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Ashleigh Naliniૐ  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ spreading love & happiness ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Medicine and immunology 🤓

This Snapchat filter makes me wanna stop studying and book a flight to Hawaii 🌸 #smile #studying #chemistry #selfie

I broke my leg on the last day of lectures. I was planning on spending my summer getting fit and travelling, but looks like I’ll be reading and playing video games. Any good book recommendations? (Not fantasy 🙃) Also don’t swipe to look at the other picture if you have a weak stomach! #brokenleg #doctor #videogames #summer

@fentybeauty you have done it again. 💋

Love this little guy

September vibes 🌺

My heart melts very time he does this. 💙 I love my fur-baby

A wise man once told her "We should never regret the things we do, only the things we don't do". It was a hot Sunday evening. She remembered it as if it was yesterday. She was sitting next to her open window, staring out and into the brightly lit blue sky, she made the choice- to go to school. She thought to herself "I have a very important biology lab tomorrow and I must attend it...and I can just go visit grandpa on Tuesday. If I skip the lab, I'll regret it and surely he will understand. I'm going to school to be a doctor- he will understand ." Monday after the lab, she called her grandmother's cellphone "I'm coming on Tuesday, how is he?" She could hear a voice in the background, grandpas voice, just faintly- but she knew it was him. He sounded weak. Grandma replied, "he's doing good today." Happy to hear the good news, she said "okay tell him to get lots of rest because I'm coming to see him tomorrow, and please tell him that I love him."
As they hung up, she opened her car door to put her biology textbooks and finished biology lab on the passenger seat and looked up into that same brightly lit sky, not knowing that later that day, on Monday September 12, 2016, her world would turn dark and that biology lab...would feel unforgivingly less important. Today, she sat there in the same spot as that Sunday evening many months ago, beneath the same old window and staring at the same brightly lit sky; but this time it was different. The clouds have moved on and new clouds have rolled in, the cool summer breeze moved tree leaves in different directions and the observer- although still there, completely changed.
And so she watched, and observed the words paint across her thoughts "We should never regret the things we do, only the things we don't do.... But Grandpa...I don't know what any of is this or what it means. I got an A+ in the lab and I don't know if it's something I did do, or if it's something didn't do?" | photo taken @michelecoralynx |

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Waiting for the weekend with @danielwellington
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