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Tejas Badgujar  Mostly shoot places and faces. Currently at: Shenzhen, China πŸŒƒ India/China/Hong Kong/U.S.A.

"Remember the night we were so sad? We cried so hard that we started to laugh."
Model: @sam.jon3s

"I was told that time will heal the pain"
In frame: @keshwaaaa

"I am a dreamer. And you are my best dream yet" - Mario Jo Schwarz
Model: @wolf_sister. In collaboration with @anthony.pontillas and @antonusikov

So blessed to have views like this from the comfort of my bed 😍

"and it seems like yesterday it was just a dream"
Model: @sam.jon3s

Just one of those things I love shooting sometimes. 😍😍😍

"It's not an attitude, it's the way I am"
Featuring the wonderful @murmurnika

"After the rain cometh the fair weather"

Here's a picture of my bestest friend @kkleier88. Kristen loves baby Jesus. She'll also love you like noone ever has. She'll make you the best muffins, make you amazing hot chocolate, and even bring you your favourite chocolate when you're feeling low. She'll even drive you to the beach at 2 in the morning to make you feel better. Her special abilities include pole dancing, giving comfy hugs, and falling asleep anywhere anytime. She's the best you can get right now, if I were you, I'd slide into her DM's while she's still single and ready to mingle. Also, it's her birthday today. I hope you have the most amazing Birthday ever!!

"Take me to my love"

"To know what you want, but you'll never truly have it"
Models: @mara.schick11 @kaaylaaelizabeth

"I like people who smile when it's raining"

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