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Katie  •The whole of life is practice• yogi ~ creator ~ teacher ~ wanderer 🇨🇦🌿🌞🌺☕️🧘🏼‍♀️🎨

What I know to be true: 🌔candle light solves everything 🌓headaches are my body’s way of saying you’ve been ignoring yourself🌒the bed is a great place to lay in child’s pose for over an hour 🌑 bubble baths are best while watching reality tv 🌘 dishes can always be done tomorrow🌗 simplicity is abundance 🌖 a cat laying on your chest and purring is the most healing sound ever🌕

So today I packed a zero waste lunch with my glass jars and no plastic to throw out for #livingpranavida . Here’s the thing- I got to school and realized what I had packed all had nuts, except for the fruit and veg 🤦🏼‍♀️ I also started noticing how MUCH GARBAGE I am surrounded by all day as a teacher. All the paper that gets tossed, the plastic in the kid’s lunches, the PENS THAT ARE FORGOTTEN IN THE HALL WAYS THAT END UP IN THE GARBAGE. so much. That combined with the kids talking constantly (and if I could put that in bold, I would) and teaching back to back- I ended up soooo frustrated with this day. These days, it feels like I’m climbing a hill and getting nowhere. With most things in on my way home I emotionally stopped at the grocery store and purchased more garbage. So that’s the reality of it all. Pretty jar that went unused and a McCain marble cake. 😂
I have yoga later and hoping that re aligns me but as of right now, I’m feeling pretty depleted. Maybe it’s just end of the week blahs but this day was a pass. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hips & Halsey & singing makes for a great practice to let goooooo of the day. In class, I’m studying A Midsummer Night’s Dream with my kiddos and during our discussion today one of my students asked “can we ever REALLY know if love is ‘true’ love? Can’t truth change?” And then another student answered “then wouldn’t change be the only real truth?” This all happened in the last 5 minutes of class and I stood there, at the front of the room with this face : 😳. Then, 10 minutes later, they broke my plant.
Kids 🤷🏼‍♀️😂🙄 really working hard on letting sh*% go this week.
It’s all temporary.
It’s all change.
It’s all love
Or is it?
#kidswillmakeyouquestionexistence #thentheyllbreakyourplant

Night time.
Dinner. Practice. Shower. Water. Netflix.
I watch tv in bed. I bring my phone. Sometimes I even eat in bed. I know this is seen as ‘not great’. By the end of the day, I’m burnt out. So many kids with so many opinions and energies and emotions. I don’t know how to turn off how much that affects me, or if I’d even want to. How do teachers who have been teaching for years do it?!? The moment I get into my car after school I have this buzzing of quiet in my ears. My body is filled with this frenetic energy that takes forever to calm. The more I move in my yoga practice the more I can feel it building up again. So I lay here. Watching tv and eating cherry Garcia ice cream and trying to figure out how I can compartmentalize this part of education a little better (or if I ever can?). Night time is for creating s p a c e. Not in the yogic/ meditation/ ohming sense. More so in the slipping into stupid reality tv/ staring angrily at my laundry/ eating whatever the hell I want sense.
Ahhh night time.
Thanks for being oh so mine. #livingpranavida

Ground. Malasana. Dermot Kennedy. Furthest thing from perfect, like everyone I know.
Tonight, after my full of day of calm, grey, quietness, I found myself looking at an MA program in English lit. 20 minutes later I was looking at a book called ‘Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis’ on Amazon(by Walter kacera if you’re interested). An hour later I was researching a yoga training for the summer. When my pitta fire burns, it burns BIG. and that’s not bad. It gets me exactly where I want to be.
On my mat.
Dropping into language and art and movement and medicine all at once. All the things I love. All in one.
Rooted in love.
What have you done today to root yourself in everything you love? All at once. Your heart somewhere between on fire and at peace. 🎵 Dermot Kennedy: An evening I will not forget/furthest thing

