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Movement is medicine. I can’t even begin to express the utter joy that my entire being is feeling in this very moment. This practice, it’s like coming home to yourself over and over again. So damn grateful 🙏

I am beautiful and valuable – and will treat myself with kindness and respect. 📷 @maxwell_remington

I am deserving of abundance. #abracadabra

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” My thoughts, my vibes, my love, my power, my passion - that’s what creates this magical experience called life. And I am living my best fucking life. 📷 by my one and only 💛 @maxwell_remington

I recently purchased “The Secret Language of Birthdays” and I am absolutely blown away by how accurate these personality profiles are! Each birthday includes a general reading, your strengths, weaknesses, astrology, spiritual guidance, and famous humans that share your same birthday. I was born on “The Day of a Higher Cause”. Those born on February 25th only reach their full potential when giving their all for a cause greater than themselves. February 25 people have a large measure of confidence and self-respect but generally believe that universal goals have a greater meaning than personal ones. Also they intuit that by plugging into a higher cause their own power is only magnified. Wow! Never has something resonated so deeply with me. I am faithful, devotional, and giving to the bigger picture. We are all one. As I heal myself, I heal others. As I heal others, I heal myself. I am so grateful to be plugged into this awareness and continuing to evolve - sharing my gifts and helping expand this conscious community. I love tools, such as this book, that allow us the confirmation we are asking for to continue to do this inner work. ✨ I am doing $1 birthday readings via Venmo. If you’re interested in this unique approach of learning about yourself, send me message to book your reading now 💛.

Go where you feel the most alive ☀️🌿.

Life’s simple pleasures; the first sip of coffee, the smell of rain, a ripe avocado, a brand new canvas, turning on a salt lamp, a goodnight kiss, clean sheets, good morning texts, the first deep breath after getting over a cold, a flower blossoming, and so much more. Allow yourself to feel pleasure from all the little things. What brings you pleasure? 📷 @ashleyflaigphotography

Express your individuality. Realize you can’t control everything. Allow yourself the space to learn. Set boundaries, it’s okay to say no. Stand up for what you believe in. And always, always, always love yourself. 📷 by the amazing @ashleyflaigphotography.

Multidimensional being 👁💜✨

Beginning the work of becoming yourself.

Give yourself permission to enjoy all the pleasures in life. 📷 @zen_sgphoto

Meeting myself for the first time, every time, I step on my mat. #mindfulness

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