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Rachel Brathen  NEW PODCAST EPISODE EVERY FRIDAY! Link below🤗⬇️☀💕@109world ✱☆★___☽ ◗ ◉ ◖ ☾___★☆✱

Happy Tuesday, universe!!! We love you!🤗😍☺️❤ #goodmorning

Mornings with Luna and Ringo☺️🐶❤ @loving.lealuna @ringo_thegringo #10weeks #bffs #happiness

You can't sit with us!😋😎😝 (Dennis calls this the Brathen face...)😂 I can't believe how fast shark baby is growing!! 10 weeks old tomorrow. She is 60cm tall now which means she has grown a whole cm per week since she was born. She eats a ton (as much as she wants, whenever she wants) and breastfeeding is going so well. My boobs are feeling totally normal and no pain of any kind. And she sleeps! She actually sleeps! On her back now (it happened organically - suddenly she just didn't want to sleep on her belly anymore) and almost all night long. Usually 8pm-8am and wakes up two or three times to eat but sleeps right away again. She reaches for things now and tells us stories in her own little language and for every day that passes we fall more and more in love. How is that even possible, by the way?! A love that seems impossibly big just grows and grows? It's nuts. This little girl brings sunshine into all of our lives🤗☀️ @loving.lealuna #10weeks #family

How are you - really? When someone last asked you how you were doing; did you answer 100% truthfully? We are so used to saying that we’re “fine” even when we are not that putting on a brave face during tough times is second nature for many of us. 1 in 5 adults live with a mental illness and depression is on the rise. Still - it’s so hard to talk about! Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to talk about how we are feeling, and more importantly, to ask for help when we need it, is so, so valuable. It reminds us that we’re not alone! Pain grows in the dark and when we shed light on our emotions and open up we make space for healing. Whatever you are going through, you don’t have to walk this path alone.
I’m SO proud to be partnering with @lovephilosophy for #MentalHealthMonth to help start this important conversation and end the stigma – they have a new PSA with this message too ( Having grown up in a family struggling with depression I know what it’s like to say that you're fine even when you’re not. I make an effort to share the truth of how I'm feeling because I know it helps me heal. We snapped this photo yesterday; a day filled with joy and friendship and hilarious baby moments; today it's back pain and anxiety. Opening up helps us move through life with more ease❤

Today - have a meaningful conversation with someone around how they are really feeling. Ask “How are you - really?” and invite them to open up and share. Or share how YOU are feeling right here in the comment section! If you spot a comment that you resonate with, reply to them and start a conversation and send a bit of support and love from afar. Remember: we all feel the same things - just not always at the same time. Let’s open up!🙏🏼 #HowAreYouReally #hopeandgrace #mentalhealthmonth #partner #lovephilosophy

I'm feeling absolutely miserable today so here is a photo of the chunkiest little monkey ever 😍 😭 😩 🙈 ❤ I spoke in yesterday's podcast about my back pain and how suffering from back problems my whole life turned out to be my biggest blessing. It brought me to yoga, taught me to listen to my body and to be mindful in my practice... I shared how I can look back and see how the pain has been purposeful. I even included that in the podcast description "my back pain has been my biggest blessing!" - well, fuck me. Blessings abound. I woke up in the middle of the night and something literally snapped in my spine without me even moving. Im in so much pain I can't move. Can't turn my head. Can't hold the baby. Whatever the universe is trying to tell me right now I'm clearly not getting it.
For as long as I can remember I've had back pain - I have scoliosis from an elevated hip and suffered from intense lower back pain in my early teens. I had a bad car accident at 16 where the car flipped over several times which made it worse and also gave me pain in my neck, and when I was 20 I had a white water rafting accident that compressed the vertebrae of my thoracic spine. All in all, my spine is a mess, but as long as I take care of my body I am fairly pain free. I practice yoga every day, get body work once a week (massage/acupuncture/chiro)... But since having the baby my back has gotten way worse. I think it's the combo of carrying her all the time and rounding my back when breastfeeding - I'm super mindful of my posture but it's impossible to feed your baby and not drop your head down; I gaze at her 24/7! Over the past few weeks my spine has been feeling stuck and nothing has made it feel better. I'm carrying baby all day long and I guess an hour of yoga in the morning just isn't enough to counter balance that. And last night I threw my back out while sleeping. Without even moving. That's never ever ever happened before. So yeah - blessings all around! Not being able to hold little moon is KILLING me. Sitting with this pain now (i.e. lying propped up on pillows trying not to cry) and breathing deeply wondering what the hell it is I'm supposed to be learning right now

