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Finally fever-free after four days! Time to wash EV-ER-Y-THING. #flu #nothanks #vanityhashtags

I climbed a BABY WALL and had a panic attack yesterday. Wall climbing is hard. My hands are weak. Maybe I'll start working out my hands (just my hands.) Get them all mega-muscular, like, between each joint of each finger is a bulging, veiny, little bicep-like muscle. I'll flex my hands a lot because they're SO STRONG. I'll spray them—tan as can be—and my new bulging hands will win so many awards. I will climb allllll the suburban indoor climbing walls across this great Earth with my strong, strong hands. It's gonna be surreal. 🏆

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Mutant Data Self.

My new hobby is making gifs of ridiculous Guns N' Roses videos. #gunsnroses #surewhynot

Can't stoppp 👁
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Yes please 🍩 (by @fmk7 & @hplus_creative)

I shuffled da cards.
(At a non-magic magic show.)

1. I think I'll celebrate today with a midday glass of wine 🍷
2. Pleasepleaseplease I hope the rumply shop dog is around when I buy a bottle, I would like to pet a rumply dog today, please 🙏
3. Opens door... 💓Pinky!

GOAL OF $100k CRUSHED (101,286 and growing to be exact.) Got to see the numbers flip right here in a room at @kycohio where a receiving window overlooks this garland. Fitting. Thank you to everyone who contributed. This became real in one freaking month because of you. You, loving, magical. 💖

Hi Friends. In the home stretch of raising $100k for @kycohio by noon TOMORROW. 🏳️‍🌈link in profile🏳️‍🌈***Here&#39;s the thing: there is no fancy ad campaign, only love. I&#39;m part of a group of 66 people—all political backgrounds, all religious backgrounds, a multitude of races and ages. We didn&#39;t have 20 days to plan...we had 20 days to DO. With all of our hearts. We came together with this mission with these words as guidance: love, healing, and unity. We chose Kaleidoscope, because this place is HOME for many of Columbus&#39; LGBTQ and questioning youth. Because Kaleidoscope is for our friends, our family, and maybe even our past selves. Because Kaleidoscope means a safe space, and educational resources for so many who don&#39;t feel they have any in this world. <3

I want to thank all of YOU, who have given so far. There are groups of us out on the street today, and a super-fun wine tasting event tonight. We are at $60,555 as of this morning. If 800 people donated $50 each today, we&#39;d reach our goal, no sweat.

#ilovekyc #nextlevelgives #4Ellen #asseenincolumbus #lifeincbus

Someone told me they don&#39;t know who Axl Rose 🌹 is tonight, and now all I want to do is watch all Axl Rose everything.

This is a girl who is healthy, and happy. A sore throat, adult acne, a neck lump, whatever. I was wrong tonight. I saw stars tonight. I took a selfie with my head smooshed against a wall tonight. Because sometimes I feel like this is the diary I never had—the one I always wanted, the one without too many words. And if it all goes POOF, well then that&#39;s fine, too. I don&#39;t do diaries, anyway.

Just something I want to remember.

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