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Yvette Lu  Hamilton • Angelica Tour 🌟 stl • nyu • love is love is love Everybody poops!

HAPPY NATIONAL SWING DAY! I love these HamFam super swings. ⭐️ There’s nothing like not knowing what 95% of my nights are going to look like to challenge me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Swinging - you’ve brought me so much joy and exhilaration and frustration and sheer terror. Thank you for stretching my mind and body, and for reminding me to enjoy all the little things. And for more adrenaline rushes than I thought were humanly possible. Proud to be #swingnation ✊🏼

• Belated reflections • 2017 • 23 •

I am a work in progress, but I am growing nonetheless. Every time I think I’ve reached some sort of revelation I am thrown another challenge to overcome and stretch myself further. 2017, you kicked my ass. Growing pains hurt, but they hurt so good!!! •
I want to write more and learn more. Nag me about what I’m creating in 2018. Nag me more and I will send you things. Nag me even more and I will nag you back! •
The people in my life are uniquely superb. Friends, family, acquaintances alike. If you are reading this, you are included. I love you, universe. Thank you for gifting me with with these people.
Lezzgo 2018

The happiest of trails to this guy right here!! I cant thank you enough for the constant inspiration and positivity and GOOFING. What an honor it is to know you. See you on the other side⭐️ #thatgrowthlife #sundayturnup


Queen Brie Larson came to the show yesterday and exuded her big heart all over the place. Kindness and greatness need not be exclusive! 💜

Spice-y girls comin atchu HOT. #hamilton90smixtape #bcefa

When @amandaebraun gets portrait mode and makes you look all cute and candid #iphonex #giggles #gurlthings

Living our dreams out here in LA. Have you busted a move today? #soggybottoms #nyu #schoolspirit


When all you wanna do is make poop jokes but society won't let you!!!!!!! 😩

^that's my mom

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