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ZARINA 🕉  Ashtanga yoga teacher in the making 📿Flamenco dancer 💃🏻Mountain lover 🏔

This little monkey won't let me do anything by myself 🐒🙄 Day 2️⃣ of #HealthyMindYoga challenge with #karnapidasana pose. I am doing a variation from Ashtanga finishing sequence. .
✨🙌Beautiful hosts: @hana_bladh @malucentin @yogi_abby424 @moeefitness .
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I am late, I hope I can still join!!!🙏 Day 1️⃣ #HealthyMindYoga with #childspose ✨✨✨
I am an Ashtangi with too much Abyasa on the mat, I love to have a power flow in my practice, but there is always a moment for #balasana. The transition from #bhujapidasana into #tittibhasana and #bakasana is so challenging, I always go into #balasa and rest for couple of breaths. .
Beautiful hosts✨✨✨ @hana_bladh @malucentin @yogi_abby424 @moeefitness .
🎁🙌Amazing sponsors: @sashka_co @bhufoods @yestooils @yogishcollective @moeefitness

My mini Yoginis 🐥🐥🕉💓(Cousin @_altynbekovna_a 11 and niece Anisa 5yr old 💕) #urdhvadhanurasana #wheelpose #yoga #йога #йогадома

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