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˚✧nat˚✧  yung omanko / LDN


uganda knuckles is problematic but iconic .. it is the epitome of the internet... photo by takuji


🧡 hi on 31/1 new year’s eve I will be playin a set at @theprojectorsg n live streaming w/ @subsoniceye @cosmicchildband @longlivetheempiresg @weareforests @middleclasscigars @sobshaha
ok thakx 🙏🏿 🎐 @bluuwave

i don’t know i never gave an adrenaline shot before // that time at hubie’s thrift store with nicky @bluuwave and his thing for ‘ambient lighting’
📽 @hubiegram


vegan vampire means we only drink animal blood
🐈/📸 @steffenyoshiki

wen u gotta see under ur skin so u know ur real 📷 @thekosmokat
edit: @guac_king

here's a pic ma home boi steffen shot but I s2g reptilian aliens run the whole of the uguisudani love hotel district go there n u will get what I mean
📷 @steffenyoshiki

After cleaning my bloodied fangs
📷 @thekosmokat

ナツです。タバコ吸ういません飲み物飲みません食べ物食べませんですから私はガッツがありません、キラキラんだ ~ ˚✧₊⁎⁺˳✧༚ ❣️

We are not angels
angels of paradise 📸 @zouwilliam