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Throwback to being 22 & getting my first portrait shots by the legendary @francoismatthys

Ouch that eyebrows tweezing hurt like hell.

There is no need to come out of a closet. Love is just love. Today has been a great win for not just the LGBT but for a country that houses 1.4 billion people. It’s a step towards progressive thinking - something I have truly supported and believed in. My support & heart goes out to all those people that have suffered due to this awful narrow article 377. We as a society sincerely owe you an apology. I hope today is a new beginning for those that find strength in being their natural self. #loveislove #loveisequal #progressivethinking #lgbt #pride #loveisequal #nohate #nodiscrimination #liberallogic #newdelhi #timeforchange #newbeginnings #section377

Hi peeps. So this is an extremely special project close to my heart. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the stills from my next artistic collaboration. It happens to be a short film in which I play the lead role. I have always believed in growing creatively & opportunities like this keep the artist in me alive & striving for more growth.
A Cure Of the Stranger
Coming Soon
Written & Directed by Chase Pottinger & Neeti Kejriwal
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Hi guys.
My family has added yet another venture into the world of hospitality. This one is an extremely special project - behind this cafe is a very hardworking passionate woman who i proudly call my sister. Sweet obsession introduces House # 309. We are now open at DLF South Point Mall - Golf Course Road. Gurgaon. Third floor
Please do come visit us. We look forward to serving you. @sharutiarora
#nowopen #kitchendiaries #foodtalkindia #sodelhi #zomato #artisanbistro #newdelhi #womenentrepreneurs #proudbrother #selfmade

Life as you know it.
What if I borrow a layman’s perspective - I wonder what life would teach me. Our minds are not designed to be caged. So why do we let the limitations of others come in the way of our own personal growth & aspirations. A few years ago, I was introduced to the theory behind self love. I took the abandonment & rejections of my personal experiences as an opportunity to channelise it towards my inner strength. We are all individuals - refining from the resources that have come our way. Don’t let your potential be judged by limitations of academia or what others believe about you. Real life doesn’t offer degrees or puts you in any self created human pedestal. It’s going to throw things that’s mostly out of a curriculum - that’s when you will be introduced to your greatest asset you posses as humans - your strength & the power of the mind. When you have the openness to grow from your mistakes & off others - that liberation of the mind deserves recognition of its own. Sometimes acknowledging that becomes your most honourable Graduation merit.

Happy Birthday Mom.
Even though I take the love you offer for granted - but I want you to know how lucky I feel to be your son. You are self made - and the liberation & love you offer is deeply rooted in the man I am today. I have learnt to love courageously because of you. I will always be grateful for the love you share and the openness you have as a mother to handle this wild child of yours. Welcome to the 60’s. You have rocked the last decade with your success & travel you very much deserve. And May this decade continue to bring you good health & many more opportunities to explore the wonderful individual that you often neglect- You.. I only wish to see you give yourself the love you often give us kids. I love you Ma. ❤️
P.s. For God sake please bring a date home. After a decade of persuading I will still not give up - It would be nice to see you hitched ;) @pinkkyaroraa

Love struck by nature ✨✨

Fortnum & Mason Please 🖤

The incredible orange square in Marbella ✨✨

While I am a little confused.
Can we go back to kicking some a** please?
Thanks to this stress busting studio in the city. Let’s try not fighting each other - but train to be the strongest version of yourself. @boxfit.in Thanks for all the sweat. 🙌

Ever since I have been a child, I have admired superman. We all have that piece of comic that we hold on too. Sometimes in this adult life, we are not as responsible as we are expected to be. We all make uncertain choices, mistakes that drifts us away from our expected future. Most of us are familiar with living comforting lies until we have truly met courage - the finding of that sets us free & makes us capable to bring change. I often see that strength as characteristics of any superman/superwoman that lives in us. Superman is more then just a costume. It’s a reflection of your personal battles that can be won. It’s more then just hope. So while I’m growing older and learning to be a wiser adult (whatever that means for each individual). I promise to not let the child in me fade, I often find my superman not just in the likes of a comical character but in the superhero that actually lives in me. The one that has the capacity to not judge me, to forgive me, and to spur out that rooted strength in those times when it’s needed the most. So here’s a candid post to acknowledging & celebrating my superman.
#superman #courage #strengthquotes #lifeasanadult #fightingbattles #rootedinstrength

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