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Ying Ying  90% food and 10% life. #canthelpit

It’s a wrap~ Spent the entire trip eating so much, walking so much and seeing so much. Can’t get enough of this harbour view and missing the window seat already. ☹️ Till we meet again 💕#discoverhk #causewaybay #sheungwan #wanchai #oldtowncentral

I am so in love with this window seat 💕 Caught the beautiful sunset over the harbour in Hong Kong here and am on the verge of falling asleep here too, which is rather tempting since I can wake up with the sunrise next to me as well. ☀️🌥 #discoverhongkong #victoriaharbour #causewaybay

One of my “longest” Friend (@jaslynceleste ) got married yesterday!! 💕 Heart is full with these bunch of noisy people whom I’ve known for 20 years. ❤️ Such a wonderful time today with:
🎤My first attempt at being a wedding emcee today,
👯‍♀️Reconnecting with school mates whom I never really spoke much before,
🙋🏻‍♀️Catching up with the peers from my first part-time/ summer vacation job for Jaslyn’s Mum when I was 15 😳

But anyway, cheers to Jaslyn & Minghui 🥂❤️

Eating our way thru the weekend in Malacca! Over ordered with dim sum followed by some iced latte and truffle fries 😂

#throwback to the day we dressed up to go see @davidbeckham 😍💕 (Thou it kinda still feel like it didn’t happen)

Throwback to my first bridesmaid affair of 2018 (#4 of lifetime 🤣) which happened last week. 💕Congrats to #theonlywanfordex couple👫, finally you’re hitched! ❤️😊 As spoken from my #1 bridesmaid speech ever; it took you both 6 years to get together, 4 years to marry and so if my maths is not wrong, we are looking at less than 2 years for little munchkins 👶🏻 #themunchkins #numberskindofday

Thank you all the good wishes! Hopefully I’m one year older and wiser! 😂😜 Nothing special about growing older but am just happy to catch a movie I really wanted to watch and satisfy my food cravings 😘🙆🏻‍♀️ Thus a shoutout to @charzzy & @leesherylted whom both took leave to indulge me with Brunch, Jurassic World & Collagen Hotpot Dinner (with @csham )💕❤️!

Post-Concert Appreciation Post!
Thou the concert may have ended for most people, but we are still in the midst of tying up loose ends and thus it still doesn’t feel like the end. We’ve weathered thru all the craziness to get here and am still very grateful to be part of something big and good. ❤️🙏🏻 无论是大爱、小爱,我看见和体验了各种的爱 💕👏🏻🙆🏻‍♀️ 💟梁文福《爱的名字2018》作品慈善演唱会
💟 至少180个台前幕后的工作人员、义工、歌手等
💟 超过5,100位观众和善心人士
💟 超越 $2,000,000的捐款

#爱的名字2018 #你我他都尽了一份力
#感谢感恩感动 #海蝶音乐 #吴丽香纪念基金

Sis: Let’s take a photo to show mum that we are bonding.
Me: Sure.😅😂
Sis: I’ll give you a shoutout on my Instagram, but only insta stories
Me: I’ll give you a damn spot on my page
#yesthatsmysister #bloodsisterok #notadopted #thouwebothsecretlydoubtitatonepointoftime

Way overdue meet-up with this bunch! Think we last met in 2016 which explains the endless conversations from work to weddings, babies, age gaps and Facebook 🤣
On a side note, Big Yay to the start of June - packed with work and a variety of occasions! ✌🏻

Impromptu destress session - brunch at some cosy retro cafe followed by Deadpool 2 and arcade. #takemymoney

Haven’t had such a good laugh in the theatres in a while. 🤣🤣🤣Thou there were parts I didn’t get (since most of the “throwback” is not my 年代) but the jokes are still gold 😆👍🏻 Awesome stuff by @toyfactorysg again 👏🏻👍🏻 Really enjoyed it💕
Only available till this weekend, 不看可惜!! PS: Did not realise I know almost the entire lyrics of #搞笑行动
#toyfactory #laughoutloud #我看呀看着电视 #mastersofcomedysg

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