What a great day!! New podcast episode, announced our teacher training... And then we brought little moon to her first wedding! Congrats @suelynd and @joeykoef we love you so much❤
Wedding with baby was too funny - mid-ceremony Lea started getting a little fussy so I decided to feed her which was tricky because I wasn't wearing a dress made for nursing and it had these little buttons that were HELL to open with one hand. She was almost crying so I'm bouncing her up and down but I couldn't get the dress open and I didn't want to disrupt the ceremony so I'm starting to sweat and freak out a little but I finally manage to open all the buttons and put her on the boob right as they got to the "I do's". She starts eating and I relax and everything is fine and she looks so adorable with this little flower on her head and looks at me with the biggest eyes and it's all so cute that I decide to take a picture and as I do she takes THE WORLDS BIGGEST POOP. I swear to god. It was the worlds biggest poop. It was so long and so loud that people actually turned around and looked at us and not only is my boob out and I'm taking a photo of my baby like a moron but I'm one hundred percent certain that poop is leaking out of her diaper onto my lap and then she poops AGAIN and suddenly I can't stop laughing. Dennis was in the wedding party so he couldn't help me and I'm holding a ticking time bomb because the moment she is done feeding she is going to want to be held upright and there is no way in hell that is possible without creating a full on poop explosion🙈 Soooo I just sat there frozen in a bubble of poop and boobs and baby trying not to laugh out loud at the hilarity of the situation until the ceremony ended and Dennis swooped her up and changed her like a boss - dress intact! That man deserves an award. (he got drunk at the reception afterward so I'm kinda thinking that counts)😂 Anywho. Long day! Time for bed. Happy Friday everyone!! x #joelyn #wedding #babytales #lealuna

I know many of you have been patiently and anxiously waiting for this moment... I am so excited to finally announce to you that TODAY is the day: The registration for my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at in Aruba is LIVE!
Join me and for twenty-three days of intensive study of the ancient and sacred yoga science, the beautiful human body and your soul's many magical layers woven through it all. Anatomy genius @lara.heimann will be joining me along with the Island Yoga team and together we will offer you a life-changing experience leaving you equipped not only to teach, but to live and breathe the art of yoga from the heart. Find all the information you need on or click the link in my bio to sign up!
We wish we could take in every person that wants to join this training but as our yoga shala only fits so many bodies we have a limited capacity (546 people emailed wanting to sign up before registration even opened😳) - the 2017 training is overflowing with requests. So! We have opened two more teacher training dates for you in 2018: June-July and October-November💪🏼 Link in bio to register - email if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon! Love, love, love.

This weeks podcast is out NOW! This episode is called Yoga Every Damn Day and it's all about... Yoga! I share how I found the yoga practice, how and why I started the #yogaeverydamnday movement, what my practice is like after giving birth and how suffering from intense back pain my whole life turned out to be the biggest blessing. I also share my best tips for starting up and maintaining a daily yoga practice - tune in now!!! Click the link in my bio to listen in on iTunes or go to for all podcast providers. Don't forget to subscribe and please please please leave a review! Hope you love it🤗❤ #yogagirlpodcast #podcast #fromtheheart #yogaeverydamnday

Breastfeeding with a view❤ I have the entire universe in my arms... (and it's tiny feet are sticking out)☺️ #lealuna #motherhood

The ocean is super cold right now! Lea Luna wants to tell you all about it!☺️😍😂🤗 (sound ON!) #conversationswithluna @loving.lealuna #9weeks #lealuna #love

Little moon. Little spoon☺️ 🌙🥄 #lealuna #beachbaby #happiness

Little moon swam naked in the ocean today. I wish I could have been naked, too. These moments make me miss living in Costa Rica; hiking through the jungle and swimming naked in rivers and bathing in waterfalls. Lea Luna makes me want to go back to basics. I want to be naked all the time. Feel my bare feet on the earth. Watch the sunrise every day. I crave the raw, the real, the meaningful. There is something so primal and so beautiful about being a mother. We have so much... But we need so little. She's only nine weeks old but teaches me more about life every time we lock eyes than I could have ever imagined possible.
@loving.lealuna #motherhood

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