aka will I be enough? All of the feelings were self generated. All of them were a tumultuous expression of my love and respect for podcasting itself, and the blessing that it has been in my life.
Podcasting empowered my life like no other medium. Podcasting served and serves as the amplification and distillation of all of the gifts, talents and hard work that has been the smorgasbord of who I am personally and professionally.
In podcasting there was no gate keeper. I didn’t get a no because I was a woman, because I looked a certain way, because of my age, because of what I did, because of how much money I had, because of my heritage. .
I worked. I invested myself. I educated myself. .
And now I’m taking the reigns, as a latinx woman and shifting the conversation into the transformative power of podcasting as a media catalyst to shift our current cultural narrative, societal norms and ancestral institutions that no longer serve us, through our voices. If you are #WoC and wanna work with me DON'T DELAY AND CLICK THE LINK IN MY PROFILE. The E-League Fall Session: A Strictly WoC Empowerment Experience starts Sept 11. #PM17

Listening to this woman makes me proud to be a woman. Listening to her get behind the mic inspires me to step up my game - around speaking OUT - giving voice. Listening to this woman helps me tap into my courage. Listening to this woman gives me hope in transformative conversation, and the virtue of monologue. Listening to this woman fuels my desire to hear more warrior voices, resilient voices, raw, empowering voices. Add her to your podcast listening cue. For me, she embodies the power of podcasting and why this medium saved my life. Search for Summer Martin, The Unconventional Woman in iTunes Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher OR go to tuwpodcast.com #WorldClassPodcaster and of course follow @unconventional_woman

Here’s what’s 100% clear for me. Women’s work in podcasting is vital.
The VOICES of Women of Color are imperative.
When we take the seat of SPEAKING OUT, it necessitates eloquence, truth, and profound groundedness.
Our collective experiences in LISTENING is paramount in cultivating a culture of change and transformation.
How do we do all this?
By creating safe places to practice ‘saying it,’ speaking the words out loud, learning to embody our truth - in safety - sheltered - nourished.
By aligning with like minded and like hearted women that amplify who we are.
By choosing to look at our work both on and off-line as woman, fueled by ancestry and culture, honorably letting go of broken systems and patterns passed down through lineage and societal norms. .
But most of all, we choose to do the work.
We, as podcasting women of color, can bring complexity to any experience as we step deeper into it’s nuances and continue to make more meaning with every breath, every word, and every movement.
If you are ready to step into this resonant, empowering experience, join me starting September 11, in an powered pairing of intimacy and community, one on one and hive mind, amplified.
Empower * Elevate * Embody
The Fall Session: A Woman of Color empowerment experience: elsieescobar.com/theeleague APPLY TODAY. This is only for 10 women. If you feel it. do it. 👊🏽LINK IN PROFILE 👊🏽

Happy birthday to my powerhouse. Happy BIRTH day to the one that’s called the shots from the moment she broke my water and said “Mama, I’m coming NOW,” and an hour later, she was here.
She has not stopped. She is fierce. She is determined. She is challenging. She is loving. She stands in herself. She is not easily dissuaded. When she decides, you better watch out.
May she use all these powers for good.
Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet, baby Mae Mae!

