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Yesi Campos  Southern California native | Animal lover | Dogmom to Zoey and Zeena | Green beauty/skincare obsessed

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This was a fun and interesting tag! Thanks @soskindalous for tagging me😝 I have most of my pics from pre iPhone on my MacBook which is now dead😩 2010- this was the day before I left for a 10 day trip to Costa Rica and I was happy! My skin was normal- not dry or oily. I used a simple face lotion from trader joes. What I lacked in brows I made up in lashes! I was using Latisse and had long, thick eyelashes👀 2014- I got a bike and was learning to ride a bike again after not riding since I was 16! Skincare I think I was just using the same face lotion- no SPF but I always wore a hat when I was outside/beach☀️and my last pic is me having dranks. My skincare now is more in depth but my skin got so dry- I finally have it under control! I think I look different now- I've def gotten better at doing my brows. I leave them alone and let them grow. I like to add makeup to make them more bold. They really to frame your face! I've had black hair since I was 14 so my hair kinda always looks the same. Except for my blonde phase🙋🏼i would love to do something different with my hair but am too lazy to upkeep it! Thanks again for the tag Sarah! (PS I have friends lol! cropped my friend J out of the last pic- he's not into having pics of himself on social media so I cropped him out😎)

🐰Hoppy Easter🐰

I like to sleep. A LOT. I work at night so I sleep in the day. A lot. Just got told off for responding to a friends text 11 hours later, lol. He's on the east coast so I was even more late😔

💅🏾💅🏾☕️☕️lunch date with boo

@w3llpeople new mascara looking kinda sleek and sexy😝 I just opened a new mascara but will always grab this one when there's a sale🙌🏽 also picked the Magical Wonderfluff from @acureorganics and it feels like I'm applying a white fluffy cloud on my face😍if you want baby soft skin you need this. I have dry+dehydrated skin- applied just Liquid Gold and the magical Wonderfluff and went to bootcamp on Saturday and was more than ok. It is LOVE. And I got a $10 gift card from target😎👌🏼#greenbeauty

I won't be able to walk for the next few days😋but had an awesome workout today! 💪🏼💪🏼 thanks @newageathletics

✨Liquid Gold🙌🏽 I've been using this for 2 weeks and LOVE it😍makes my skin super soft and look all glowy and tan. Like I just got back from a tropical vacation that I desperately need😉 thanks to my fave skin care enabler @honestlyskin 😘👍 for the heads up on this awesome product! #stratia #liquidgold #skincareaddict

@satvabeautybox I ordered the September box because I LOVE the @provinceapothecary brow serum- I have been using it religiously since September and have seen a great difference. It is 😍🙌🏽😎 and love all the other goodies.#crueltyfree #nontoxicbeauty

This almond butter with honey + flax is 🙌🏽🙌🏽😍😍 @clarksnutrition in downtown riverside now carries all the flavors- they we're on sale so I grabbed cocoa + coconut. Also trying #heatherloraine almond oil. Both are made in California #homestatelove

#zeena ❤️❤️❤️

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