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YogaWagon - IRENE C  ✳️Yoga + POP Pilates ✳️ HRDF Corporate Wellness Facilitator 🎀Hyperthyroid #causeaflutter

Psssst! I won the Grand Prize at #Flawsomefest!!! THANK YOU #Panasonicbeautymalaysia for choosing me as the Grand Winner! Super stocked!! Literally jumping in joy!! Happy till can FLY!
THANK YOU to @rawsome for organising and amazing event at Subang SAS Hangar!
Thank You!
Xie Xie!
Merci Beaucoup!



In folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish

You too can look like a Mermaid! Yassss, you can wear your bikinis and bring your 🧜‍♀️ mermaid tails to our yoga classes! Because after practice, you can have a splash at our pool! #damncoolhuh! we teach you how to breathe right too, so that you can hold your breathe longer underwater!

____________________________________________________DEDICATED CHEFS. Pic 1 & 2
This man has relentlessly cooked for us in the kitchen. He and his boss (his boss is not in the pic) did not rest much nor sleep much for 3 days 2 nights. I wake up at 5 ish in the morning, I can hear them frying something. The sound of oil sizzling and spattering really excites me. I know they are cooking up something delicious. The smell of peanuts frying in the wok, makes my heart palpitates and I can't wait to have breakkie. Only breakkie is serves at 730am 🙄 oh so hungryyyy. If you know me, you would know my relationahip with food.
Thank You for cooking such amazing, belly filling spread!
My tent mate and I tried our hands on rolling Chapatti. She did very well ! You can see hers turned out round shaped. Whereas mine, (I wasn't pictured here, no time to take photo) I think those who had my odd shaped chapatis, they sure had great laughs 😂 I seriously dunno how to use a rolling pin. It was cooking faster than I manage to roll. In the midst of "panic", I rolled so hard that my pin literally flew. Yes. FLEW. Not once but 2x! Bwahahaa most hilarious moment!
BUT, the last 2 chapati..........
I think I made Ah Neh (or Brother as we fondly called him) proud of me! It was the Perfect round shaped and perfect size. 😊


Leaf of Essential Oils : @theherbtree
Travel companions and remedies while I was in the jungle. Far away from the city and in the wilds these are the oils I had with me.

Bugs Off! 🐜🐝🐞🕷️#lemongrassEo
For Face. Anti ageing 👵#frankincenseEO
For Face reduces acne 👧#geraniumEO
Face-Skin Calming/Sleepwell👩😴#lavenderEO
Sore muscles 🤖#wintergreenEO
Motion Sickness & headache 🤮#peppermintEO
Chillax Mode 😊#germanchamomileEO
Aid meditation 🧘‍♂️#vetiver
Added to Shampoo-hair growth 💆‍♀️#RosemaryEO
Minor cuts & scrapes 🤕#myrrhEO
Perfume and to combat odour 😷#patchouliEO
Uplifting Mood 🧚‍♀️#bloodorangeEO

This Merdeka weekend, I was away for a camping trip.
Away from the hustle bustle of city life. With no phone reception.. Phone was in AIRPLANE MODE for 48 hours. (to save battery of course)
Fell asleep with the sound of REAL water fall ( not from Spotify) and then awaken by the sounds of dew drops on top of the tent at wee hours. Spending time connecting with people and exploring. Had and amazing time discovering myself but I would be lying if I said all is good and there are no flaws. Nature calling were the MOST CHALLENGING. Walking downstream away from and human eyes to do business. Think digging a 🕳 and burying your own 💩 . Just like some animals did. I honestly missed the modern toilet! Questioning myself what have I gotten myself into!
Coming back from the trip, I appreciate what technology has brought us. BUT without a blink I would go back to be with the nature! Toilet or not 😂 Less worries, less stress.

Bubble corner. Having A BLAST with @senoritaame 😍


Vacuuming make easy with Panasonic.
*Dancing all night long, definitely deserve A LEG AIR MASSAGER from Panasonic to ease those party feet!

SELAMAT HARI RAYAAAAA kepada semua kawan2!!! Sudah tak sabar mau pi 1st open house tmr @zulrahman8864!!
Siapa ada open house, jemput lah saya 🤭😀
Saya suka Rendang Tok and Lemangggg.!

Retreating Inwards

Exactly how I envisioned it to be.
Thank You for capturing the moment ❤️ .

Didn't last long enuff to put the icing on top.
I wolfed em down.
What's your fave desserts?

Soms of mine... 😀

and Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
WY nailed the spilt!! Complete with pointy toes!!
She was excited! We were excited and we celebrated! Hahahaha! Literally jumping in joy!
That's 6 mths worth of stretching and peseverance to get here.

SLIDING into Split Ville.
Their Target. To be able to do full front split by Dec 2018
Why? Because Yogawagon wants to take photos with them in SPLITS! 🤭🤭🤭
Add oil you 2💪💪💪

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