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ナツ  💿💮nat uses MIDI to write instagram captions Duel Links ID: 873-004-757

these sons of bitches took care of me in london (we just complained and shouted at each other the whole time) 大好き大好き永遠 love @heb.e @fika.0

Nat spotted crying at causeway bay while holding a bag of box drinks and konyakus

Desire, from my album Pathos

📸🌿 @bluuwave #portraitmode

カゼ @bluuwave saw me in his nightmares and he took a brain snapshot of his synapses and this is the pic 💮

remember caveman spongebob at @xxx_hk ? what Do

.. there was a mossy bathtub, two of them to be exact I was calling my man on the phone while I was heading out but there was so much ice and insects, I nearly fell into the water. I remember seeing spiders and wild manatees just swimming on top or just beneath the lake, couldn't tell if there was ice the bridge was incomplete and I nearly lost all my things, until there was a van with lights driving past I am at my desk now but seeing it from upstairs and looking out from the window, it didn't look like my home. (My liner is fucked up good for the first time in a pic in awhile)

And she's the only one who will communicate with me telepathically ❤️ @heb.e love

me in shapeshifted state using earth weapon #apollo

Haha goodnight this my mugshot for earth jail これは地球で逮捕された時の写真です 🤗

My last meditation session led me to see higher life forms and I think they are trying to send us a message

I had a dream where I fell in love with death and he was a carbon black skeleton

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