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Yesenia NEW IG @VeganMadeYeezy  Follow my NEW IG: @VeganMadeYeezy 💚 🎥YOUTUBE link below⬇️

@veganmadeyeezy I posted a #whatieat video a couple of days ago! 🎥LINK in bio✨ #vegan

@veganmadeyeezy @greengoodvegan We did a vegan taste test video! We originally had a lot of food we tried out but it was going to be super long so I condensed it down to 4! Lol
We also did a video on her channel that will be uploaded later 😊 ************************************************
🎥LINK in bio✨

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Another video! Not my favorite one so far since it was extra credit I couldn't really edit it the way I wanted to but it's cool lol 🎥LINK in bio✨ @veganmadeyeezy #youtube #vlogger #vlog #vlogs #veganvlogs #positivity #lifestyle #life #youtuber #blog #blogger #newvideo #veganyoutuber #veganvlogger #subscribe #vegan #vegetarian #vegansofig

Soooo I think I may not be using this account anymore. I rarely post on here anyways (except my YouTube vids🎥) just because I'm so focused on my other account @veganmadeyeezy ! I post pretty regularly on there so if you want to keep up w me then follow me on there😊 I promise I don't post any graphic animal pics- mainly food lol and inspirational quotes, facts, events, and me lol I do promote veganism since that's very important to me and a big part of my life but I'm not aggressive about it since I don't think that is the most successful form of activism (for me personally, some people can pull it off) but anyways yes I'm rambling. Go follow me on there! Haha @veganmadeyeezy @veganmadeyeezy @veganmadeyeezy @veganmadeyeezy

Vegan Oktoberfest in Austin & Texas Veggie Fair in Dallas! I met FullyRawKristina, are some delicious food & bought some cool vegan products! Check it out ☺️

What I eat in a day video🎥
Short day since I woke up pretty late so I usually eat more but you get the idea😝
✨link in bio☺️

Hey guys! 😊 I just uploaded my first #vlog 📷 from these past two weekends.
I visited @rowdygirlsanctuary 🐮 and went to the #buccaneers vs #texans game🏈!
Then #ACLFest 🎶 where I saw @champagnepapi (#DRAKE ) for the 4th time 😍 and ended up losing my voice 🙊 he was amazing!
✨link is in my bio✨

#truth 🌳

I'm sure we all feel this way at times. I like staying busy but I think it's equally important to take a break and rest..relax and chill✨. There's times when I just need to let my body and mind recharge🔋and its critical to know your body and read the signals it's sending you. Take care of yourself and give yourself what you need. I'm about to give my body some sleep that I've been desperately needing haha 😴

Do you like the person you are today? Do you treat others the way you would want to be treated? Think before you say/do something. Would you want someone to say/do that to you? Be kind and spread happiness and love to others. It will come back to you and you'll realize that you're a better and happier person because of it 💞🌍✨🌀

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