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I'm going on vacation for a few weeks. I'm going to miss this sweet boy. If he were reading this, he'd say, "That's right! I'm sweet. Remember that you're the one that called me sweet. 😏"

Back in the days of winter. β˜ƒοΈ

"You guys have Pliny the YOUNGER?!" .
πŸ™„ "Yes... for about an hour every February. We have the Elder much more often."

Take me back to the hot springs and giant cacti of last Saturday. Take me back to Baja for El Diablo.

Been walking through the desert for days. Got picked up by some biker guys. 🌡🌡

That's a saguaro cactus in The Land Of Giant Cacti.

El whhaaaat??!!

So.. It's been an entire month since I've smoked a cigarette. I owe it to myself for getting through it, but also to Zack. This guy can drive me crazy sometimes yet somehow be the one to keep me sane most of the time. He's been trying to get me to quit smoking since I met him years ago, and I was finally ready and able to with his support. Cheers to Zackary. 🍻

@spbarrack and I were twins in the same hat and shirt.

I'm not qualified to wear the beret, and my dress was too long so I stapled it. Sue me.

Wedding weekend. Round Two.

If you take me to the beach, expect me to hula dance with a seaweed skirt. 2015. πŸ“·: @foxxxontherunnn

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