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Danielle Abisaab  Founder and Designer of Union Square Yoga. Schizophrenically swinging between my love for teaching yoga and design. Madly in love with NYC

In our fearful and untethered minds, we think that we must always MAKE things happen, but in our yoga practice we learn to LET things happen.
When we follow the breath, while consciously observing our vacillation between control and surrender, we learn to ride the breath, to experience the breath, to let the breath breathe the body.
How we could all benefit from learning the difference between awareness and control.

When asked what is yoga? my typical response will be along the lines of "how much time do you have? because I can go on till the cows come home, but let me just tell you this for now"....and each time I will find myself saying something different, as a testimony to the richness of the discipline I guess.
Yoga is an elaborate and brilliant system that enables us to move beyond the grind of daily tumult, and discover the deeper layers of our being, where generous amounts of quietude, patience, humanity, amity and gratitude permanently reside, underlying the discontent, the mental discord, and the anxiety of scarcity. And although the journey will start on the mat through postures, alignment and breathing, it ultimately always ends up leading us back to the place we are always at, but seldom care to recognize: Ourselves.
In that place, you learn to stop making things happen, but rather allow them to happen.. In that place, there is no need to do anything but just be.

One ludicrous wish I have, is to cancel all religious holidays, so we can for example, all focus more on how much funner it is to dress up as an Easter bunny, then go hopping down some rabbit hole. ➖
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Society glibly dictates that we should do this, that and the other. We should dress, eat, speak, look, feel, think, behave this way, that way or the other.
Law loudly states that we should not do this, that and the other, not be this, that or the other.
Religion quietly suggests that we might be damned if we do, doomed if we don't.
Politics... Well, I don't really care to listen to what politics has to say, it's all a bunch of sophisticated lies anyways. ...And so we either blindly buy into it and abide, or we become the marginalized for caring too much about alignment with our truth. The latter case leaving us with no choice but to brazenly hide, in order to grow the subterranean wings that can fly us under the radar with the hope to rise.
How I wish everything could only be said in, and acted with love, because love doesn't dare dictate or impose, and all it says is we never need to hide or abide....we are amplified by who we are and glorified as we are.


Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray. I choose to see the beauty.
Some people like to believe there is an order to their days, a purpose. I choose to believe my day is a place to be free, a place of endless possibilities as I stake out my dreams.
Some people choose to feel the inconsistencies and repetitions of the world. All lives have routine, mine's no different. Still, I never cease to wonder at the thought that any day the course of my whole life could change with just one chance encounter.
There is a path for everyone. Some paths fork and some paths yield, but the ones that collide in a spark never fail to brighten my day. ➖

Dedicated to all the incredible encounters my life is graced with. You know who you are.

De son bec il a touché ma joue,
Dans ma main il a glissé son cou,
C'est alors que je l'ai reconnu,
Surgissant du passé,
Il m'était revenu,

Dis l'oiseau, ô dis, emmène-moi,
Retournons au pays d'autrefois,
Comme avant, dans mes rêves d'enfant,
Pour cueillir en tremblant,
Des étoiles, des étoiles,

Comme avant, dans mes rêves d'enfant,
Comme avant, sur un nuage blanc,
Comme avant, allumer le soleil,
Etre faiseur de pluie,
Et faire des merveilles. ➖Leggings courtesy of @wearbodyandmind


Aside from wanting to love and be loved, I am pretty certain all humans have another pressing desire in common: to just have fun.
Underneath the layers of suffering fundamental to our growth, there is playfulness equally essential to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing, waiting to unroll.
If we are going to put so much effort in healing the childhood wounds we carry around, then we must also honor the expressions of the high spirited child within.
There is not one shred of evidence that life should be taken this seriously, so remember to allow the jolly, perky, frolicsome in you, to rise to the surface and hijack your adulthood with a little dose of silliness and mischief once in a while.
Who is to say we can't be old enough to comprehend and young enough to play? ....Even on a Monday. ➖

I tagged some of my shenanigans enthusiast IG friends... Will you join me in tagging yours?

TIME IS NOT MONEY (Press play)

Time is money, and money makes the world go round, as the famous sayings go... Yeah, scratch that, because I beg to differ.
Unlike money, time was never labelled the root of all evil. If time is money, what do we make of that other principle by which money can't buy happiness, or as the Beatles put it: money can't buy you love.
Time is what you make of it.
Time can bring us happiness and love, whereas money can absolutely not be trusted to do anything of the sort.
It is not money that makes the world go round, it is spending time with a loved one, caring, and listening, it is taking the time to pause, look around, reflect and dream, it is investing time in learning, creating, and getting out there to change the views of a disheveled world standing on the brink of madness and absurdity.
These are the things that most deserve our precious time.
It's about time all of us so called busy people stop existing on borrowed time, stop wasting time running down the fast lanes of life like rats in a maze, and start granting ourselves more time to experience the richness of existence.
Money comes and goes, but life only comes once.
Time doesn't wait....what are you waiting for?

TAKE A HIKE "I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been. Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she will give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.
So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit" ~ William Golding. .
.....Smart man! ➖
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I used to think that "sitting on the fence" would lead to only one thing: a sore ass. I have now come to understand that it is not weakness to take the center point, it is wisdom.
It is sometimes okay to hold our tongue to neutrality in a world where others loudly plead their case without listening, or bully just to prove that they are right. Not taking the seat of the righteous deaf, nor bending to threats and intimidation, delineates perhaps the place where deep listening, clarity and freedom reside. ➖
#unionsquareyogabeirut #yogawisdom #spiritualgangsta #yogateacher #yogaeverywhere #love #yoga #yogi #fityoga #yogafitness #yogahealth #fun #health #meditate #instagood #photooftheday #namaste #rest #yogisofinstagram #attitude #seat #opinion #center #choice #direction #deeplistening #neutrality #freedom #morphsuit


Let me tell you that rage, anger and fear are emotions worth emoting, if you are mindful enough to harness their power into a driving force rather than a destructive one.
Let me tell you that that which you repress and deny, will come back to haunt and hound you, until you are able to look it in the face and let it go.
Let me tell you that hammering your way through the bullshit is a waste of energy, use your energy to rise through everything.
Let me tell you that the yogic path is not always paved with quietude, but will forever enhance your attitude.
Last thing I want to tell you is who am I to tell you anything you don't already know.

Work like a dog, nap like a cat.

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