✨morning✨I’ve got all sorts of energy and this ice storm has forced stillness. Working on it I suppose. Maybe I’ll do some marking (not likely😂) #livingpranavida

Weather induced cooking day. 🌨 This big ice storm has forced me back inside. I went out this morning to attempt my first minimal waste shopping adventure and when I came out from the store everything was frozen. The adventure went well, although it feels really weird to walk into a store with glass jars and just fill them up? Also, I have bulk barn ingrained in my mind as a ‘candy store’ because when I was younger that’s what I’d look forward to. It felt weird leaving with my jars full of hemp hearts and oat flour ( both of which are SO MUCH cheaper at bulk barn!! When I buy them in their regular plastic bags at the grocery store they cost 13-15 dollars... never again.). I got home and made two jars of cranberry- coconut🥥 granola and a big pot of this carrot ginger soup! 🥕🥕🥕I’ve had this soup recipe for a while and thanks to the ice storm, I’m finally trying it. I never have the energy to try making different things during the week so hopefully this lasts and I’m not back to pizza by Wednesday😂👍 While this storm has somewhat ruined my weekend plans (I was going to check out the Toronto yoga conference 45 minutes away) I suppose it all turned out pretty great!! Fingers crossed the power doesn’t go out 🤞
#livingpranavida @pranavidastyle

Liquid calm.

💞Heart open💞 my yoga lately has been very much offline- no music, no chants, no teachers, no phone to film. Tonight was the first time I thought to grab it in a while. Being with hundreds of kids all day, I sort of have felt like I need to de-noise. I also have felt kinda uninspired, which is a total 180 from where I was a few weeks ago in B.C. (Coincidence?) However, a little puppy pose always opens me back up. It’s a pose surrounded in fear for me (because my spine is bionic ⛓) but feels sooooo good afterwards in both my front and back body.
Also on this Friday was eating pizza, doing a face mask, reading a new magazine & cuddling luna who won’t leave my side for some reason? ⛓🧘🏼‍♀️⛓
#livingpranavida #scoliyogi

My files say this was close to one year ago. Athens. Isn’t life absolutely crazy? Half way around the world. Centuries of history in this one photo.
I’ve been writing more and posting less. Doesn’t feel like sharing time with all this inspiration- feels like it’s mine. This new chapter.
Life one year ago vs. Today is very different and I’m glad to say that I’m working on bridging the gap between the two. Today however, I felt crap and laid on the couch. One year ago, I spent 24 hrs in Athens after having been in Amsterdam with my best friend. Maybe next year it’ll be calm and adventurous. ⚡️ either way, I’m in awe of the way life unfolds. 📖

Easter dinner. Fold laundry. Clean kitchen. Realize it’s April 1st and I get a new audible book today. Pick Lauren Graham’s ‘Talking As Fast As I Can’. Run a bath. Patchouli & balance blend. Listen to Lauren Graham’s almost 15 minute long definition of what’s new and hot in health. Laugh so so hard. Think about marking. Decide to stay laying on the couch with the fireplace on listening to audiobooks until the end of time.
Ps. Andrew bought me these flowers and I tried to press this one in this book. This was the before. The after is not at all what I wanted. 😩🌸🥀

I can’t sleep and I so wish I could. I’m back in Ontario and teaching tomorrow. I keep trying to sleep- playing that game of closing your eyes and watching your mind jump from place to place. Vata. Luna is fast asleep because she’s grounded. Me, I am not. Not in a bad way though-Right now, I’m all space and ether. Big dreams and head in the clouds and I think I could do this and how cool would it be if I could make this happen. I love feeling like this except I beat myself up because I have to teach tomorrow. So the Vata needs to CHILL. the air headed space case brain needs to be packed away and the feet need to hit ground.
Hands need to leave the sky and touch the ground.
How much of life is leaning into these phases and how much is trying to get them in order? I don’t know l, but I’m trying to figure it out 🙌✨🌬

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