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Rachel Brathen  Yoga Girl. Mom. Creator of #yogaeverydamnday ❤️ Podcast out every Friday - YouTube video every Tuesday! Link below! ☀️

Going to spend 7 whole days away from this little ray of sunshine starting tomorrow😩 I fly to Sweden for Path of Love and Dennis and Luni are going to Amsterdam to see family for a little bit. I feel pretty okay about it right now but I will 100% be bawling my eyes out on the flight. I am looking forward to a week of assisting the most meaningful process and going into a quiet space. I need it. But every second spent away from shark baby is so hard😔 Motherhood! The hardest balancing act. #family

Practiced next to @dennisfromsalad at @islandyoga this morning. We never practice together anymore, so busy with baby and business and life and he trains for iron man so all free time goes to biking running swimming but this morning he came to class and rolled out his mat next to mine. It’s hard, finding moments of closeness in the midst of a busy life. We squeeze ours in in the in between; he is better at it than me. I can get lost in work and the doing and the working and he has this ability to snap me out of everything with just a hug. He’s a walking hug, that man, waiting to happen. Wants to cuddle all the time. He annoys the crap out of me sometimes but mostly I can’t believe that I get to have this big, generous, fun-loving, grounded person in my life. And today I got to practice next to him which we haven’t done in forever and in every pose he can he reaches out and touches me. He pokes me in Warrior II and holds my arm in happy baby and rests his leg on my hip in twists. All the time he is holding my hand. And it’s been the most intense week and I haven’t slept and I’m working too hard and when I breathe into it I know I’m tired tired tired and my eyes well up with the tiredness and the closeness of it all and right as I think the thought “I’m so grateful that I have him” our wedding song comes on. It’s the very end of class, the last song before Savasana. And it’s our song. Dennis holds my hand and Neil Young sings about the harvest moon and on our wedding day we danced and danced and he held my hand just the same.⁣

I hear the baby laughing outside the shala and the music, the moment, my husband, our daughter - it’s all too much. Sometimes it’s painful, the love. I’m always worried it’s going to be taken away.⁣

The moment passes quickly because it’s a short song and before I know it I’m rolling up our mat and the regular-ness of our day has resumed. It was a short song. But it’s a long life. And I get to spend it with him. ⁣

Sometimes I just have to write these moments down so that I don’t forget.

Life hack: Snuggle up close with your loved ones today. Today and every day☺️❤️ (its where all the magic lives, anyway) #love #family #home

Ok so I’ve been brewing my own kombucha😳 and making sauerkraut and baking bread and banana bread and s’mores cookie cakes in the middle of the night (is this a sign of an imminent meltdown orrrrrr have I transcended some strange level of creativity and multitasking and this is just my life now?)👻😂 I just finished brewing two batches of dragonfruit and blackberry kombucha and somehow they came out so delicious! But every time I open a bottle it explodes all over the kitchen floor🙈 any tips on how to not lose 50% of everything I brew?? I have five gallons more on the way!😅 #kombucha #homebrew #homemade #diy #creative #meltdown

Happy Friday and happy podcast day! In this weeks podcast I tell the story of how what six years ago was choosing @yoga_girl as an Instagram handle has become a community that spans 3.5 million people across the world, a movement dedicated to supporting people on their inner journeys, a school that graduates 108 open-hearted teachers a year, a company with 35 employees and several service arms working hard every day to make a change in the world. I tell the Yoga Girl story and with it share the big moments in my life that brought me here; the death of my best friend, marrying Dennis, the birth of the baby and all the big beautiful and painful moments that shaped this journey. I explain our big new transition in detail, what sparked it and where we are going from here. I cry in this episode, of course. I’m so grateful. I love you so much. Thank you, all❤️ This is just the beginning.
Link in bio to listen (or read! Transcripts for the hard of hearing are available at💕 #iamayogagirl #YogaGirl #everyonecanbeayogagirl #joy #happiness #community #gratitude.

