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Bree |-/  Really I just love music and stuff? Concerts are where I belong. Twitter; WescovichBree

This is a photo of me with some of my favourite people. These people released a song called Kerosene today. It is a very good song. I think if you listened to it that you would really enjoy it. You can follow them at @armorsmusic and you can hear the song here:

We are just about halfway through our trip and no weather change has stopped us yet so probably nothing will. Catch us at the @armorsmusic show in LA Monday night. #roadtoarmors

Me three years ago: makes friends on the Internet, despite being told to not talk to strangers
Me now: meets one of those Internet friends, because she moved to my state to go to school

The tradition continues™

I've started this post countless times but Instagram consistently shuts down on me and then I get frustrated and don't try again for a while.
Hopefully this time I make it through.

Olen Kittelsen: a man whose only flaws are the creepy papa voice and the fact that he refuses to cut his hair. Look up "unwavering kindness" and you will see a photo of his face.

Sheila + Hotspice

The always awkward family photo. Missing some key members of the family in this one, but Gus, Lhoycel, Matt, and Gabby are in this photo in my mind.
I love every one of you. Thanks for making me happy.

The only semi-clear photo I was able to get in two nights of my favourite person ever. Still a mediocre photo and still does no justice.
Kody's got the kindest of souls and the best sense of humour and a laugh that makes you smile because you just can't help it. If you haven't gotten the privilege of meeting him or the pleasure of knowing him then you're missing out and you're wrong.
I don't know. Ya girl here has too many kind words to say about this guy. He just has too much good and too much talent and it's really unfair and someone stop him, okay? (Never stop him.) Love you, Buttons. 💕🦄

Twitter user beresfordsam with the dream team of the PNW.

Real talk these girls are the greatest people ever and this dude is pretty alright too sometimes. Grateful to this band for bringing us to the same place for 48+ hours and grateful to these girls for helping me keep my head on the daily.

Last meal with the fave after 48 hours together // She's mad at me because I made her stop eating so I could take this photo

Let's talk about a super rad guy and a super rad drummer.
This is only the fourth time that I've gotten to hang around Gustin and see him do his thing, but he's one of the coolest dudes out there. Also he gives really really great hugs, 10/10 would recommend consistently. đź’• (Love you, Gus!)

Come see us @ the merch table in Seattle tonight at the Crocodile and also see a pretty cool set from some pretty cool dudes with more talent in each of their left pinkies than I have in my entire body.
-10th Armors show for me/My 50th show overall/Tonight is a milestone-