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Yeji Yoon • 윤예지  shb '14 | rcm '19 📍 London

천금을 주어도 세월을 못 사네
못 사는 세월을 허송을 말어라
#이희문 #프렐류드

#iloveyou 💫

I'll see you again next year! (Hopefully) @mina123mo

책 읽는 것 처럼 술술 읽히면 좋겠다 하하

会いたかった @mina123mo
#monami ✍🏻

일주일만에 현지인 되신 분들🙏🏻
+ 나도 언니 갖고싶다.jpg
#꿈교회in🇹🇭 #예지투어 #소수하지 #방콕 #카오산로드 #짜뚜짝시장 #태국

저 먼 바다 끝엔 뭐가 있을까

22 things I learned at 22
1. timing has a lot to do with everything
2. it will pass - time heals - the best is yet to come
3. be transparent with your emotions
4. life is short, do what you want
5. most beautiful things in life are feelings and moments
6. surround yourself with people who make you feel safe and loved
7. not procrastinating will save your life
8. you can get through anything if you stay put in today
9. tell your parents how much you appreciate what they do for you - listen to your mum
10. whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger
11. fulfill your own dreams
12. embrace who you are - be yourself
13. love yourself first before loving somebody else
14. be nice to everyone you meet
15. be fearless
16. travel - realize how small you and your problems are
17. you only live once
18. time flies - cherish every moment and be happy
19. keep an open mind - be inspired
20. learning about other people will teach you about yourself
21. always try your best - keep calm and practice piano
22. I’m 22!

1. 꾀꼬리씨랑 우리 학교 투어하고 맛난거 먹으러 가는길.
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