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Sunset stroll with Little Moon!🌙❤ #lealuna #16daysold

Life with a 15-day old!
I haven't washed my hair in over a week. I live in this braid now. I don't wear shirts because it slows down baby-to-boob time and every item of clothing I own is stained with either breast milk or throw-up. Oh, and I smell. It doesn't matter how much I shower - I'm sweating like a maniac. I even traded in my organic lavender-scented deodorant for Dennis' crazy chemical man-deodorant but it's not much help. The house is a permanent mess and my shoulders ache from carrying baby around and yesterday we went for a long walk and on the way home she cried in the car and then I started crying and couldn't stop for a whole 30 minutes (she stopped after 5). We are only eating take-out for dinner and if it wasn't for juice and smoothie deliveries from and @nourish.aruba I don't think I would have ingested a single vegetable since Lea was born. I can't eat chocolate because it makes her gassy and I'm craving a cold glass of wine but I'm scared to have a sip because I don't know what's ok and what isn't so I'm just permanently craving things I can't have. We are in a sleepy haze of onesies and diapers and blankies but even when things are hard and I look around and wonder how life became all of this... All I have to do is smell the top of her little head for it all to get covered with a layer of magic moon dust.
The most mundane moments with this girl are the most beautiful of my entire life. #lealuna

10 months ago I posted a photo from this exact spot. I was sitting in the tree you see in the background, holding my hands to my belly, gazing out at the ocean. June 22. It was the day we found out I was pregnant and Lea Luna was just a tiny little poppyseed forming inside of me. We'd had a very special afternoon on the beach a few weeks earlier and that same evening driving home Dennis turned to me and said "I think we just got pregnant" . I thought he was insane. It just wasn't possible! Two weeks later I woke up in the middle of the night, my boobs aching. Was it... Possible? The next day we bought a pregnancy test. Dennis was so excited. I was terrified. The test came out with the faintest blue little line you've ever seen. Three more tests showed one positive, one negative and one inconclusive. We decided to go to the clinic for a blood test so we would know for sure. It came back positive - positive! We were pregnant! The timing was all wrong and we had just started construction and were in the middle of getting off the ground and didn't have any money and it wasn't what we had planned but somehow, we just couldn't stop smiling. Pregnant. A little poppyseed. A baby.
We went for a walk and came across this tree. I sat down and put my hands to my belly for the first time since we got the news. I was equally scared and excited. What if I'm not ready? I turned my face to the sun. Even though we'd only just found out and I was just barely pregnant, I swear; I felt something beneath my fingertips. A presence. A warmth. The whisper of flutters to come. I knew then and there: it's a girl. It's a girl and the timing is right and nothing has ever been more meant to be than this. It's a girl. It's a girl... And she is going to change the course of the whole universe.
Yesterday we went for a walk and found ourselves back at that same tree but this time, pushing a stroller. I whispered to her; look, Little Moon. You've been here once before.
In her sleep she turned toward me, stretched out her arm and smiled.
I think she's been here all along.

Every road I've walked
every decision I've made
everything that's ever come my way
every heartache
every mistake
every stumble through darkness
it all had to be. I'm grateful
because . .
it led me to you. #lealuna

Here is a list of things I have been doing "wrong& #34; since I became a mother - if I were to listen to what everyone else says:
1 - I'm co-sleeping with my baby. According to popular vote she should be sleeping in her own crib, separate from us.
2 - I'm holding her for most of the day. Apparently I should be putting her down to sleep on her own, even if she's crying. This will make her "independent& #34; .
3 - I'm posting photos of my baby on the internet. People seem to think this is a marketing scheme(?) or that it will attract pedophiles.
4 - I'm letting my baby sleep on her side (apparently a risk of SIDS - but so is sleeping on her belly and on her back?)
5 - I'm letting our dogs be close to her. Risk of germs and disease!
6 - I go to the beach with my baby. It's supposedly "too early" to leave the house, and I'm hurting her by exposing her to the sun, however briefly.
7 - I'm breastfeeding - according to some this is insufficient nutrition for my child, and by sharing my experience nursing my baby I'm shaming mothers who bottle feed.
8 - I put too much clothes on my baby. Or too little. This opinion differs depending on the day and the person commenting.
...the list goes on. Here is my point: if I were to listen to what everybody tells me about how to raise my child I would go INSANE. I'm a new mom. I'm doing the best I can and figuring this out as I go. I'm trusting in my intuition, listening to my baby's needs and going with the flow. If I want advice I will ask for it - which I often do! I love this community and sharing this new journey as a mom is nothing short of awesome. However, I don't need judgement, negativity or snarky comments. From anyone. At all. There are enough moments in the day for me to doubt myself and whether or not I'm doing everything wrong - trust me! We had our first difficult night last night and I've spent all morning killing myself over not knowing why Lea is suddenly agitated. Does she have a tummy ache? Is it something I ate? Is she too warm? Are we putting her diaper on too tight? Should I be doing absolutely everything differently? Am I doing everything wrong??? Fuck. I don't know. But I'm doing my best.
Aren't we all?

