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Ying Ying  90% food and 10% life. #canthelpit

Major throwback to 2011 where it was my first winter experience, longest holiday (18 days) and first trip to Korea! ❄️☃️ We looked horrible back then and we were behaving like idiots getting excited over the “smoke” from our mouths in the cold air without realising that we were waiting at a closed train platform while others were judging us from the opposite platform #진짜바보 😅😅. #klooktravelpawnshop

So we threw a surprise hens night for @zoniaraymond, thou the flawless plan was ruined at the last minute by the insistent hotel reception staff who didn’t receive the memo 😅 Nevertheless it was a great evening and morning after! (First time in bed with three girls 🛌👭👭😉) Actually come to think of it, its quite random that we’ve became such close friends because we’ve barely hung out together back in school. These three were classmates thru-out secondary school but I was never in the same class as them! In fact, @todelemann and I have never been classmates while I knew @melleymelle and @zoniaraymond when we were in the same class in Primary 5/6 🙃 (But I’ve been close with Melle since then)

But oh wells, big love for you all, as well as the extended fam @jason2ng and @fat_pandarif who helped us setup, clean, drive, cook, bring fruits etc. 💕❤️🙆🏻‍♀️

First of yesterday’s happy affairs - @podsgirl and @yong8 wedding! 👰🏻🤵🏻
Crazy how fast time has been and it’s almost going to be a decade since we first known each other, while @estwoo baby lala is no longer a baby. 👧🏻 Congrats again to Fel & Martin, we’ve waited for this day for almost as long as I’ve known you! ☺️ I really really will visit Netherlands some day while you are both still there ok?! 💕❤️

Last week we cheers to @podsgirl last trip back to Singapore as a Miss. 🥂 Later this morning, we’ll be cheering to her becoming a Mrs 🍾! Looking forward to it 💕😘

Super TGIF! Drove out for lunch and to get a free cup of @heyteaofficial thats opening tomorrow! #braggingrights thanks to @jazsoo 😎😆 PS: Last photo was airdropped to me by some random stranger which I accepted cuz looks good 😜

Poser picture taken by the guide at Uma Pamela Swing. He told me to turn and look at the sun and gave us the flower in the hair. The closed eyes were purely coincidental cuz the sun was too bright 😆. Posing skills levelled up over this trip? 💪🏻💪🏻 Too humji to take the big swing, I even freaked out while taking a group photo on the nest because my friends SHAKED IT SO DAMN HARD. What if the structure was loose and the shake caused it to topple and we all fall to our death?!? Fear of Heights is real ok!!? All I wanted was to get out but the guide kept asking us to try more poses!! Ok bye Bali, it was a good respite 👋🏻😻

Did yoga yesterday but burn like zero calories. 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️Then we somehow ended up climbing up and down the Waterfall and Rice Terrace, burnt many calories and then got too tired and called it a night with some Bintang and chips 🍻☺️

Yesterday’s sunset deserves a post on its own and multiple timelapse videos. Thanks @leesherylted for picking this place and making reservations so we got a really good view! Special bonus of a model couple in most of my shots. They were so heavily featured that I was tempted to go up to them and offer them my photos! 😆 The sunset is so incredible that I really wanna scream that I’m in love with Bali. ❤️❤️
#sunset #ohbali #woobarbali #bali

Well-rested our eyes with all the green sceneries yesterday morning at the Campuhan Ridge Walk! Super love all the blue skies, green fields and white clouds ⛅️🌿🏞. Then after the short hike, we ate at four different places. 🤰🏻😂 #ubud #ohbali

Part two of bad poses - touristy shots Hahahahah! But ok whatever, the point is we had a great time at some cultural park which was a showoff of land and huge ass statues and then we went to Uluwatu Temple and had a magnificent view of the the sun getting ready to set. 😍💯🌤 Oh yah, we also caught some weird traditional dance show which got our knees aching and our mind stuck with a “Kechek Kechek” chant.

We were way ahead of schedule yesterday and so we asked the driver to bring us to interesting places. He told us he will bring us to a beautiful beach but we were surprised to find ourself at some deserted land. Had to climb thru some “cliff” area to get to this Tangal Wangi Beach! So pretty and quiet, love it 😍😍😍😍 PS: Obviously I need to work on my posing skills 😅

Mala lunch in my high-neck shirt 😂😥🌶🌞

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