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Katia Allen | 카티아  #KatiaShotMe and the rest I'm still trying to figure out


Day 289: Such a fan of centering my photos from wherever and today's #Bright comes from the Grocery store lol. Typical Mondays. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 288: #EveryDay every evening in the Bay. Just hella peaceful ☺️ #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 287: #Diamond! My Diamond Girl. Today Niya-Boo told me "When you find a husband, I can be the girl the drops flowers on the ground, I already have a dress!" And then proceeded to twirl! Shes in for sure lol. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 286: #Metal at the Fabric Store today trying to navigate my way around this place. Gotta make my Halloween costume with no sewing experience but I'm on expert levels of learning shit from YouTube lol. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 285: To #Infinity & Beyond should have been the theme of this event I shot for @Buzzfeed today highlighting different projects & new technologies in social media, science and more. Super happy I got to be there for a 2nd year! #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Happy Happy Birthday to one of my favorite ladies on Earth my sis Tina @ricanss7! Love you, love your face! I got a whole batch of cookies with your name on it soon as I come back to LA (which will be in 2 weeks ☺️) Hope you had the best day!

When I get ballin out of control rich, I'm gonna make a small secret room with mirrors and good lighting to go in when I feel down and need to feel magical & angelic lol @museumoficecream #MOIC #MuseumOfIceCreamSF

Day 284: Working late tonight & here's the #Plant for today's theme. When you play hooky from work for the #MuseumOfIceCream but remember you still have hella shit to do lol. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

It really is magical ❤️! S/O to my roll dawg @specialsays_! @museumoficecream #MOIC

Day 283: Throwback of Niya-Boo for #Pink theme today ☺️ Too bad it wasn't tomorrow when I go to @museumoficecream 😒#Exploratorium #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 282: #Fashion and the flyest fashion I saw today was on this dope human @maxgschneider! Recognize the gold tho. He's amazing! #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

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