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YogaWorks  Founded in 1987, YogaWorks offers world class yoga, teacher trainings and workshops in studios, as well as online classes at

#PracticeMakesProgress Getting into a handstand doesn’t come without time and practice. Swipe left and read on for a few tips from YogaWorks Baltimore teacher @marissawalch:
1) EGG SHAPE HANDSTAND: Start in downward facing dog with feet together. Inhale, look to your hands as your knees start to bend slightly. Exhale and hop your shoulders over your wrists and hips over your shoulders. Tightly squeeze your legs, glutes and feet together. Engage your stomach (hug the low belly into your back body), creating a strong core and no backbend.
2) SINGLE LEG HANDSTAND: Start in a standing forward fold or a shortened downward facing dog. Inhale, look to your hands and raise one leg to the sky (squeezing your inner thighs). Exhale as you tightly squeeze both legs together and slightly bend the standing leg. Shift your weight to the ball of the standing foot to help kick yourself off the ground. Use some momentum as you shift your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your shoulders. Hug your knees and thighs into your chest. Then shoot one leg into the sky. Keep the core super engaged, hugging everything in towards the midline of the body.
3) HANDSTAND: Start in a shortened downward facing dog. Inhale, look to your hands, and softly bend both knees. You can choose to start from the egg shape handstand and extend both legs up or you can take the single leg version and then extend the second leg. Eventually, you can just hop or press into handstand with two straight legs – once you understand the strength needed in your arms, core and legs, and how to find the alignment of stacking muscles and bones, as well as the balance to hold this magical pose.

Let your practice take you places! Join @annazorzou and @davidkimyoga in Koh Samui, Thailand, from July 15-August 8, for yogic study, laughter, self-discovery and adventure. Details at #YogaWorksTeacherTraining

On the Fly Arm Balance workshop with YogaWorks Baltimore teacher @jodiniyogini 🙌 Head over to to check out our exciting list of upcoming workshops. #PracticeMakesProgress #YogaWorksWorkshops

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. Happy Earth Day! 📷: YogaWorks Novato teacher @melissamclaughlinyoga #EarthDay

“You are divine. Why would you not treat your mind and body as such?” – YogaWorks West Hollywood student @namaste.trey

Find a spot to stretch it out and let MyYogaWorks handle the rest. Head to to start your 14-day free trial and get an all-access pass to 1,000+ premium online yoga classes led by your favorite teachers. 📷: MyYogaWorks teacher @justintimothytemple

#TFW you can’t wait to get inside the studio to get your yoga flow on. 📷: YogaWorks Pasadena student

Say hello to a few of the latest YogaWorks Teacher Training grads. Congrats, ladies! 📷: @margot_bianca #YogaWorksTeacherTraining

Happy Monday! Beat the blues by starting your week off with some morning stretches. Here’s the best part: You don’t even have to get out of bed. Click the link in our bio for a quick kickstart to your day from @doyogawithbree.

Inner stillness is the key to outer strength. 📷: YogaWorks Orange County student @bianca_bonus #PracticeMakesProgress

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