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yes. lashes  3 x Certified Eyelash Technician 🍬 Damage-free Extensions 🍬 Lash Lifts 🍬 Lash & Brow Tinting 🍬 Mobile Toronto, Canada #blinktwiceforyes

colour accents now available 🍭 #blinktwiceforyes

New moon, new week, new year ✨ #shanatova #5779

first time getting lashes? not sure what you want? a set that follows a natural growth pattern while adding darkness and a little length and curl is a great place to start 🏁 every set customized, every set damage-free #blinktwiceforyes

have a beautiful labour day weekend! see you in september ✨

Add capping and stacking to your fill or set for some extra texture and fullness - great for vacays, events, or just cuz 🖤 see highlighted post for more details #blinktwiceforyes

🔍 .10 .12 &.15 8-13mm classic set #blinktwiceforyes

jack em up with a hybrid set! 📶 classic extensions mixed with 3D fans for a fuller, dramatic look - 9-15mm C curl in .07, .10, .12, .15 & .18 diameters #blinktwiceforyes

🐱✨ a perfect classic set - 8-12mm D curl .10 .12 & .15 #blinktwiceforyes

warning - close up pics of dirty lashes, each swipe gets more graphic! ➡️➡️➡️
the importance of daily cleansing 💦💦✨ eye makeup, oil, dead skin, and bacteria builds up on your lashes and in the tiny crevasses between the extensions and your eyelid. not cleansing this debris puts you at risk for infections like styes, blepharitis and demodex (eyelash mites! 😱) frequent washing won’t just keep your precious eyes healthy, it actually extends the life of your lashes by removing oils that break down the bonds of the adhesive. lashes should be cleansed at least once a day, twice for those with more oil prone skin, after exercising/profuse sweating, and before each fill. be sure to use an oil-free cleanser (read the ingredients!) or the foam and brush in your aftercare kit 🌸
how to cleanse:
🚿apply cleanser to a small makeup brush 🚿gently wash lashes using circular and down-swiping motions for 15-20 seconds per eye (you can hold paper towel under your eye to absorb the suds)
🚿rinse well
🚿gently pat dry with a lint free cloth or paper towel 🚿brush lashes with your spoolie

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