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Yhvun Yo  A meaningful life should be about aiming high and trusting God @officialeyobassey Dark tall personality. Philanthropist of great time.

I really want to master an ART of writing were a sentence describes a paragraph.

You must not be told that the young man/woman sitted under the bridge is insane, although some people insane are good in putting clothes on.
Why always talk about the young boy whose aim is never to hurt you but come close to earn from you even though some and not everyone is ready to work for it.
We've all had bad stories (convincing, life, true, moral), but must everyone have one because you had too?
Must it really be because you tasted some bitter part of life then anyone trying to get through you to the top must do same?
Try to see little ways you could affect the lives of people starting from your neighborhood or around you, no matter how little it can be. Of course this is only willingly done as not even a handful wish to, still because hardwork and... got them there. Many have lost in the struggle, many have gained too.
Everyone wants/wishes to enjoy at least not all but some part of life. Not driving a Rolls Royce but a 2010 Toyota, not living in a mansion but living comfortably too, not walking on tarred roads but accessible roads, not eating intercontinental dishes but having satisfying meals, not drinking a full glass of wine but having a mouth full of it,not because you went through and saw the hard side of life should everyone see life that way too. Instead try to teach people to be GRATEFUL.
We all going to die, but remember that 'we are living in the glory of those who have passed on' so the world continues hence. A hundred and one years is too little for some but too much for some too. Try not to handle things you came to see in life like you came with them, although your struggles and hard work got you it but remember you are leaving the world without a pinch of nothing...
"the labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain"

Thoughts from my inner mind...

Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚ Boss. More life. Good health and success all round. Amen. I look forward to start working with you. πŸ™

Happy Weekend You All.
Stay positive Stay woke
Spread the word but most especially spread love
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People have many problems but only if shared will you realize that you are better.

Nothing inspires me other than greatness.
Feeling positively vibed. 😊

Our heart desire matters..
Weekend motivation...
See us through Father.

Happy Birthday πŸ‘‘ @skiibii Mayana. I am happy to celebrate with you today bro. I celebrated with you last year and will continue to celebrate many more years with you. More hits sir.

I do not have a fashion designer,nor a shoe shop. I know I have a beginning, I know I will be happy in the end, for I see more fruitful days ahead.
I stay connected___β™‚β™‚
God bless us
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Sometimes, all we need is some good air to breathe.
Destined For Greatness.

We are not trying to entertain the critics. I'll take my chances with the public.
He grabs the wheel. πŸ™πŸ™

Be a freak if you are one... Be subtle if it's your nature.. #beautiful #monday

... Let another man run the race πŸƒ πŸƒ 😁

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