Today... This was our yoga❤️ #home

These shirts... Not your regular t-shirts❤️ ⁣
It took us an entire year to create one single t-shirt and I am proud to say that we are setting a new standard of integrity in this field that I hope others will eventually follow. ⁣

If you haven’t already, please watch The True Cost (available on Netflix!) to learn more about the fashion and apparel industry (and yes, that includes the yoga apparel industry, too). I decided that if we are ever going to put products of any kind out into the world, we have to create something absolutely amazing - for the earth and for the people involved - or we’re not doing it. I knew from the beginning that these would never be $20 shirts. The shirts are $49 and proudly so. If you pay very little for an item of clothing, the hard truth is that someone else pays along the way (most often factory workers in developing countries working inhumane hours, making less than nothing). I needed to know every single thing that happens along the way and we had to be able to guarantee the ethical and environmental standards of every person and practice that comes along with this production. We have tons of articles up on the site about our specific production and will be sharing video content soon!⁣

Our shirts are made from 100% recycled materials: a blend of plastic picked up off the beaches and landfills in India and repurposed organic cotton - our very own material! Every aspect of the design is created from scratch to make this the perfect shirt. The wrapping the shirt comes in is 100% compostable, the hangtag is made from fabric scraps off the production floor and we climate compensate for the emissions that occur during shipping. The shirts are non-gender conforming; we don’t have male or female styles. We have scrapped the traditional sizing - you do not have to feel “large” or “small” or adhere to any label or definition to wear our shirts! Instead, the Yoga Girl shirts come in Xtra Special, Special, Magnificent, Lovely, Xtra Lovely and Xtra Xtra Lovely (with an even wider array of options coming soon!). I am so, so proud of what we are creating! We ship worldwide and I can’t wait to hear how you like them❤️ #iamayogagirl

THIS is how happy we are today! An unbelievable amount of you have applied for the Yoga Girl Scholarship Program - either for yourselves or for someone that you love. Our scholarship program is dedicated to marginalized groups and underserved communities, focused on but not limited to QTBIPOC and people that have suffered through trauma. Every single program, retreat and teacher training has dedicated scholarship spots and I can’t wait to see the program come to life. An unbelievable amount of work and time has gone in to this and I now deeply to the YG team for putting such care and thought into this experience. Our 2019 retreats are now live! Our 2019 teacher trainings will be opened to the public in a week. Click the link in my bio to read about the scholarship and learn more about our inclusivity program.
I AM SO TIRED AND SO HAPPY. Will spend today talking more about our (very special and slightly complex!) sustainable production process and share more information about @yogagirlfoundation 💞 (but first, shooting three videos for YouTube in preparation for our trip to Sweden coming up this weekend!)😬🤗☀️ #YogaGirl #iamayogagirl #nevernotworking #community #love.

Launch day. It’s 10pm and I just recorded this weeks podcast. Have been up since 5am and I’m bursting with energy. Every day has been launch day for the past week and now the day is done. This launch... Its been on its way for 2 years. It’s been terrifying, taking a step like this. Turning my heart into something tangible, moldeable, touchable. Something sustainable, long-lasting, bigger than what I ever could have imagined when I first opened this Instagram account six years ago. ⁣

A platform for genuine content written from the heart. A new scholarship program offering free spots in every retreat and training we offer. Sustainably made products made with intention, for impact. Mental health resources available for free, for everyone, forever. Free yoga classes online. A foundation dedicated to helping children and mothers in need. For me; a home for the podcast, the videos, the blog. For us all, a way to connect as a community outside of social media (version 2 is on the way!). THERE IS SO MUCH BEAUTY ON THIS PLATFORM! I am so, so proud. Of every piece of it. It has my whole heart.⁣

Thank you, team. The work put into this is beyond what I can explain. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ⁣

I have so much to share still, so much detail so go into, so much to explain. This platform has enough launches and projects and initiatives in it to last all week. So. See you tomorrow! Time for this yoga girl to go to bed😴☺️❤️ #everyonecanbeayogagirl

