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Yoga  Shipping worldwide 🌎

So proud of my little hikers! Nev and Calder crushed this hike👊🏽. Huckleberry hunting and stunning views all along the way. I can’t wait to take my retreat members to magical places like this! ⬅️ See previous post for those details.

I realise I wasn't totally starting from scratch with my practice after a 12 week break but 5-10 mins a day is genuinely all I've done for the last week or so (even less some days 🤪) I'm not in any rush and I have no intention of taking any chances. 🙏 I don't want to rush back and damage my wrists or shoulders etc I'm using support and I warm up with a mini flow but finally I am starting to feel a little control here 😱 Think I am hitting around the 30 second hold mark 🤗 I can share a mini guide on what I've been doing if anyone is interested? It's nothing fancy though 😂

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🤩

Taking it slow and taking it all in. I feel grounded yet expansive, calm and excited with what this life holds! I can’t wait for my 26th year to start 🌬 happy to be in such a magical place to set forth my intention for the next trip around the sun ☀️ 9/9 🌙
Sending you warm aloha from this little island 🧜🏽‍♀️ xoxo
behind the camera 🌊

She pranced through the river pouring out to the oceans edge, naked and free on that hidden beach rolling around in warm sands as the sun sank deep into the sea. The clouds danced with new colors painting the sky as she painted her skin with salt and sand. His lips adding a warm flush to her cheeks and his eye adding a whole new chapter, together observing and receiving their painting of love.
I’ve thought a lot about happiness, in my career, how to help others find their passions and true connection, how to remind myself of what I need to practice to stay in this space. We “need” much less than we think we do. All the materialistic things, medicines, movies, what the “next best thing” is that’s supposed to help us be happy are all just distractions obstructing our view of what’s already there. I only had 3 things on that beach with me, my love, Mother Earth and a kiwi 🥝 It was the best connection I’ve had all year to my inner child like wonder, my practice in the present moment and my ability to shed everything that’s obstructed the view of myself, the world around me and what true happiness can be. wearing my fav shorts from

Part two of my birthday giveaway 🌈
$300.00 credit to my Thailand Koh Samui Retreat 🦋 see previous post for details!
• Use hashtag in a story or photo post and answer the following 🤗
Have you ever been on a retreat?
If so, where? What did you like most about it? If not, what do you look forward to most on my Thailand retreat?
Last but not least, what is it that your soul is most crazing for? Community? Escape? Ability to hone in on your true potential? 🙌🏽 help me get to know you and your heart ♥️
This is very important in the process of deciding who to give this gift to 🌈
Thank you loves, each and every one of you for making this possible!

You might not even realize it but your practice progresses every single day. Thank you for sharing , keep tagging to get reposted on our page. 🕉

What's better than yoga in bed?? Wake up your spine, neck and hips in ❤️ @maryochsner 's short and sweet morning flow. What's your favorite way to start your day feeling alive and ready?⠀

❤️ Upload your best yoga photos 👉 yogaposesguide.com (link in bio) Most beautiful photos will be featured here 😍⠀
@yogapractice - your daily yoga inspiration 🙏
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It’s a super gray dull Monday morning.. the summer weather is definitely gone and Vancouver is welcoming all of the rain. Throwing it back to a sunnier morning with my little fluff @fun_with_finnigan running around me. She can always turn a gray day around. .
Pants: @bohemian_island
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Something I just learned today... you cannot hum while holding your nose shut. 😝
Made you try! .
Wearing @aloyoga on the golf course in Florida last month. Take me back to summer!

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Exactly four years ago I released my first online training course. It was a simple idea; take my unique practice of yoga based strength and skill exercises and break it down into easy to follow videos that would bring a student from any starting point and completely transform their practice.

Over these past four years, I’ve grown a lot as a teacher and @alo.moves (formerly Codyapp) has grown so much in becoming the best online training platform out there.

4 years ago this plan was created on a budget with limited time. I have always loved the content but it has been my desire for the last few years to recreate this plan and deliver it to you again in the best way possible.

Instruction and strength practices have been separated to maximize your practice while giving you even more in-depth instructions when you need it. The workouts move a little faster with more options to fit your level.

True Strength Fundamentals is the transformational plan to carry you from Beginner True Strength to Builder 1 and 2. (Remastered versions are coming soon!)
If you enjoyed the original, you’re going to love the remaster!

Try it for free (link in bio)
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Почему- то многие, кто приходят на мои классы, видя в расписании "Эффективная гибкость" , полагают, что это какое-то занятие по стрейчингу, где они даже не вспотеют и еще нужно обязательно быть гибким, чтобы посещать эти классы😄
Вот они: заблуждения на заблуждении.

Ну что, в очередной раз попытаюсь их разбить, хотя кто уже был, не имеет подобных представлений.

1.То, что я демонстрирую на фото или видео я, естественно, не даю на своих регулярных классах и никого закручивать в баранний рог не буду, могу только порекомендовать отдельным гибким практикам что-то такое в качестве усложнения.
2. Цель моих практик, чтобы занимающиеся обрели гармонично развитое и пригодное для жизни тело, поэтому мы много работаем над силой, статической и динамической выносливостью, балансом и гибкостью.
3. И, что я могу вам точно обещать, что с занятий вы не уйдете с чувством неудовлетворенной недоработанности.

Успехов в практике и жду вас на своих классах, интенсивах и семинарах 🙏💚🤗
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