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Diana ❤️  Breaking chains. Story teller. 🇩🇴🌱 @mothersoftheworld @playwithintention

Day 9 of #25craftstillchristmas we made Santa’s. I’ll always live to see that smile on their faces. #raisingleonardo #raisingfelicity

Finals are over so we finally picked back up on our #25craftstillchristmas and we are on day 6. We baked and decorated sugar cookies, and Felicity cracks me up with trying to be cute so she can keep eating frosting 😩 & lmao I love watching the satisfying videos when people decorate cakes, and sweets. It’s my favorite. Looks like I’m coming for you with these decorating skills @barbscakess watch out now 💅🏽 // on a completely unrelated note, anyone else hate sweets? The only thing I’ll ever crave are the red chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies and I can only eat like three and then I’m done.

This is a snippet of one of my all time favorite Ted Talks. Every time someone comes to me about parenting, I always send them the link to this video. I sincerely love the grace and calmness that Dr. Shefali conveys when speaking about raising children. I have watched it so many times over the years, and keep going back to it. This is only 2 mins of the almost 12 minute video. I posted the link on my story if you’d like to watch the rest of it. I encourage you to watch the entire thing. There are so many powerful messages. ❤️
. “Our children are our awakeners, they are our teachers. It is time for us parent to answer our call, to pause, to reflect more. To connect to our own trust our children. To understand their brilliance, to follow their lead. To self love, to create purpose, and to worth, to be in gratitude. For this is how our children will absorb wholeness and abundance, fullness and spirit, and from this place they can fly free.” - Dr. Shefali @drshefalitsabary #theconsciousparent #thegentleparent #awakenedparenting #healing

Growing up I always heard the term “it runs in the family.” You meet someone who has trouble being affectionate, or being able to communicate in a healthy manner etc and if you look back sometimes their mother, grandmother, father and grandfather were all the same way. There’s the chain reaction that keeps going from generation to generation, and now your grandkids decades later have the same issues you didn’t have a chance to deal with. & maybe a lot of things might have run in my family, but it just ran out with mine. I made a choice to break those chains with my children. I was going to break every generational curse I could, no matter how hard it was. I would no longer raise my voice to get my point across & excuse it with “that’s just the way I am” or “I turned out fine.” I would try to explain instead of resorting to anger and hitting when things were out of my control. I would sit down with my children and talk about how school was going every single day. & on days when they’d be asleep before I could get a chance to see them, I’d go through their school folders to see their progress. I would make sure that I’d teach them how to sort through their feelings, and allow them to express them as well. I’d teach them that being mad and sad are normal human emotions that they would feel comfortable enough sharing with me and others in a healthy way. I’d make sure that I wasn’t so busy that I’d forget to ask about their day. I would make sure that they learned patience before they knew pain. That they were always growing before having to overcome things. & let me tell you how much self work this took. I had to teach myself how to do the things that I wasn’t taught. I had to let go of those subconscious behaviors that I had picked up growing up. I had to shake those feelings of hanging on to the only things I knew, and depended on no one but myself to learn other ways. I read countless books on being a better version of myself. & spent months only listening to podcasts. I started breathing when all I wanted to do was scream in situations . I went down every single avenue it took so that I could no longer be confrontational in all relationships (Cont..)

I’m still tiny & my first born who is five is already more than half my size. He’ll probably be taller than me in no time. Where does the time go? #raisingleonardo

They decorated their own mini trees the other day. I bought everything from the dollar tree including the mini lights that went on them. I didn’t find a tree topper at my store so I bought felicity fake flowers and put them on top of hers. For Leonardo’s I used a little Spider-Man that he had and taped it to the top. There are so many cute activities to do without breaking the bank. ❤️ what are some fun Christmas activities you guys do? Love getting new ideas.

I wore my ring to the gym last month & I lost the center diamond to it. I didn’t even realize it until about four hours later. I tried to retrace my steps but didn’t have any luck finding it. I called the jeweler and they told me to drop it off and they’d replace it free of charge. Thank God for insurance. I’m just sharing this to tell you that if you have a ring, make sure that you keep up with the inspections every six months to be covered in situations like this. I’m pretty proud of not freaking out about it honestly. I’ve been working on not stressing over things that I have absolutely no control over and I have come so far. On another completely unrelated note, I can’t believe how fast this year passed us by. ✨

Happy December! It’s my favorite time of the year! 🌲✨ It’s the first day of our 25 crafts till Christmas. What are some fun things you guys do to count down the days until Christmas? #25craftstillchristmas

Happy is back & he brought a friend! Felicitys elf is still unnamed. She wants Happy to be hers and I think it’s because he’s wearing a cute sweater and hers is plain 😩 // Ps. Can you guys tag me or hashtag #elfyeidi on your elf’s! I always run out of ideas by the end of December.

Six years of traditions. ✨ / going to do this until they’re old 😩😭 #christmasspirit #favoritetimeoftheyear

Happy thanksgiving! It’s the first time in 30 years that my brother isn’t here with us. We’re also missing my sugar @alejandradisla / forever thankful for these humans. Loves of my life. ❤️

my whole world on aisle 4 ❤️✨

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