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Lorenza Bazzoli's Couture Ottoman collection for @luisaviaroma features geometric patterns and handcrafted fringes woven using early 18th century looms. 
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Composed like a series of Tetris blocks, this transformation of an existing residence in Antwerp by @devyldervincktaillieu squeezes a big program onto a tiny site. 
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#StoriesOnDesignByYellowtrace: Fierce Fireplaces. There's an element of nostalgia to fireplaces. Like moths to a flame, people have worshiped fire in the ancient times as the only source of warmth, and this very idea taps into our primal instinct until this day. Thomas Kröger draws on this concept within his Werkhaus Schütze projects in Gerswalde, Germany. Photo by Thomas Heimann.
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Amsterdam–based photography duo @freudenthalverhagen have spent over two decades perfecting their singular, jaw-dropping approach to photography that literally makes me go weak at the knees. In a good way, of course. 
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#StoriesOnDesignByYellowtrace: Fierce Fireplaces. Brutalist concrete & brick fireplace perfection at Brekkugerði Reykjavík in Iceland, designed by Högna Sigurðardóttir in 1963. Mama likey!
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@humbertetpoyet have preserved the traditional butcher shop atmosphere at, having revived the restaurant's unique heritage interior. Photo by @adrien_daste. Story by our newest contributor @stanadesigns. Yay!
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#StoriesOnDesignByYellowtrace: Fierce Fireplaces. Brick and fire have been excellent mates from way back, and @officedka made the most of this fact when designing the Stable Acre in Norfolk, England. Photo by Ioana Marinescu.
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#StoriesOnDesignByYellowtrace: Fierce Fireplaces. Norderhov Cabin in Norway by AtelierOslo has a fireplace that acts as the focus, nay, the hero within this space. Central fireplaces, in most cases, deliver a feeling akin to sitting around an open campfire – offering a place to gather and exchange stories (and drink schnapps). #Yellowtrace #YellowtraceArchitecture #YellowtraceResidential

#StoriesOnDesignByYellowtrace >> Fierce Fireplaces. In partnership with @spacefurniture, we take a tour of 75 (no shit!!) projects with fierce fireplaces — both gas and wood burning — divided into ten categories. This monolithic marble partition over a fireplace divides a penthouse in Antwerp, designed by @demeestervliegen. Yum. 
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We had a chat to Emma Templeton of @templetonarchitecture about this remarkable project in East Melbourne, who shares with us, from a very personal perspective, the experience of transforming Little Parndon into a family home for herself, her partner and their two young children. Photo by @sharyncairns
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This extraordinary holiday house in Italy has oversized vertical sliding windows that completely disappear into the ground. Ummm, wow. Designed by @bergmeisterwolf. Photo by @sangu
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What is it about artists studio? They are always so irresistible. Álvarez-Nuovo Atelier in Paraguay, designed by Nicolás Berger and Giacomo Favilli. Photo by @federicocairoli.
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