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У.Т  @Yoga.Tutorials 👉 #YogaTutorial 🧘‍♀️ Inspirings from IG’s community of Yogis ⭐️ Be kind. Spread love. ✌️❤️ 🧚🏼‍♀️ Email me for Business Inquiries

@jl.yoga on Hollowback Wheel ✌️
As promised! #pinchahollowback tutorial.
This one’s a toughie! It took me quite a while to understand the dynamics of the pose, and countless fall outs into forearm wheel! Half of the battle is just figuring out your body upside down, in this tutorial we use blocks to remove some of the balancing so that you can think upside down 🙃

PRE-REQ: forearm wheel
WARM-UP with:
Low lunge (bringing foot towards head)
Wheel pose and forearm wheel
Standing dancer pose (with flip grip or strap)

Video PART I:
If you don’t have the balance on your forearms down just yet practice forearm wheel and stepping your feet up on blocks (or your feet in towards your hands)

Video PART II:
Kick up into forearm stand (with wall option), use blocks (as many as you need) to bridge the gap between foot and hands.
*if Part I was a deep backbend for you, you will need to take the blocks further away from your hands

Video PART III - full pose:
I like to look towards my hands first to connect foot to hands and then take my head/chest through.
This is a balancing act! As your foot comes to your hands, take your chest through (away from your foot)
Press your foot into your hands to find more lift in the shoulders and chest.
Don’t forget to breathe and stay calm

Hope this is helpful! What else do you guys want to see?
[🤸🏻‍♀️PS: teaching an inversion lab workshop 3/25 @honoryoganorthbrunswick come play upside down with me! Sign-up link in bio]

✨Cover photo inspired by @alexzandrapeters - check out her page for some great ideas (plus she has some beautiful vibes so you really can’t go wrong!)
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@marysia_do on Yummy Core Firings 🔥
Get your core fired up with @siulim
In setting up have the top edge of the block in line with the bottom tips of your shoulder blades. You should feel a refreshing opening in your chest.
For better organized FREE lessons click on the link in my bio.
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Shot @urbanspringpilates
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Goodnight and happy daylight savings. I’m having a steal of a deal sale on a few items before I jet off to Maui @umstuff . Visit my webpage for all the info. Everything ships before I fly!
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@the_exit_strategy on All the Wheels! ✨
Hope you had a great we 😊... it’s time to enjoy another week with something fun!!

Have you tried all these variations? I love to try different options because each of them challenges me in different ways and improves my strength and flexibility...

What would you like to see next?💖

#yoga #yogatutorial

@patrickbeach on Self Reliance ・・・
all you need to practice yoga is yourself, everything else is just a bonus ✌️
#yoga #yogatutorial #yogavideo

@michelle_yogogirls on Muscle Memory 🤓
You know when you try something for the first time (like cartwheeling into a handstand) and It just seems impossible? Well, keep trying because motor learning is one way to build new brain synapses.
I think that’s why I love unique body movements and creating art. I’m always looking for a different angle or way of solving a problem. I’m hopefully sparking neural pathways that will keep my mind functioning as long as my body.
Here’s an article I read on the subject
#yoga #yogatutorial #yogavideo

@miss_sunitha on Arm Balance Tips 💛
Arm Balance is another type of yoga asana (pose) that doesn’t happen overnight for most of us. We usually have to start somewhere, and that starting point doesn’t always look ‘glamorous’ 😆 But that’s okay! Instead of focusing on what the end pose should look like, shift that focus on keeping consistent effort and awareness - and one day you’ll get there. You might pick up some pretty valuable life lessons on the way too
There are 2 ‘bandhas’ (locks) that are important to self-investigate and learn to be aware of, especially if you’re working on arm balances. These are shown in the video:
1️⃣ Mula Bandha
You can Google this term to find all types of different explanations. I like to think of it as an engagement that starts from the subtle muscle that’s sits between the anus and our ‘private’ part. The action is an upward curl of that muscle from that point to the belly button - think of it as a scooping action. Some people like to refer to it as the tailbone tucking. But in reality, the tucking of the tailbone is a by-product of the deep muscle engagement.
2️⃣ Hasta Bandha
This is the energy that is generated from the palms by pressing the fingertips and the knuckles to the ground. By pushing the fingertips and knuckles to the floor, think of absorbing that energy from the floor upwards - from the fingertips, through the middle of the palms, all the way up the arms and through the shoulder blades. The by-product of that action is the rounding of the upper back from the shoulder blades spreading apart.
Regardless of how your arm balance looks like right now, actively work on these 2 actions. And over time you’ll start building strength in those deep muscles, which will (I promise!) create lightness in the lift.
Happy practicing! And feel free to DM me if you have questions!
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@nolatrees on #FreeDana
Comfy cozy ☔️💫🌿
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@beachyogagirl on 8-Angle! ❤️
At the airport waiting to board my flight to San Diego with nothing better to do than make yoga tutorials! 📲🧘‍♀️😁👌🏼

Here are a few tips for #Astavakrasana! This is a really fun arm balance that isn’t as hard as you may think! TAG someone who would enjoy (oh and #freestuff from @bygthreads - random draw tomorrow)!

Next workshops:
🎈ARUBA 9/21&22
🎈LONDON 11/2&3

🧘‍♀️ @spiritledyoga 7/16-8/2 Delray Beach, FL

To register or practice online with me go to:

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@adellbridges on Protecting Yourself 🛡
Yep...stretch those hamstrings. Feels good. But let’s not neglect the rest of the back body in our forward folds .
When we aim to keep the spine lengthened (some may say “straight”) in the forward fold, this really targets the hamstrings, calves, and maybe the lower back. But the whole body is connected! And not opening up the top of your back body will hinder progress in your forward folds .
So begin by bringing the hands behind your head and tucking the chin to the chest. Then round your back to bring your elbows to your knees (BEND YOUR KNEES as much as you need in order to connect the elbows to the knees). Maybe this is enough. You will feel a stretching sensation in your upper back and neck .
If you want more, keep your elbows where they are but slowly straighten the knees. If you still want more, rebend the knees to bring the elbows higher towards the hips, and straighten the knees again. Repeat .
This can apply to standing or seated forward folds (do both!) If seated, keep the feet flexed as if you’re standing .
I learned this from my super knowledgeable teacher and friend @dylanwerneryoga 🙏🙌 and it has transformed not just my forward folds but my backbends and handstands. If that doesn’t make sense to you, just understand: the body is all one single unit, connected, and that’s how this stuff works 🙌 .
Wearing @aloyoga
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@fitnessbyerin on Watching Out for Backbends 🧐
Backbends...watch the beginning for what they aren’t—they are NOT sinking in the low back, letting it all hang out🤪...they ARE engaging in the front of the body, while finding space behind the heart, upper back...and breathing into it...as you keep the core strong! Or else....splat...or ouch—low back will not feel good! And we don’t want that! So, think...strong front, strong breath, breath into the heart space...put that on repeat as you work into YOUR personal spot to bend! 👍
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@aminahtaha on Weeks, wine, and husbands. ❤️
Trying to find where my ribs are at 26 weeks - and finding out that my husband really misses drinking wine with me 😆😂
I love you, @azkosber
Thank you for always treating me like a queen, for always making me feel beautiful and loved and for inspiring me everyday.
#6monthspregnant #butwherearemyribs #yoga
Wearing @aloyoga 💗
#yogatutorial #yogavideo

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