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A floating cube with a graphite bath in the interior of the master bedroom

The master of this bedroom is a traveler, that knows first-hand what good taste is, so he enjoys aesthetic beauty like nobody other. Therefore, creating this bedroom, we made our best to create it really cool

The main idea was that there are should be three blocks in the master bedroom: a bedroom zone and a sitting area with a fireplace and cozy sofas with panoramic windows, a bathroom zone and a wardrobe area separated into a male and a female

But the real masterpiece was the soaring bathroom. When we have created a gym on the first floor, it was necessary to increase the ceilings, which made it necessary to create some steps in the master bedroom. These steps YODEZEEN team beat so as to create the effect of a cube hanging in the air

The inside of the cube is completely covered with graphite, which creates an excellent accent with the wood, which is one of the main materials of this bedroom along with glass and lacquer

⬛ Location: Maslovo, Moscow region
🔲 Area: around 1000 m2
⬛ YODEZEEN team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Denis Tereshkin, Anjela Gabruskaja, Vasiliy Ralchuk, Bogdan Rozghkevich

Every house starts from the hall

On the ground floor of this house, designed by the YODEZEEN team, is situated the hall of one of ours the most interesting projects

The one side of the hall is faced with a mirror, which, in addition to its main function, hides the entrance to the pool. The second wall of the hall is faced with wooden panels that hide the wardrobe and the entrance to the garage. The entrance to the gym has made with sliding doors

To expand the visual space of the hall, we added niches with shelves all along the entire perimeter of the wall. An additional accent of the design are steel plates, with which frames are framed throughout the house

Everywhere are used: wood, stone, metal panels and glass, which carefully dissolves the painted walls

⬛ Location: Maslovo, Moscow region
🔲 Area: around 1000 m2
⬛ YODEZEEN team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Denis Tereshkin, Anjela Gabruskaja, Vasiliy Ralchuk, Bogdan Rozghkevich

Using of marble in the interior design is totally trend of this year

Marble finishing and elements are getting an integral part of every modern luxury design. White, black, brown and green marble have been conquered the hearts of all designers and architects all over the world

Our team not only tracking all actual trends, but organically weaves them into every single project, that makes it not only unique but modern

One of this projects - the beach house in Florida, Miami. This is a very bright, sunny house, that our designers and architects tried to emphasize. White walls, floors, monochromic furniture and, of course, white marble

In this luxury home marble elements everywhere: floor, walls, as a tea-table surface and as kitchen island

What do you think about marble trends of 2018 and how would you use it in your interior design?

⬛ Location: Oceana Bal Harbour, Florida, Miami
🔲 Area:  157,5 m2
⬛ YODEZEEN team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Olga Biskulova, Anton Biytsev, Irina Danilchenko

Good Monday starts with publications!

Meet our new publication at 'Salon (Салон)' magazine about our project - seafood restaurant CATCH. Have a good week and enjoy your day

Cubism as a synonym of "inspiration"

It is always pleasantly when customer is a large family. That is because it
is necessary to think through everything from position of sun to replacing of bedrooms

As a location for this project has been chosen picturesque area near the Kiev and Dnepr river with a beautiful panoramas. At designing stage it was considered with insolation and panoramic view. It has been necessary to
deploy a house such way that sun passing main phase through living zones, master`s bedrooms and nurseries. Our architects have placed this house such way that it can be possible to get enough insolation without loosing panoramic view

The volumetric solution has been cubism and architecture of cubism with the intersection of volumes. As a fundament has been taken two volumes: bottom cube for the first floor and top cube for living zone. Mutual intersection of these cubes has made the whole perception of design

⬛Location: Prohorovka, Kiev region

Interior accent - are must have of every YODEZEEN`S design

This luxury apartment at the centre of Kiev belongs to true bachelor. His life impossible to imagine without loud parties, personal freedom and bright emotions. All of these qualities have been reflected into every part of design by YODEZEEN team

We have brought bright accents, first of all, by sandy orange furniture: masters bed, poufs, sofas near the fireplace and leather chairs at dining zone. It seems absolutely inconceivable to use live moss as a interior decoration of this bachelors apartment, but we made full moss wall at the washroom zone, by completing the design by sink made from natural stone and mirror with LED-lightning

Spirit of freedom has been reflected by open space planning, partitions made from glass, that are able to get automatically darken, nevertheless, revealing a panoramic view of the city and the main arrangement of furniture, that always turned to the windows

⬛ Location: Kiev, PecherSKY
🔲 Area: 160 m2
⬛ YODEZEEN team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Anna Tarabanova

Sometimes the location can tell you how to build

That is how this happened with this project in Bucha city. Small hill became a great basis of fundament, when unevenness of landscape near the hill became into garage and parking area, that is covered by living zone of house.

This project made from natural materials, that can be easy to found near the location: wood, natural stone, coarse concrete and living plants that we have used at the exterior of this project.

⬛Location: Bucha, Kiev region

Read about our Georgian loft interior at «Object (Объект)» magazine and have a good day!

Our passion is combination of incongruous

This applies not only to main architecture, straight lines, schemes of arrangement of furniture but also to integration with traditional motives: molding, panels

So when the stylish and modern mature family asked us to create design that will contain luxury and functionality, traditions and innovations YODEZEEN team absolutely knew how to realize every demand of this customer

Carved wooden panels have became a leitmotif of this project. They complement the living room, the master`s bedroom and playing on the contrast in the nursery

The ensemble of classical elements and modernity is noticeable in every
centimeter of this interior from Roll & Hill lightnings to
concrete column that separates zones of flat with different functions

⬛ Location: Kiev, Ukraine
🔲 Area: 320,4 m2
⬛ YODEZEEN team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Irina Babich, Anton Biytsev

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Wright`s architecture in a new project of YODEZEEN

Not so long ago a customer made a request to build a house for living and resting, because she has been tired from city rush and wanted to rest and enjoy calmness of pinery

Taking into account the customer's needs, we have made the planning of house. The house has been planned with two zones, connected between by corridor. First zone is lounge, that include: living zone, dining, kitchen, cabinet, gym and pool. Second zone - technical, that contain laundry and other zones of support

An innovative solution has been a long swimming pool, that perfectly connected with main composition of house, separating area from neighbors.

As a stylistic solution has been chosen style of Frank Lloyd Wright and his architects: large roofs, monochromic dark textures, metal, clinker, shale, bricks, dark natural stone, die-cast concrete and glass. Wright`s style accent have became wide vertical windows, 1,2 m. every single window, that provide enough day light inside house.

⬛ Location: Kozin, Kiev region
🔲 Area: 700 m2
⬛ YODEZEEN team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Maxim Sidorchuk, Vasiliy Realchuk, Sergey Rybalko

Have you seen our Georgian loft style project? As fierce as Georgian spirit. Write below this publication if you want more vdeoreview of our projects!
⬛Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
🔲Area: - 177,26 m2

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