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Yoav Dembak  - World traveler, urban dweller, nature absorber, tech entrepreneur (colabo.com) , street skater, snow rider, wave surfer, style appreciator

“Peace is the absence of confusion.” – Wu Tang Clan meets cool-again SoHo

Morning sun pierces through a cloudy sky above Galilee, Israel.

Tartine is a bakery turned coffee shop that offers one the best early morning breakfast options in the city along with an eclectic clientele and staff..

Macy's, the largest department store chain in the US, defines succinctly the new Religious-retail complex with their Christmas slogan -"Believe" ...

Winter in Israel - for every 1 day of rain, 30 days of sun and sunsets..

Back in 1870s, horses used to slip on the wet cobblestone hills of San Francisco thus leading the way to the first cable cars. 150 years later, 7 million tourists every year are waiting for hours to ride this novel attraction before heading over to visit an even more novle attraction - the abandoned prison of Alcatraz..

There are very few evenings in a year that one can see the sun touching the Pacific Ocean at Sunset. Most often, the sun hides behind a thick layer of fog early in the afternoon. with no red skies and other end of day scenes, it's easy to be confused by the sudden night.

No stopping any time for these two fine citizens of the craziest city in the world - San Francisco.
A very unfortunate event came shortly after taking this picture when sudden burst of wind provided a "Marilyn Monroe minute" forever scarring the eyes of all witnesses..

Rome is about two things, walking and seated people watching. La Casetta in the Monti neighborhood is a cool place to grab coffee and see the world go by..

Afternoon rain clears into a dramatic sunset in the most hip(ster) neighborhood in Rome, Monti.
While coffee quality is usually the hipster neighborhood identifier, in Rome good coffee is everywhere. hipsterness is defined the ice cream, chocolate , raw restaurants and vintage clothing..

The industrial area where Potrero Hill meets the Mission district has seen it's share of hype and slumps in the past 20 years in sync with the tech market. Past 4 years some old warehouses turned into cool tech offices, coffee shops and restaurants. Walking the neighborhood offers some stunning murals that keep in touch with the Mission's legacy.

Cafelix in Tel Aviv center has the best vibe and coffee that is second only to closeby, Nahat. The wall of personal labeled cups is a tradition dating to the early days of it being just a coffee roastery and gradually allowing customers to taste the coffee on site.

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