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sara  -10/5/16- STUPID POOP CHILD 'Look at the light, not the mess..' -Peyton Cantle, 2017 Yo_Pey_Stop


yes another ship edit because cuteness
Again if you don't like a ship, just kinda deal with it okay?? It's just an edit I made for some friends so chill out??
dt: @sanstasticedits and @calmsans_.edits because hHhHhH frans and soriel-
#undertale #undertaleedit #edit

Here you go guys have an old edit :>>>>

I just love Papyrus just look at his cute fAce ahHHH
He's my son
dt: someonthe special but they don't know who they are so *cough* ;))
#edit #undertale #undertaleedit #papyrus

I was going to post this later but I'm impatient so :> If you don't like a ship, I mean you can say it I honestly don't mind but just don't make an argument, this was just made for fun, not to prove one ship is better/worse then the other.
dt: @sanstasticedits because she's been so nice to me and helping me out, I just want to thank you for being there for me
#edit #undertaleedit #undertale

Finally here's the mep!! I'm sorry I took so long it just look really weird at some points but I had a friend help me :> aLso sorry no like proper intro or outro I'm lazy and really wanted to get this out
Edits in order:
me :>
Ahhhh everyone did so amAzinGGG thank you guy so much for wanting to join my mep I'm very happy with how this turned out, it's so amazing and ahhhh just thank you all so much
#mep #undertalemep #undertale #edit #undertaleedit

gUys I swear I'm working on the mep it's just some of the edits aren't matching up with the music and I'm trying to fix it and it's a big mess right now but I'll try to get it out as soon as possible and I'm really sorry for taking so long with it
#edit #sailormoonedit #sailormoon

finally some a r t
kinda like a persona :>
please don't steal I didn't put a watermark :>>>
I did this at 2:00 am o k a y

Collab with @artisticzombiechan
Please go follow them they deserve more followers :>
#edit #rickandmortyedit #rickandmorty

ahHH this is an oldie I actually quite like because I don't think I used vs in it :>
#edit #animeedit #cute

another repost I'm sorry :'>
#undertaleedit #undertale #edit

I'm sorry for reposting this ahHhH I'm just really proud of it and I want to remake it
#twentyonepilotsedit #edit

Hey guys I'm sorry for not posting I really don't like Instagram anymore because I feel like I'm not even acknowledged by other editors and I really don't matter to them anymore and I get pushed to the bottom of the list so yeah sorry I'm just not in a good mood.

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