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22/07/2017 • "But these places and these faces are getting old, so I'm going home."
—Daughtry, Home
Not gonna lie, I've had that line in my head for the longest time now. Life in Norwich wasn't bad, but I always felt like I could've been happier had I been somewhere else. I haven't been able to pinpoint what triggered such thoughts, although I'm starting to think that maybe it's just an example of purely typical human nature of never being satisfied? But, contrastingly enough, having had to face the reality of actually leaving Norwich (for an indefinite period of time, if not for good) a few days ago left me questioning how much I still stood by that line...

20/07/2017 • Class of 2017 🎓 | Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) (Honours), University of East Anglia.
Made it out of Law School alive. Now, onto life's next big (and probably terrifying) adventure, whatever it may be...
📷: @miniverse // selfie from @robertchuaym

27/12/2015 • Edinburgh, Scotland | Came across this while digging up old photos.

A bush of super pretty flowers I came across a few days ago. 🌸
On a side note, I'm quite convinced at this point that summer in the UK (or at least in Norwich) is, annoyingly, a fortnightly thing — one week you get great sunny weather, and the next it's all gloomy, rainy and just everything un-summery. It's a horribly vicious cycle... Not cool, UK and/or Norwich, not cool.
Or... Maybe it's called balance? #foodforthought #BUTwhataboutconsistency #lawstudentproblems #crimeandsentencinghasruinedme #okayillshutupnow

I know it's summer already, but here are some views from spring anyway. 🌷 #throwback

Could really do with another getaway right about now.

Reflections. #heyUEA

13/01/2017 • ❄️ | All the snow got my hair looking greasy as hell, but I think (properly-formed) snowflakes are one of my favourite things on earth. Feels so magical when you see them up close.

Just another one of those 'my-friend-snapped-away-when-I-wasn't-exactly-ready' shots (which turned out to be pretty decent, I guess).
So, hey, maybe things are never as bad as they may appear to be from your perspective?
📷: @tag_dreamer

Because aerial views are simply the best views.

Majestic. ✨
Have you ever came across a building, person or view (or anything, really) which had something about it that naturally drew you to it and made you stop to just admire it for a good minute or so? This was one of them for me.

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