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Yennifer Avila  They say misery is optional but goddamn misery adores me. ♊️

I’m sorry if I’ve ever been that toxic person in someone’s life and/or hindered anyone’s growth.
Even in the smallest of ways. 📸: me

My uncle holding my chubby older sister and my older brother looking like the sickest kid around and then there’s me (next pic). #siblingsday #sorryimlate

•blue hair for a blue girl, black clothes because I’m dead inside• *swipe for before and after pics of my hair*

Highkey: I’m the girl your parents warned you about 🤘🏽
Lowkey: I’m the girl you would want to bring home to meet your parents 🖤
📸: @kenxziex

No words to explain this experience.
I fucked up and left my phone at the hotel so I’m sorry about the lack of videos/pics of the show and of our outfits.

Also, there was a guy rollin’ hella hard and he loved my hair hahaha.

S/O to @ashlynn__nickay for sticking to the plan we made a year ago about seeing @excisionofficial and we fucking did it. I’m so glad I could share this experience with you.

Many more shows to come, my love.

Definitely broke my fucking neck. Definitely threw up. Definitely still kept going.
A show I’ll never forget.

#excision #excisiontheparadox #theparadoxtour #headbanger #shrooms #edm #headbangers #goldencubensis #plur #breakyourfuckingneck

My New Years consisted of me wearing 3 dresses within the whole 24 hours.

The 3rd pic is what I wore out that night.
#happynewyear #2018LetsFuckingGo #selfie #me

All I’ve given life was patience and respect and all life has given me is isolation and regrets.


Here’s a drawing of me that my coworker @a.dash.of.moonlight drew up of me.
He made me a lot more beautiful/feminine than I really am but I’m still in love with it.
Also, these are some pictures of some Christmas trees I took over the month of December.

ALSO LOOK AT MY FIRST GINGERBREAD HOUSE I MADE (thanks to @charly_sawyers for the experience) IT TOOK ME 4 HOURS pls watch.

#happyholidays #happythanksgiving #merrychristmas #happynewyears #firstgingerbreadhouse #gingerbreadhouse

Yesterday: 1st pour of the month on the 1st of the month.

So hi, my name is Yennifer... yes with a Y, I’ve been with Roasters since February of 2017, so you may or may not know me from my “original” home shop in (at the) Richland (GWAY) Roasters but currently my home is at the Edison Roasters in Kennewick.

I’ve been trying for a couple of months now and I wasn’t able to teach myself how to do it, not even with Frank or Morgan’s help - although they did give me some pointers. I still couldn’t do it until this last Tuesday and the 9th picture was the one that excited me the most.
I cannot wait to pour some really intricate and defined art - one day.
I was always in such awe when one of my coworkers would pour beautiful art. I would even carefully run it over to the customer so they could admire it because it’s truly an art (as cliché as that sounds/is). I honestly love my job and I love what I do, I don’t have a problem anymore where I dreaded to go to work until I found and I’m so grateful and so appreciative of everyone in the company and thanks to the customers and the Tri for the opportunity to give you great coffee and hopefully a satisfactory visit with us.

S/Os to Jenny, Morgan, Frank, Alfie, Sam (and Jackson) just for always pouring A1 milk into dank art. #roastersfam #2009 #2017 #ilovethem

•concerts with this human is what I live for• #pdx

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