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Sofia  3 x Certified Eyelash Technician ⭐️ Damage-free Extensions ⭐️ Classic - Hybrid - Volume ⭐️ Mobile Services Available ⭐️ Toronto CA #blinktwiceforyes

swipe for 3 week retention ➡️ how long do extensions last? 🧐 most adhesives boast a 6-8 week hold, and well, maybe if you don’t sweat, blink, emit warmth, produce oil, and your hair doesn’t shed, you will have your full set for two months! there are so many factors in lash retention, and aftercare is crucial for getting the most out of your set.
🧼 cleansing: your lashes should be cleansed daily, twice a day for those with oily skin/lids or if you wear makeup, and after exercising or sweating profusely. use a lash extension cleanser (i love and retail @prolonglash.canada) and cleanse each eye with a soft brush for 15-20 seconds. rinse well, gently pat dry, allow to air dry, then brush with your spoolie.
🛌 sleeping: do not sleep on your lashes! sleeping on your back is ideal, or use a satin pillowcase to reduce friction if you’re a side sleeper. this also prevents hair breakage and wrinkles!
🧴products: avoid using any and all oil containing products around the eye area! this includes makeup, cleanser, creams, serums, and sunscreens. oil is the adhesives kryptonite and will break down the bonds making your extensions shed. most makeup and skin care products contain oil, even those labelled oil-free so read the ingredients carefully! oily offenders include glycerin, glycols, petroleum products, and micellar water.
👉 hands off!: rubbing or touching your eyes incorporates more oils and the friction will loosen the bond. use your spoolie, cleansing brush, or the lint free swabs in your aftercare kit to remove any fibers or debris from your lashline.
the second photo is a well looked after hybrid set after 21 days 😎 because of lash growth, even the most pristinely cared for sets require maintenance within 4 weeks to keep them neat and prevent damage to grown out lashes. the original lashes will begin to shed and need to be replaced, so this client can expect a longer fill at her next appointment, and will then experience another longer cycle with the freshly applied extensions ✨ #blinktwiceforyes

ok girl but WHOMST does your lashes 🔥 #blinktwiceforyes

〰️ t e x t u r e 〰️ #blinktwiceforyes

light wispy volume 🌪🦋 #blinktwiceforyes

HYBRID - classic 1:1 extensions mixed with handmade volume fans consisting of 2 or more ultra lightweight lashes. adds texture, dimension, fullness, and fluff ☁️ current clients can upgrade from classic to hybrid for free during our november promo, while new or returning clients save $25 on any full set - see previous post for details 💫#blinktwiceforyes

eyelash extensions damaging? not on my watch!! check out my clients natural lashes after 14 months of regular fills 🏆 choosing an appropriate length and diameter for each lash, impeccable isolation, while on your part keeping your extensions clean and scheduling regular fills, lash extensions can be protective - especially compared to wearing strip lashes or waterproof mascara 😓 (don’t do it! if you want tips for caring for your natural lashes dm me) my commitment to your lash health is also the reason i am no longer offering lash lifts ... more on that later 🙃 this is the before ⬆️ stay tuned to see the after 😎#blinktwiceforyes

december is filling up fast! book your appointments in advance to ensure you’re set for the holidays ... be a janice! 👆😄 💫
november promo is going strong: new clients save $25 on any full set, and current clients can upgrade their service for free *or* save $5 when prebooking fills - see previous post for details ⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️ classics - a full, custom, damage-free set of lashes is just $115 with our november promo - see previous post for details #blinktwiceforyes

the reverse cat eye ↩️ bringing the longest length closer towards the inner eye is super flattering on wide set eyes and those with a narrow face - with these features, even well executed “open eye” or “dolly” mapping would still look like a kitten or cat eye as the technical centre of the eye appears wider when looking straight on 👁 every eye and face is different, considering more than just the lashes results in a perfected, personalized set 📐#blinktwiceforyes

beepbeep! did ya hear? 👆
for the remainder of the month save $25 off a full set of extensions, but that’s not all! savings apply to any set including the increasingly popular hybrid and volume sets 🌟 this offer is open to new AND returning clients, and for current clients - bc i love y’all so - either upgrade to hybrid at no extra cost OR save $5 when you prebook your fills! in-studio services and this month only!! 🤪
***ADDITIONALLY as the holidays approach prebooking is highly recommended - if you remember last year spots fill up fast especially from 12/10-12/24! secure your spot now to avoid disappointment #blinktwiceforyes

FULL VOLUME 🔊#blinktwiceforyes

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