So much awesomeness. So many friends! So little time. So much LOVE.
I felt like my trip to SoCal for @podcastmovement was a some kind of crazy whirlwind. I didn’t feel like I landed anywhere in particular, moved from place to place and got an insane amount of hugs, love, tears, conversation, and kisses. Yep 😘
My desire was to highlight all of you. My heart burst in getting an opportunity to connect, eye to eye, voice to ear and ear to voice. And meet so many for the very first time. So many that have meant so much to me.
My soul filled through feeling the impact of my work and the work + love that Jess and I have put into She Podcasts. So many #shepodcast fans!!!
I would have adored to continue with more dialogue, more practice to share that which we love and speak on, the delicious feeling that comes when you can talk shop: podcasting. I mean SERIOUSLY when the heck does THAT happen??? More time with you please. Dude.
My loves, until next time. When we can have more. And once again elevate the medium, and continue to chose to recognize the power of our voices.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening in Texas. I cannot imagine what those affected are going through. And the animals. And the land and infrastructure. I saw the below post on Facebook and I’m sharing it here. You can bookmark this post and refer back to it to help. And if someone knows the image attribution, let me know. I’d love to honor their work. #Harvey #HelpForHouston #TexasStrong ¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦┅¦ How You Can Best Help Our Texas Family {vetted causes}
⭐️ If you have a boat + can help OR need to be evacuated Cajun Navy 2016 ⭐️ they are also now collecting relief donations see their FB page for info.
If you or someone you know are in need of rescue, please download the Zello app, type in Texas search and rescue, and then search for any search and rescue close to your vicinity.
Best ways you can support right now:
🚨 For our humans:
Greater Houston Community Foundation - http://ghcf.org/hurricane-relief/
GlobalGiving for emergency disaster relief support https://www.globalgiving.org/…/hurricane-harvey-relief-fund/
Airbnb to list your home https://www.airbnb.com/disaster/hurricaneharveyevacuees
H-E-B mobile kitchens + emergency response units info https://www.heb.com/static-page/hurricane-guide…
🚨 For our animals:
SPCA of Texas https://www.spca.org/news_hurricane-harvey
Austin Pets Alive!
🚨 For our babies:
Texas Diaper Bank
Join this group if you're in the area and need help or able to support others Hurricane Harvey 2017 - Together We Will Make It; TOGETHER WE WILL REBUILD
Thank you to everyone who is coming together to support our family, friends, pets, and communities across Texas during this time.
This is just the beginning, there will be months and years of support needed, but you can make a difference. Any amount helps families who have just lost everything.
Please feel free to share this post with others who are looking for causes to support in the area.
(Copied and pasted from Adrienne Dorison)

My sweet and powerful E-Leaguers! I’m not even sure where to begin with this powerful group of women…This Spring, I stepped up and created a mentorship experience for podcasters that were looking for MORE. As much as it was for them, it was also for me. .
I was done standing back and seeing incredible podcasters with massive culturally transformative Voices NOT being heard.
There are 30 women that have stepped into this in depth work… 😭 …OMG!!! I feel SO overwhelmed by their amazingness. .
These are some of the E-Leaguers that I had the pleasure of finally meeting at #PM17 aka @podcastmovement! Follow them. They are world changers!
✨Andrea Klunder from The Creative Impostor Podcast @andreaklunder
✨ Ginger Wiseman from The Outlander Pod @bookishginge
✨ Kathe Kline from The Rock Your Retirement Podcast @kathekline
✨ Kelly Covert from In Her Voice @kellyjcovert
✨ Katie Ward from The Enthusiasm Enthusiast @katiefward
✨ Casey O’Roarty from The Joyful Courage Podcast @joyful_courage
✨ Jennifer Gardner from RoamHowl @jenbgardner22
✨ Marianne West from The Sustainable Living Podcast @sustainablelivingpodcast
✨ Karen Poirier-Brode from A Creative Approach Podcast @ladydoc
✨ Jackie MacDougall from Broadscast @psjackie
The E-League powered pairing of intimacy and community, one on one and hive mind, amplified
Empower ● Elevate ● Embody
If you want in…The Fall E-League is a strictly #WoC experience. Only 10 spots. If you want in apply. Starts 9/11 💙
The magic of the Winter E-League will involve planning and visioning for 2018 as well as 2017 reflection and closure - with pristine focus on your podcast via the E-League Essentials. Space if very limited. LINK IN BIO. .

Every night I saw these little faces. Every night I was shocked by not seeing them all day. Every day I would have these pangs of ‘something is missing’ that would hit me here and there in the midst of all the running around. This was the longest I’ve ever been away from them, and I am eternally grateful to Randy, Nani and Pap for making sure that they were supported through the process. This was perhaps the most ‘o.k.’ that I’ve seen them, especially my Mae Mae! #MamaInSoCal2017 #SoGladToBeHome #PM17

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