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In case you’re wondering what your next read should be. 🧡 I remember stumbling upon an art exhibit in the Luxembourg Art Gallery about the refugee experience. The room was somber and empty and I must have spent hours there, looking at the paintings and photographs, reading the testimonies. This book feels like that time in that room- all consuming and deeply stirring. I think the feeling of displacement is something most can relate to at a very basic level- which means society should find more compassion for those who experience it in such a traumatic and profound way. Go read, go read, go read. 🧡 #readinglist2019

Sports. ——————
We make plans and the universe laughs. I’ve been down for the count and am back on the rise. Weekend will give a little extra healing time- gone back to basics again, sleep, homemade soup and luna cuddles. I listened to a story from Mama Elizabeth Gilbert about Raya- it was about not trying to write the story. I do this a lot- try and beat what’s going to happen to the punch line by anticipating it. Trying to watch my internal story telling and be more present this coming week. (I’ll link the podcast in my story if you want to listen- it’s pretty powerful💛)


Luna and her lion. 🧡Started this week feeling low and twisty. Ending it feeling light and loved. My anxiety has been subdued by surrender and purpose. I’m excited to teach what we’ve planned and experience growth through learning. Thanking my ability to share these processes in life, my family and friends that support with only love and listening and am grateful to have had the time to feel these feelings fully.
I’m finding I put a lot of faith in knowing. I think this year might be about not knowing- then unknown. And I chose it. I need it. It’s the space I need to lean into. Bring harmony to.
In the meantime, gonna love on my luna girl. 🧡🦁

There are no limits to today’s productivity because I finally hung Andrew’s uke instead of shoving it in different places around the apartment. 💪

Been feeling really anxious lately and not sleeping very well. It’s probably the anticipation of returning to school but I’ve been so in my head. After staying at school all day prepping, I came home and put on some loud music and cut 4 inches off my hair. Feeling a bit lighter after dancing to some Ben folds and hacking away without a care.
Gonna go on a movie date tonight to see Spider-Man and let go of any ‘unknowns’ that seem to be dragging me down.
Supports supports supports-maybe I picked the wrong word for the year.
P.s thanks to the hair gods because this could have taken a horrible turn. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Changing my head space by changing a physical space with a wonderful human. 🧡💛

I had a moment in a yoga class after my surgery that I remember vividly. A teacher brought me a block, and I was offended. So offended I wanted to leave. I didn’t need SUPPORTS. I was FINE. This still comes up sometimes but at least I’m able to recognize it now. Sometimes I don’t know when I need supports because I’m always okay, because the worst thing ISN’T happening. So I can truck on through. I think a lot of people tend to feel the same- that so long as it’s not the WORST thing happening currently, we’ll get by.
I’ve been using a lot of supports lately since I’m on break and it feels good. This being the year of harmony for me I must find a way to incorporate them into life when I’m feeling that “I’m fine” feeling.
Truth is, supports are good. Egos are a bitch. Vulnerability is hard. And life rolls on.

New Year’s Eve walk to talk about 2019 with my love 🧡 Now I’m going to make some homemade chilli and take a nap because I’ve still got a week on break.

My word for the year is harmonious. Finding harmony in mind, body and spirit. Moving towards more satvic living. Doing what feels right. Harmonizing work and self- intrinsic and extrinsic.
This year I had many moments of falling off kilter and building back up to balance. It’s a step in the right direction- I know how to go back to basics, I know how to care for myself, I know how to learn and get work done. This year I’m taking this and attempting to anticipate the falling part. Brining it all together as one harmonious self and world.
Another trip around the sun. Learning, ever so slowly and gently.

The sun came out and a bunch of other things happened that made me happy today. 🌞

Saw the slightest bit of snow today while all bundled up at home. This was the headline of my day. Being on break is slow and lovely-full of coffee, working at my own pace, playing games, lovin lu, watching movies and feeling anxious about school starting again. Time feels frozen but I just know it’s going to pick up once the clock strikes 12 on January 1st. This either means I’m Cinderella or becoming a grade 1 teacher.

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