Our vision is a world where every child is safe and loved and free from harm. ⁣

I am so happy to finally introduce to the world: Yoga Girl Foundation! Co-founded together with my mom it’s an initiative that holds a huge piece of our hearts. Last November a horrible case of child abuse happened here on the island. We lost two young, innocent souls, only 3 and 5 years old, at the hands of their mom and stepfather. I will hold Eugene and Rishandroh in my heart for as long as I live. With their deaths, the nation-wide, longstanding issue of child abuse was uncovered. Knowing just how prevalent abuse toward children is keeps me up at night💔 I will dedicate the rest of my life to make a change if I can. We HAVE to help children already suffering, and support mothers in need to prevent situations like these from happening in the first place.

The Yoga Girl® Foundation supports women and children who suffer the consequences of trauma, injustice, abuse and poverty. We provide emotional, financial and medical aid to support healing and empower growth. ⁣

Our first cause is fighting child abuse in Aruba. Please follow @yogagirlfoundation to walk this path with us and help provide aid for children in need.⁣

We are working on our dedicated website and are finalizing the international branches of the foundation. Thanks to #businessforchange and making use of #mindfulads earlier this year we were able to donate a whopping $33,000 USD to the foundation on its opening day😳😍 - thank you ALL for supporting our (new, and sort of odd) marketing initiatives here on social media!

10% of every product purchase on goes directly to the foundation. Through Yoga Girl® we hope to provide sustainable support to the projects we aid, rather than relying on donations from the public alone. ⁣

There is so much work to be done. So many children need our help. I’m so happy we are “officially” getting started (although we have been doing this work since November of last year). This is for Eugene and Rishandroh. For every child that goes to bed at night feeling unsafe. For every mother that needs help but doesn’t know where to turn.
This is for you. ⁣

Crying big tears of gratitude. This is a MAJOR thing for me. For everyone on our team. And hopefully, for you too! If you are wondering why I have decided to launch this new platform, watch my stories for a little from the heart-sharing on what the site and all these changes mean. This launch is not just the launch of a new platform, a new website, a new shop... It’s a complete shift of mindset and a way to harness the beauty of what this community has become. I truly believe that to make a change in the world we have to find our way to a place where we feel whole. That’s why we do this work, the personal development, the sharings, the meditations, the yoga... We are all trying to belong. And it’s a privilege, doing this inner work. It comes with responsibility. Once we have arrived at that place of healing, we simply MUST use our newfound sense of peace and power and belonging to help people in need. People that don’t have the same privilege as us. People that suffer, that struggle, that lack. WE HAVE AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD! Every day. This launch, this brand, this platform... Is my way of supporting that inner work and holding space for a global change. Every single thing we do at Yoga Girl® is purposeful. Created with intention, for impact. And there is so much I have to share with you still!❤️⁣

Go to the site. Read, watch, share, listen. I’ll be giving updates on specific things here as we go starting with another major announcement in just a little bit.⁣

Thank you, all! x #iamayogagirl

Welcome to Yoga Girl®! ⁣⁣
We are a community, a movement, a brand and a lifestyle.⁣⁣
It is our core belief that to heal the world we must first heal ourselves, and that inner and outer work goes hand in hand. Our mission is to provide support for healing and to expand self-love into a modern lifestyle so that we can find the ground from which to give. We look within… So we can look up. Being able to do this work is a privilege. With tools like yoga, meditation, holistic therapy and mental health support made accessible for everyone we lay the foundation for a community that not only holds each other up when times are hard, but that inspires hope and creates change for people in need. It is through community that we are able to make a genuine difference in this world around us. We build community through words. Through practice. Through service. In person and online. We are love, in action. We are Yoga Girl®.⁣

(We will be sharing in-depth details on what we are creating all throughout the day but if you’re anxious to know more, check out our About Us page for more!)❤️ #iamayogagirl

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