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I’ll never forget this night.You told me u hated industry shit but it was my friends fashion show & we had plans to hang out so you came anyways. I was always trying to get you out of your shell more,I hated how people painted you...I wanted u to branch out so they could understand u, maybe form their own opinion. I remember u were glad you came. Until someone said something really rude, not sure exactly what but it was enough to make us all feel uncomfortable...every1 but you. You shrugged it off. I realized maybe that’s why u hated industry shit.You had to be fake- smile& shake hands even though you knew everyone in the room felt the way they may have felt about you.
I know exactly how you felt bc you were 1 of the only ones who stood by me when I was in those shoes, even after I had judged you initially. I was so nervous to host rolling loud, I almost stayed home.You called me & offered your security.You didn’t want people to think I was weak, u didn’t want to see me give up.
Even in your darkest days u were somehow always a light for me& so many others.That’s how I know u were special.YOU saved us when you needed saving.You were so young but you swore u had been here before.
Maybe you had, maybe your work here in this lifetime was done.It’s really the only thing I can settle on the makes this feel somewhat ok.
To see the nasty things ppl are saying really breaks my heart.You had darkness to work through but no one deserves to be condemned in this way. It is clear u had plans to use the platform u were given for change.It’s clear that u too, wanted to change.You told us in everything you did, from your music to your posts on social media & recent philanthropic efforts.
I believe in speaking things into existence.Energy is powerful. I know he wanted us to spread light & love so as I scroll & see people mourning I just want us to think about x in our day to day lives, after we type “R.I.P.” Choose to be a positive,kind,caring human beings.If you really want him to Rest In Peace,think twice b4 u type something mean tomorrow. Listen 4 an answer when you ask “how r u?” Practice compassion starting today.
I hope you are in peace now. We love u forever♠

Home sweet home 😍

This album gets better & better with every listen! This is history in the making right now. What an incredible month in music! July you can take your time 😭

On my way to North Carolina, see you Tuesday New Jersey! 070 up next 🚀

“I’ve got the mindset to take us past the stratosphere “

070 DAY | JUNE 19th
This ones for you Jersey 📍
RSVP at 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

See you tomorrow North Carolina 😎

Was shocked, yet again, to hear your voice on another legends album last night!!! What an introduction to the world you have had this month @070shake !!!! Fucking Nas!!!! This is incredible. I’m so proud and excited for what happens next! This is really what dreams are made of except I never could’ve imagined any of it and I have a pretty insane imagination. Time to think bigger. 070 MAKIN BIG WAVES 🚀


Young Shake,
You are going to change the world one day & I am so lucky to be a witness. This has been such an amazing month for you & now you are turning TWENTY FUCKING ONE!! Thank God 🙌🏼 I’m tired of arguing w/ door guys at clubs😩 It’s going to be a fun summer!!! I love traveling the world with you! We just getting started!!!!! I hope you always stay the kid that you are & remember/ cherish these moments! 🚀🚀🚀

@superflymovie IS NOW PLAYING!!! You never know who you are talking to when you meet someone new!
I met @whokr at complexcon when he came to our random rap battle competition & bodied everyone in the first round (swipe for footage)
I was captivated by his presence that day and have followed his journey ever since. Less than a year later & this man is starring in his first major feature film & if you ask me, he had a breakout performance!
So proud of you KR! Excited to see where you take it next.
Make sure you guys go check him out in @idirectorx ‘s new movie #Superfly out today! 🎥
#AD #ButiMeanItTho 😬

🔋🔋🔋 6.28

Have you heard Glitter EP yet? The 070Project: Chapter One? Or even Uptown, one of her first songs on SoundCloud?
What’s your favorite @070shake song so far? 👀

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