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Aislin Teo  Amateur Yogi / Yoga Instructor 🇸🇬 Yoga. Eat. Barre. Sleep. Repeat. Barre instructor @calledtothebarre Yoga instructor @artofyogasg

Not the prettiest photo but definitely one of the healthiest breakfast I had in 2018.

Oatmeal yogurt with fresh fruits.
Blueberries, fig and banana. First time trying out fresh fig and I'm in ❤

#healthyeats #freshfruit #vegan

Hello Easties, after a long hiatus I'm officially teaching yoga back in the East from June onwards @artofyogasg
Catch me live every:

415pm Vinyasa Flow
530pm Hatha

415pm Hatha
530pm Vinyasa

I promise I will be nice to you guys. 🤭

Sometimes it is not about perfection, it's about progression.
This pose wouldn't be good for me in the long run if i don't bring the awareness on leveling my hips. Gotta work more in bringing balance to my body.

#yoga #progressnotperfection

The fewer our demands on life, the greater is our ability to see its bounty.
If I ask you to name all the things that you love, how long will it takes for you to name yourself?


Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just #breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

#PSinNamaste #PSreflections #loveandalliscoming

Don't let your mind bully your #body.
Since young, I've always been on the chubbier side cause of my ❤ for #food. Yes, it disturbed me as a teenager back then but I have never try yo-yo #dieting cause I never believe in depriving myself of eating. I would work out - run, swim, cycle or gym.

Till one day, I was introduced to #yoga. Beside its physical aspect, yoga has the most amazing way of teaching myself to love my body, to accept my body and to learn to #nourish my body.

I started to eat #healthier and #cleaner, this, I would say come relative easy cause of my love for greens and dislike for sweet stuff. I started to feel the change in my body - less bloated, more energy and, better digestive and bowel movements. These days, I still eat whatever I love but perhaps just with more control (unless I'm travelling for holiday). Everyday I hear ladies telling me about their body flaws. If there's one thing I like to share with all females in the world, that would be: "#Embrace and love body. It's the most amazing thing you will ever own. So work out because you #love your body and not because you hate it." ❤Aislin

#PSreflections #gratitude #loveyourself

There is more to yoga than the physical practice. Being 'good' at yoga doesn't mean you have to nail the pose or be the best contortionist.

When we struggle in a pose, we are often struggling with a similar mental block in our lives. Learn to let go of the struggle, let go of your mental block, let go of yourself.
Just breathe.
#PSinNamaste #PSreflections

Your inner light shines when you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Let go of the struggle and feel the beauty inside you. Allow all to just be and just be you.
#PSinNamaste #PSreflections

Taught a hatha-vinyasa class in the morning with this group of fun-loving friends at @limaastudios51

This the best (and also the only) shot I can take before my phone decided to die on me. 😣

So loving their energy and vibe! #🕉 For all who are keen to join, watch out for my ig /fb post! Will have another class coming up in July soon! 😉

#yogateaching #yogaclass

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Don't compare your life with others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it is their time.

Your comeback will be stronger than the setback. #staypositive #staystrong

Hello all! For those who have been wanting to try out my yoga classes, join me this week at @meraki_yoga !
8 June (Thurs)
630pm Hot Hatha
745pm Core

11 June (Sun)
930am Hot Hatha
1045am Yin
1230pm Foundation

See you guys! Namaste 🕉.

Recently, several questions have been thrown at me regarding the matter of heart. Emotions start to stir my thinking and I thought, maybe it's time to share.

Two years ago while I was healing my heartbreak, I went on a yoga marathon. Going to classes every single day, up to 3 classes a day just to keep myself occupied with all the sudden free time.
And I remember, I remember tears flowing out from my eyes at the last pose - savasana, for perhaps a good one month or two. Back then, I thought even yoga can't help mend my broken heart, even yoga can't stop me from crying, even yoga can't clear my mind and tell me what went wrong with my life.

Fast forward today, as I looked back, I would like to say that yoga did help me, not instantly but gradually. Yoga teaches me to bare my soul, to listen to my body, to understand my heart and to love myself.
Baring my soul - to be brave enough to face my own vulnerability.
Listening to my body - as the negative emotions set in, my body crashed and fallen really ill. This spur me on to take care of my health and be kinder to myself.
Understand my heart - embracing the heartbreak and pain that I was going through instead of fighting and suppressing those emotions. Only then I can really let go of what was bothering me.
Loving myself - cause there is only one me, and if I don't learn to love myself, how can I learn to love others?

So when in doubt, just go yoga. #Namaste


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