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Jalena "Patlei Lani" Simpson🌺  ✖️Self-taught✖️I make bad ass {cake} edible art tutorials for all levels.✖️ Shop my tutorials, tools, gear @shopmorecakeym

#WBW #storytime to my first time making a #pursecake.
It was summer in Florida and I got an order for a red velvet w/cream cheese purse cake 🙄. I was supper excited and hella nervous b/c this was my first time making cream cheese buttercream and creating a cake that had to be carved. I was a newbie and knew nothing, like the majority of us when starting out. So many things went so so wrong.
For some reason I used a different fondant then I was used to (I won’t say the brand, b/c cake ppl real sensitive about shit 🙄) and the fondant kept drying out so fast and (1)cracking, which made the fondant heavy on the cream cheese buttercream and began to slide down and make (2) bulging AND (3) expose the cake.
So b/c of this I couldn’t stand or lay the handles on the Cake b/c it would have just made it more heavy, so I put in dowels that we’re taller then the Cake to rest the handles on. You can still see the (4)dowels when I put them on🤦🏽‍♀️. PLUS it was the summer. So of course once I went outside the sun made the cream cheese buttercream even more soft and during the car ride the cake turned into what you see in the pick... shit.
The customer still loved the cake and said it still looked like a purse. Which of course yea I agreed if you squinted hard enough it looked perfect. I felt so bad I made her a 2nd Cake with the fondant I normally used, Wilton 😏. It still was’t perfect but it was better then the first one. She was so sweet and excited she got 2 cakes she didn’t care.

Me on the other hand wanted to defeat this cake. And 7 years later I have 💪🏾. With practice, determination, and a lot of screw ups you can train yourself to kick cakes ass.
Maybe next Wednesday I’ll tell the story of what took me so long to get to where I am today.

Sneak peek. Yes I am on vacation in France. But 👏🏾Don’t👏🏾Sleep👏🏾On👏🏾My👏🏾Hustle👏🏾. I do this for a living. Signup now to receive a NEW tutorial every month. #caketutorial #pursecake #fashioncake #Cake

If you run your own ish! Raise your hand. 🙋🏽‍♀️ #baea

With all my sculpting and wafer paper flowers, the most asked questions are from beginners wanting to know the basics. Just uploaded 6 beginner video tutorials for my Patreons ( You can also shop them @shopmorecakeym

This man has inspired me in so many ways. I am so deeply sadden for his family. We lost an amazing story teller, artist, human being.
Please I beg all of you, if you are suffering from depression call 1-800-273-Talk, 1-888-628-9454 in Spanish. #ripanthonybordain #suicideisnottheanswer

Full on almost burnt my house down for this photo. While pregnant. Don’t be like Jalena, be better then Jalena. New vid up today, link in bio. Happy Memorials Day to all the Vets & active Military.

Free Will & Birth Control ... Vlog ✌🏾is up now. Link in bio. (

I really can’t get enough of this cake. It’s the new tutorial for my top tiered Patreons ( used @icingimages Flex Frost sheets, Wafer Paper, and their silhouette cameo. You can shop all their products at
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Will I be seeing you at the @brownsugarcakeretreat ?

Yes! ⤴️This woman belongs to me. First Vlog up now,link in bio.

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