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I'm a r-o-c-k star, and I can play with that pussy like I play my guitar, call me Weezy F the best you ever saw, shit the best you never saw, girl you ain't even lookin, got a chauffeur but he ain't even lookin, we in the back seat poppin like fried chicken cookin, and I'm tied to that pussy like flies on badussy, shawty got class and no I won't play hooky - Rockstar #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney

Go off, go off, I’m a do that, straight fighting for the cheese like two rats, but don’t get it twisted I am no rat, put my hair in four plaits, bright red berets, I’m tryna go global like Borat, so I can put gone on the doormat, I’m in the Phantom with fur on the floor mats, tires so skinny like I’m riding on four flats - Guys Like Us #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney

Mixtape, 12 play, she wanna hear something, yeah, it's real late, foreplay, I'm tryna hit something, yeah, yeah, I brought my weed, she got bottles, she wear long weaves, she's my model, yeah, I'll beat your back 'till the morning, and I'll promise that you will wanna stay horny - Jump On It #jacquees #cmrgfyb #cmrg #cashmoney #richgang #fyb #freshyoungboyz

How could it be, little me, had the power to be the best B, in the league, yeah inevitably, but could it belittle me?, you was heckling me, now it’s monotony winning regularly, I catch rec on recreation, so I exceed all your expectations, bitches ain't got it in ‘em, I kill ‘em and then I skin ‘em, the contract was signed but I am the addendum - I’m Blazin #nickiminaj #ym #youngmoney

When you look into the mirror in the morning, do you recognize who you see?, when I look into the mirror in the morning, I don’t see anything, what happens when the sun don’t rise and the birds don’t wanna sing, and even the flowers for the dead die and then they stink, and then they shrink, and even a friend of mine says the shrink might work, and I was thinking bout clearing my mind but I’m afraid that it might hurt, and just when it seems like I got the whole world at my door, the bell ring and I open up with a bang - Ready For The World #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney

YMCMTBT: T.I. - About The Money Ft. Young Thug #youngthug #birdman #ti #londonondatrack #cmrg #ysl #richgang #grandhustle #hustlegang

Fuck you ho-ass niggas, I get money and get over hoes, we hold court with them heaters, pop case open/closed, looking for a bitch to hop up on my totem pole, and my blunt be stupid-fat, double-stuffed Oreos, and I get loaded til I motherfucking overload, been rapping, flows still tight like aerobic's clothes, ask them bitches, I told em hoes, they back it up like Sonny drive in Bronx Tale, Calogero - Inkredible (Remix) #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney

I'll never take your love for granted, baby you mean that much to me, and every time i look in your eyes, baby I see in you, is what makes me complete, see we could be one, and you could do you, and I just play it cool, but whenever you're ready, I'll be waitin', waitin', waitin', oh baby - Play The Field #jacquees #cmrgfyb #cmrg #cashmoney #richgang #fyb #freshyoungboyz #4275

Still I rise, Maya Angelou vibes, when life comin' at you from all angles and sides, and they don't wanna see that you smilin' from inside, it really boils down to how you plan to survive, love certain ones but never get attached to 'em, give 'em nice things, but what's that to 'em?, especially when another girl I flew in is flickin' up in my bathroom, and they recognize the bathroom, all hell starts to break loose in my texts, I only tell lies to who I gotta protect, I would rather have you remember me how we met, I would rather lose my leg than lose their respect, but that'll never happen the way I'm watchin' my step - Is There More #drake #ymovo #ym #youngmoney #ovo #ovosound

Pardon me I'm stunting, the Cartier on youngin, Audemars runnin off body temperature, look at you, looking all shook up, I'm a fly nigga rock my chain when I cook up, Evisu getting took up, Cavallis in the cleaners, Pirellis on the Beamer, I swear that bitch hotter than the bullets in the Nina, you talking to a fever, nigga get your heat up, and I'm a dirty south boy, nigga get you tee’d up, I hit like Roy not Jones but Williams, finding me a Kelly and make some destiny children - Favorite Things #lilwayne #ym #youngmoney

Yeah, I took all my old jewelry back and upgraded to baguettes, yeah, I used to be broke but I’m rich now, I know you heard that, yeah, I used to watch big homie now I know the bird dance, yeah now that all my niggas free, tell me where the smoke at? - Upscale #youngthug #future #ysl #bmfbg #blackmigogang #freebandz #superslimey #cmrg #richgang

Yo, sometimes I tell ‘em I love ‘em because I just wanna fuck ‘em, I never love ‘em or cuff ‘em, and when we done I'ma duck ‘em, he Ferragamo the buckle, he Louis V on the duffle, the pussy wetter than puddles, I ride his dick like a shuttle, I said, real niggas let real bitches cum first, and real bitches been bad bitches from birth, uh, kiss him when he cumming, make more money last year than Mister Drummond - Touchin Lovin #nickiminaj #ym #youngmoney

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