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Return. ——————
Just getting home. It’s 8:00. Luna needs a cuddle and then sits on my yoga mat, reminding me to NOT check my email because I’m home and not at work. I move to the mat, still in my work clothes and flow a little. Sit in pigeon. Give her fluffy cheek kisses. She watches me move. And grooms (ohhhhh luna 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️) and then I tell her about my day. I’m exhausted but also energetic. Does that make sense? We had a full day and then curriculum night for parents. Lots of talking. I am an introvert but can throw on the extrovert cloak when needed ... after a while though, it feels like silence is the only thing that can calm me. This moment right here, is the calm after the storm. ———————
I did something in my teaching today I hadn’t quite done yet this year. I end all my grade 7-9 p/e classes with some yoga (it’s a full class of boys and they generally aren’t receptive the the ‘slow boring stuff’ but cool down is necessary after activity!!!). Today they were especially bouncy. We played ringette and the competition was HIGH. Instead of moving, I had them lay there on the yoga mats for the 10 minutes in silence (which is hard for my students as they all have a designation or diagnosis). I’ve never heard silence from these boys like I did today. When we returned to the class, wiggling our hands and feet to wake our body up, the boys put away their mats. One of them stopped me and said “ms.howie, I didn’t realize how much I needed the quiet”. I stopped and thought “damn, me neither”. For all the credit communication is given, I would like to suggest we give some to quiet as well. It can work wonders sometimes.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with trees lately. I’ve been listening to ‘The Hidden Life of Trees: what they feel, how they communicate’ by Peter Wohlleben on audible, and I’m fascinated. Did you know they talk to one another? And they ask for help? They don’t wait... they ASK. And they instinctually know when not to help, because it will affect the other trees.
I keep thinking about trees while I’m teaching. Sometimes it feels like all I hear is students asking for help. How to be instinctual and spend energy wisely so the whole group benefits is still a lesson I’m learning... especially when it comes to BIG behavioural cries for HELP. I’m also learning to ask for myself- the practice of that in a new situation is more daunting than I had thought. ••••••••••••••••••••
This tree root is hundreds of years old. Hundreds of years of helping and rooting and breathing and adapting. The adapting bit seems the hardest, but she’s a testament that it can be done. ••••••••••••••••••••••
Anyways, all I post about/ write about/ think about lately is trees so if you’re not about that, my phase should pass when I finish this book. I get into obsessive learning phases- July & August was Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft (I MEAN, WHAT A LIFE STORY)- and I think I’m going to start sharing more about them because the learner in me wants to.
So does the teacher.

Stanley park, I love you.

I’ll be with the trees.🌲Long Thursday with the kiddos but also a pretty good day. Ended with a little walk with a coworker. Now I’m blissed out in just the right way... gonna eat some pasta and kiss luna and get excited for Friday.

and again and again and again.
Mantra for the week.

10 minutes in the morning. Foundation for the day. Yesterday I missed it and I felt weird and off kilter. This balance thing is really hard but everyday is a new practice. ——

Lungs. ————
There is a strange energy after teaching. It’s like a rattling in my chest that only comes out in the silence. Finally silence! I look at my personal books (not school books) and write and dance and shower and eventually come to a space where I’m sitting. This image has been burned in my mind lately when I find stillness. Breathing. Growing the flowers.
They take time to grow, and so do I.

Working on lately: ✨Spotify fall playlists ✨consuming all the coffee
✨unit planning ✨how I speak to myself and about myself ✨remembering to press the dishwasher at night

Honouring the process. Never been happier to hit the pillow. Learning is tiring. So is teaching. Doing them all mixed together is exhausting. Getting back to some art and quiet this weekend and I’m looking forward to it 🤫🧡🦋🐛

First day of school ✅
I’m feeling pretty grounded and supported, which is strange considering I’m so far out of my comfort zone. Having trouble expressing to others the real depth of my gratitude. My thanks are so deep that I feel like words just don’t convey their weight. Does anyone else ever feel that? Like thank you lost it’s big love sort of meaning?I’ve been waiting (yearning, longing and impatient) for a school like this and a home like this for what feels like forever- both of which I’ve been supported over, either by my new colleagues or by friends, family and Andrew. Now that it’s here, the thank you’s won’t stop pouring out. So again and again: thank you thank you thank you. I feel as though the puzzle is finally falling into place after so many years of it not fitting.

Beautiful Sunday hike with coworkers. Vancouver, I’m so smitten with you and your massive trees, bodies of water and pups always off leash and happy. 🐶💙🌲

A,B,C ... 1,2,3 ... time to go home and sleep.
My planning is getting there but I feel sort of like a fish out of water. I know we make plans and the universe laughs but I can’t help but feel it might help. I’m nervous, excited, hopeful, sluggish and a bit drained. Most of all, I know all this will dissipate once we settle into a routine. All I know is I would never want this pre-school jitters feeling to usually means I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

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