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.45 on my table, I’m a killer, yah, where is Elvis Presley? I’m Priscilla, yah, bout to cop some dope from my drug dealer, yah, then I’m bout to crush it like Godzilla, yah, is this how people act when you not regular?, they screamin’ from Africa to Australia, I told em that I’ve always been peculiar, queenin’ down to the letter, as in Julius - Regular Degular #nickiminaj #ym #youngmoney #queen

Damn, love don't live here, love, I don't live here, she say "Why you leave your shit here?", I'm tryna be sincere, when we both know it ain't right, she hate that we can get loose, but I can never hang tight, but, we don't even make love anymore, acting like our phones got our attention, or we watching television, and it's painless, we act like we strangers, I just don't know who we are anymore - Perfect Strangers #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney #thacarterv

Skid around ends with the bros and I'm kitted to the toes, if I touch studio then we got one, I be tryna laugh with the bros 'bout the opps that we know, but they can't take a joke, 'cause it's not one, think it's 'cause we live by the code, reputation to uphold, makin' me the one they gotta take the spot from, I be tryna laugh with the bros but they can't take a joke - Can’t Take A Joke #drake #kevinhart #ymovo #ovo #ovosound #ym #youngmoney

YMCMTBT: Rich Gang (Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug) - Freestyle #richhomiequan #youngthug #birdman #cmrg #cashmoney #richgang #rhq #ysl

I'm flexin' muscles that you can't pull, you can't make a fist 'cause I'm a handful, I never really knew my dad good, but still grew up to be the big bad wolf, you always see me with the white cup, some people say that is a bad look, but take a good look at what you are lookin' at, you never know when it's your last look, it’s written all over my face, these tattoos, they can't be erased, one of a kind, I can't be replaced, in case that mirror breaks - Dope New Gospel #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney #thacarterv #originalbumbu

Tunechi, you a genius, looked in the mirror said "Don't let the money come between us", I’m loaded, loaded at my earliest convenience, but fuck em, I feel like I got ten middle fingers, I'm sippin', sippin' in this bitch and poppin' uppers, girl, take this, this that shit that give a flower color, and some bitch named Wonder Woman told me not to wonder, the crumbs, you only see em when the cookie crumble - Let It All Work Out #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney #thacarterv

Daytime start to turn black, everything stop light start to twirl, thank God Weezy back, order is restored, all is right with the world, last times become lost time, no free time, til I bought time, no tea time, no off time, no me time, on y'all time, blessings shower from the north side, comes the brightest flower after dark skies, love is blind but we caught eyes, it's a bumpy road but a joyride, still can't ignore my rappetite, like a hungry shark in a koi pond, still the motherfuckin' best rapper, a-live, nigga, y'all died - Dope New Gospel #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney #thacarterv

I gotta ride with my gun on safety, so I don't go shootin' where yo nigga be, girl you dodging bullets tryna play me, then I'm left to deal with how you made me, got a whole lot of love, ain't tryna waste it, you got me runnin' around and I never chase it, your face so pretty to me, makeup ain't make it, your face so pretty to me, makeup can't make it - Trip (Quemix) #jacquees #cmrgfyb #cmrg #cashmoney #richgang #fyb #freshyoungboyz #quemix #quemix3

You know I'm all bout them dollars, I be supportin' them scholars, I let him give me some brain, but he wanted me to ride it, so I said, "Fuck it, I'm in.", he wanna cut like a trim, and if he act like he know, I let him fuck it again, I got them bars, I'm indicted, I'm poppin', I'm uninvited, I said, "Just lick on the clitoris, nigga, don't fuckin' bite it!", I ride his – in the circle, I turn Stefan into Urkel, I go around and around and I'm a go down in slow motion - Barbie Dreams #nickiminaj #ym #youngmoney #queen

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