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Katia Allen  #KatiaShotMe and the rest I'm still trying to figure out

Quick trip to LA to visit my fam with MY Favorite Family hahaha 🤗 #AllComingToAmericaEverything #CTACrewCase

Just want to say S/O to that Face mask I used last night I got from @watsonsmy! Just a regular drugstore face mask from Malaysia. Asia always has the best products or maybe I just REALLY believe in it lol. I also still have a pimple on my cheek but it’s going away fast lol.

So so happy for @itsladyray & @mikethemenace! Baby MJ is here!!! Can’t wait to meet him! Love you guys!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Ericcc! Love ya! @flicksbyfish #ThrowbackTuesday #Thuggin

I want to shoot street photography with people & not just a landscape street photos. My favorites are @arnold_daniel, @jerrellephant, @ryanmadisonnn, @christopherandersonphoto and probably some I’m missing. I always end up psyching myself out too much... Nervous about shooting strangers. I love their in real life photos. I guess there’s nothin to it but to do it tho lol

I really should have done a photo of the day challenge again this year. I was more motivated & inspired to shoot something. I’m gonna get it together tho.

Happy Birthday Best Frienddd ☺️ Love my Dylan! ☺️

#TBT When I captured my cousin casually just being a baddie without even trying. Love ya Miesha! Happy Birthday @mrsmiesha ❤️

From earlier today. I’ve seen her with these signs before and always important. #DearBlackMen... 100% what she said ❤️

Happy Happy Birthday to my sister with the coolest name, who is the reason I fell in love with real Hip Hop and just one of my favorite people! Love you Zondree! Happy Birthday @blem.4.real

Crew super thick lol. #NationalSiblingDay

Happy Happy Birthday Chinoooo! Loveee yaaaa! @airchino

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