Someone just got her own Instagram account! I got a little worried I would actually drown the Internet with photos and videos of this girl soooo... Figured I could use an outlet for all the cuteness😍
If you want to swim in a sea of Lea Luna, go follow @loving.lealuna !☺️🌙❤ #lealuna #freshouttatheoven #babyL #sharkbaby #happiness
NOTE: I have already shared pictures of this smiling face to an account with over 2 million followers... I made the decision to share her photo when she was born the same way I share personal details from every aspect of my life. Starting a dedicated outlet for her cuteness is just a way to not over-saturate this specific platform (I could share a hundred posts a day she is just so damn cute!). I'll still be sharing our normal every day moments here as always. If you worry about her face being shown online you should have worried long ago! I'm not concerned and our friends and families are happy to see her happy face every day❤ x

On today's agenda: try to get some sleep. Clean up mess after the dogs got ahold of a dirty diaper (yay). Give baby a bath. Do laundry. Remember to drink water. Oh, and take one (one!) meeting! Feeling like a working mom already😏 I'm about to record my birth story to release as the first episode of my new podcast that we're launching next week! Super excited about it. Lea Luna is taking notes😍
Shark baby did not want to sleep last night... Or, she wanted to sleep but only in my arms which means I've been carrying this little angel for over 24 hours now. I can't believe how much I took being able to use both of my hands for granted before!

@dennisfromsalad is chopping up bite-sized pieces of food and hand feeding me when she sleeps because I can't move. Oh and when she eats she wraps her little hand around my index finger and refuses to let go (if I wiggle it away she stops eating until she's found it again) so when she eats I literally have no hands free at all🙃
She just wants to be close, close, close... As she should. She spent 42 weeks inside my belly - why would she want to sleep on her own at 11 days old?🙄☺️ I'm going with her flow and listening to her wants and needs. If that means being hand-fed by my husband for a while that's not the worst thing in the world!
We're just soaking up every moment. I feel like time is moving so quickly already...🌙❤ PS - If you have birth or labor related questions you'd like me to answer in the podcast, share them below!⬇️ #lealuna #11daysold #motherhood #inlove

10 days post partum! This body. THIS BODY. I'm in awe. I breastfeed our baby angel and can literally feel my uterus contracting, slowly moving back to its original shape. Every detail of this experience, from each month of pregnancy all through birth is created with such genius and is absolutely divine. Did you know that when the baby turns to go down the birth canal during labor, the intestines twist and the digestive system activates for the first time? Or when the baby's head tilts back right as it passes the pubic bone it opens the esophagus so baby can take his or her very first breath? It's genius. Everything connects.
I gave birth ten days ago and feel so, so good. I'm not bleeding, I'm not in pain and have lots of energy. I know this is not the case for everyone - I feel very blessed and so, so grateful. Luckily I didn't tear during labor and feel beyond thankful to have had a midwife who knew the importance of a slow, gentle delivery (I'll be sharing full birth story soon w more details). I'm fairly certain yoga has played a big part in how fast my body is feeling like "normal& #34; after pregnancy and I can't wait to get back to my mat! Rule of thumb is six weeks but I will be rolling out my mat for some super gentle stretches and breath work this week - if Lea allows☺️ All in all, I'm so happy to be in this next phase. Happy to not be pregnant anymore. Happy to have this girl in my arms. And starting to forget just how painful that 24-hour labor actually was...🙈🙈🙈 #okmaybewellhaveasecondonesomeday #lealuna #10dayspostpartum #motherhood #love

Best buddies! @ringo_thegringo is so sweet and gentle with her. We all sleep in bed together and he's super careful not to disturb her when she's sleeping - I just have to watch and make sure he doesn't lick her face! He lies down right next to her but faces the door so he can keep an eye on who comes in and out. All three dogs have gotten very protective of her and the girls are barking a lot more which isn't ideal... We are doing our best to give everyone the attention they need but it's pretty clear there is a new pack dynamic now🙈 Two adults, one baby, three dogs and two goats makes for a pretty dynamic family! Lea Luna will have to wait a while to meet the goats though😋
PS - is it normal for a 10-day old to laugh this much?? I wasn't expecting her to be this interactive and funny this early! It's amazing. She just cracks up all day long. Look at those dimples!😍😭🤗 My baby girl. #lealuna #10daysold #bffs #bestbuddies #ringo #happiness

Hello, motherhood. I've fallen in love with you already❤🌙 #lealuna #9daysold #motherhood #saturnreturn #happiness

Very peaceful... At first glance. Looks can be deceiving! Woke up with insane boob pain (like they were about to explode!) and then we immediately had a major baby poop explosion in bed while simultaneously one of the dogs peed in the kitchen and ran all over it. Yup. It was probably a fun sight to see; one yellow poop-covered parent (not me) frantically throwing everything we own in the laundry and mopping the floors and the other (poop-free hehe) parent running a super speedy bath for little moon while sterilizing the breast pump wondering if boobs exploding is a real thing and has actually ever happened to someone😳
Btw, what is up with newborns and poop pressing up their backs!? Funnily enough this has never happened while I'm holding her...😏 (may have a little something to do with the fact that @dennisfromsalad changes 90% of all diapers)😂 Oh well. Everything is quiet now. Pee cleaned up, dogs out for a walk, baby fresh and clean, daddy in the shower, laundry machine running and boobs feeling normal after a big feeding.
Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope yours is as exciting as ours🙈 #lealuna #newparents #adulting #helpppp

Today I got health insurance, went out for lunch, took a break for coffee and some cheesecake, went furniture shopping AND had my very first diaper change in a public restroom. I didn't cry or complain once! Being out and about is fun so I just make faces like this all day long. Luckily mommy's boobs are available everywhere we go so I never have to worry about anything😋
#lealuna #bluesteel #happiestgirl #sharkbaby #8daysold

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