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Hayley from Paramore  recovering realist & singer of the American genre-neutral band Paramore | founder of @gooddyeyoung

it’s her birthday today :) love you granny

lil a this, lil a that 🥣 @gooddyeyoung @colormebrian

serving you self-expression @gooddyeyoung .
@gooddyeyoung .

(pls for the love of dog just indulge me) havent totally recognized myself in the mirror the last couple days but weirdly i’ve felt more like myself on the inside 💛 haven’t felt that since @colormebrian bleached my hair 2 summers ago. hair alllways says something about a person... and hair usually means a lot more to a person than you think. for a million different reasons. when @colormebrian turned my hair white 2 summers ago, it was because i desperately needed to show myself that i didnt have to live up to neon expectations. i needed a blank canvas, to learn myself and express the bleakness i was feeling at the time. lately, i’d been feeling like it was time for change again. this time i wanted to do something i’d never done before. my “natural” color. it was time to not only say goodbye to After Laughter but to show myself that i can welcome a new chapter of life and existence on this strange planet. alright well, here i go! 🐣. .
bc im wordy af, lemme just add - @colormebrian i love you so damn much and im so thankful for your friendship and how you have helped me find meaning in the art of self-expression. you are a hair wizard. (excited for @gooddyeyoung stuff).

it was time. (more on that later). hair, AS ALWAYS, by my best @colormebrian .

@brettdouglashunter’s children are going to their first concert tomorrow night @artandfriendsnash .
come hang with these weirds at the show 2moro!! (im so unready 🤧) @elephantgallery

serving you #content with a side of Please Come See Our Bands This Friday at Municipal Auditorium, thx !! @artandfriendsnash @bullythemusic

just a reg ass saturdee 🌞

blooming af in @gooddyeyoung for @papermagazine 🍊🍊🍊 styled by @dustinnbakerr 💫.. .

Troye’s new album is so rad. @colormebrian and i are losing it seeing him in GDY. if you wanna try this lewk, it’s our Poser Paste Hair Makeup in ‘Riot’. #bizness .
📷: @carinbackoffphoto

some damn good hair 🙌🏼 @gooddyeyoung (photo: @lili__peper)
still jazzed on the new site, packaging/art direction... and there’s more news to come in the next month👯‍♀️

ringing in a new era of @gooddyeyoung 💥🌈 here’s me with a bunch of GDY packaging prototypes 8 months ago. major thx to Jordan & Carl @helloluum for bringing our aesthetic dreams to life..
here’s what’s new (so far🙂): .
• new look!
• bigger volume! (5oz of semi-perm color per tube.)
• improved formulas! (based on feedback. for example- Riot is now a more red-based orange 🍊.)

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