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Rachel Brathen  Yogi. Writer. Entrepreneur. MOM!💪🏼❤ Podcast out every Friday - link below to listen🙏🏼🌸🌼@109world

Little moon. Lea Luna. Photographed in the Luna Shala, named for her before we knew she would be born during the full moon. It still blows my mind that she grew inside of me. That I birthed her. She is half @dennisfromsalad and half me but 100% her own little being. Already planting her feet firmly on the ground. Standing tall. Exploring the world. She loves everything green; trees, plants, all that grows. Flowers. And the sky. She's a guardian of the earth, this one. I always thought I was put here to change the world, to save something, someone. Everyone. But maybe I don't have to fix everything that's broken. Im starting to realize that maybe... I can bring healing to the world by focusing on what's already whole.
Maybe all I have to do to change the world is be a mother to this beam of light. #lealuna #lunashala #moonbeam #motherhood

Showing up for yourself is not always easy.
I taught this AM and planned to take an evening class at the studio since I didn't get to practice like I normally do. Mornings are easy for me because baby sleeps in (she has to catch up on the zz's she misses out on in the middle of the night!🙈) and I can sneak a practice in before the day has really started. Evenings are harder, but I want to stick with my daily practice even while teaching, while running a business, while being a mom. It's important.
So, today. I ended up in a few meetings during the day with Dennis taking care of Luna, and as the day went on I started feeling more and more guilty about the idea of going to practice since I had already been away. My mind started filling up with thoughts like "I shouldn't be selfish, I should go home" and "it's not that important anyway". Baby isn't sleeping well these days and I'm walking around in sort of a zombie-like haze. Truth is, having one full hour to myself every day is a gift I need to give myself when I can. It makes me a better mother, wife, friend, boss... But all day I had that voice at the back of my head making me feel guilty for planning to take a yoga class after a full day of work. In the end guilt won and I went home anyway. It wasn't until I stepped through the front door and felt my body aching with disappointment that I changed my mind. I need yoga to function! So. I left Lunis with my mom and when I lingered to get out of the door she told me; "go to yoga but on one condition: it has to be guilt free. If it's full of guilt it doesn't count and then you might as well stay home." I drove to the studio and spent 60 minutes flowing on my mat, fully present, connecting my body with my breath. I set my intention for the week: to move with ease and to leave guilt at the door. What's it good for anyway? Does feeling guilty make me a better person? No! Does practicing self-care? Hell YES.
When class was over I sneakily left my mat in a cubby outside the shala. That way I won't have to go looking for it when I come back for 8am practice tomorrow morning☺️ . .

One hour a day, people. It's worth it. #yogaeverydamnday

Monday mornings at the studio are my favorite. I start every week with teaching a sweaty flow class, then breakfast (avocado toast with mushrooms + coffee today), then I prep the office (light candles, water flowers, get organized) and THEN I open my computer. I don't like to dive into my inbox if things are messy around me. I begin by making a clear to-do list starting with the most important tasks that need to get done, I delegate what I can and get to work on the rest, ticking things off as I go. Learning how to delegate - i.e. learning how to let go - is the most valuable thing when it comes to managing several businesses while being a mom. I can't do it all! By delegating what I can I have much more time left in the day to be creative and to focus on what's truly important, and of course: much more time to be present with this little moonbeam☺️ Things are always busy around here but always fun. July Retreat starting Thursday! It's going to be a good week💪🏼🤗❤ #workingmom #entrepreneur #motherhood #islandyoga #yogaeverydamnday

After beach yoga... Check! I'm on day 11 of consecutive yoga practice and feeling AMAZING. I have a deal with @dennisfromsalad that if I get to practice at the studio every morning he gets to train for Iron Man guilt-free... So far so good (with the yoga, the guilt comes and goes depending on the day)🙈 Having your husband train for one of the hardest athletic feats out there while taking care of a tiny baby and trying to finish writing a book is the biggest challenge ever. We're doing our best (the race is in August) but if I get to step on my mat every day I'm just a way, way happier person... Carving out the time is not easy but it's SO worth it. I don't have any back pain right now! At all! For the first time since mid-pregnancy! Magic. #yogaeverydamnday has 10 million+ tags here on Instagram for a reason... IT WORKS💪🏼 Remember that your yoga doesn't have to look and feel the same every day - listen to your body! I flow through every single vinyasa with my knees on the ground in chaturanga and will continue to do so for a long time (maybe even as long as I'm carrying this baby around!). Being mindful on my mat allows me to give my body what it needs even as my body changes. I'm so grateful for this practice. It makes all the pieces of the puzzle that is this crazy day-to-day life come together🙏🏼❤ #yoga #gratitude #practice

Saturday vibes✨🌙☺️ #tinytoes #sandyfeet #beachday #love

Little moon adores the ocean. Her first drink was salt water and her first food was sand🙈🏝☀️🌴😌❤ #notonpurposeokay
#beachbaby #thesandiseverywhere #lealuna

It's Friday and that means... PODCAST DAY!!! Woop! In today's episode I am joined by @mattcutshall - actor, singer, comedian and social media influencer living in LA. Matt shares the story of how he started a pop/rock band and spent five years of his life fighting relentlessly for that dream only to have it all fall apart right at the cusp of success. He also shares the contrast of growing up with modest means to the life he leads now and how it instilled a longing to give back to the world. And best of all: we dive into the magical topic of LOVE!😍 Matt recently found true love in his best friend @arielle and shares the full story of how deep friendship evolved into romance. This might just be the most anticipated love story ever played out on social media☺️(go watch their videos and you'll see what I mean - their first post announcing their relationship got over 20k comments from people celebrating their love!)❤ Matt also shares his number one tip for making your dreams come to life. Tune in now! Click the link in my bio or go to for a list of all podcast providers. xo! #yogagirlpodcast #fromtheheart #podcast #love

I LOVE LIFE SO MUCH I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF😍😭❤🤗🌙 #somuchlove #lealuna #ringothegringo #family #happiness

. . . . . . . . . Lessons from a 4-month old: . . . . . . . . -Sleep when you're tired (the other day she fell asleep at a party, while dancing, holding a toy, head wobbling)
-Eat when you're hungry (no more, no less)
-Don't deny yourself anything (and be vocal about what you want!)
-Cry when you're sad (feel life intensely and before you know it, happiness arrives)
-Smile when you're happy (don't conform or adapt your emotions to the situation you're in - ever! Be who you are!) -Stay curious (everything is beautiful if you explore it long enough)
-Cuddle (a lot)
-Be naked (and own it!)
-Look at the world with wonder in your eyes (because magic is absolutely everywhere) 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 @loving.lealuna #4months #lessons #love

First Aruban magazine cover!💪🏼☀️❤🌼🙏🏼 "Putting Aruba on the world map" - super grateful to be recognized by the island as being of service to the local community! Running a global business from a Caribbean island is not without its challenges and it's nice to know our roots are growing here on home base, too. locals let's do thissss!🤗❤ 6pm class tonight, 8am tomorrow. Im teaching Wednesday 6pm! Come play come play.
Photography by @lovebyemelie #yogaeverydamnday #aruba #xclusivomagazine #cover #yoga #love

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