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Katia Allen  #KatiaShotMe and the rest I'm still trying to figure out

Day 203: #Summer. Been feeling like it's 92/93 lately when I lived in the Bay but every Summer was spent in LA with my Dad & fam at this house. Now it's just the same but on my own dime or points lol. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 202: #Bubbles & the best kind come from cheap champagne while you're home alone on a Friday night. Turn up to the max ☺️. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 201: #Square lights, Chicago skyscrapers. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365 #Chicago

Day 199: #End of my day... and my anxiety is on like 100 & looks like the first set of lights in this photo. Might be a middle of the night baking cookies for my coworkers session tonight lol. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Today while trapped in the stairwell at work til I called Jay to let me in. I look like I'm taking Pageant head shots lol. S'cute! Lol

Day 198: #TIsFor #Trophy & this wonderful ring I customized with @the14thfactory themed from #Hypercaine installation. This was 3-D printed to my size & liking & now I'll forever have a piece of this amazing exhibit I'll love forever. I also for sure did NOT mean block my blessings & get it for this finger 😂. Sometimes when I'm doing things, I get too excited and start moving fast & make quick decisions without properly thinking it through & I sized this finger but meant to get it for my right hand and who knew that my fingers wouldn't be the same size lmao. Ironically, I would want my actual wedding ring to look similar ☺️ #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365 #IDontGetHolleredAtAnyway #JacobBlitzer

Day 197: #Loud. I didn't do anything today besides my hair, read & chill in my solitude so here's a pic of #NotreDame around 4pm after the bells tolled & a man playing with pigeons when I was in #Paris in March. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 196: #SomethingYoureAfraidOf. My kinda sign. I have cynophobia- Fear of Dogs. Living in CA with this the fucking worst & it's even more worse when I'm lightweight shamed & looked down upon for having this fear & its such a shitty feeling. But people suck & we all know that, that's why people get dogs right? I would have to seek therapy or counseling to get over it but I'm not and I won't. To make everyone else feel comfortable about an animal? Fuck outta here. No dogs allowed in my life. Well except service dogs, cause they are chill & don't jump or get crazy. Bless them. #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Day 195: #Vegetable- My Lunch today with the team for @cjhuff's Birthdayyy #KatiaShotIt2017 #Photoblog365

Loooove this! I'm not sure if this is real cause I've only seen these kind of videos with animals but fuck the dogs, kittens & sloths, please surprise me at work with babies! Lol

Happy Birthday Hoe!!! @cjhuff lol love yaaaa! #FBF #FreeDraymond post lol

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