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  There are many pages of the almighty moon emoji 🌚, but here is a tribute to one of our unsung heroes, yellow moon emoji 🌝

The pillow that I sleep on every night 🌝

No post yesterday because Valentine’s Day, it might be over but here is a perfect gift for the next birthday/anniversary. Show off your moon necklace to the world 🌝

Always dream about moons with this pillow 🌝

Everybody needs their daily dose of moon 🌝

What’s up everybody, let the moon spam begin 🌝

Yellow moon V2, how’s everybody doing today. I’m about to start posting way more often. Are you ready to be spammed by the yellow moon??!! 🌝🌝

Let me first start off by educating you uncultured swine, this is a YELLOW MOON!!! NOT A SUN!! We already have a sun emoji and it looks like this 🌞. Get it right people, making this mistake is not only stupid, but it is racist!! Let’s all be thankful for the almighty yellow moon, because without a 🌝, there would be no 🌚.

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