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She was trying to take his seat belt off and wake him up, and was playing Star Wars with him. & can we talk about the way he looks at her when he wakes up. 😍 where did my new born go?


I used to be super self conscious about wearing jeans because I thought I was too skinny. I made a promise to myself after having Felicity that I would get over my insecurities. How can I teach her how to love herself if I'm not being honest with myself. Here's to overcoming my fears, and posting things I would have never felt comfortable posting and not feeling vain doing it, but rather celebrating myself because it took a long time to love every part of me.

He looks so big after having Felicity, but in so many way he is still so little. ❤️


It was a good day. ❤️


Last night Leonardo said he wanted to throw a party. I asked him what kind of party? He said a birthday party. We woke up today went to publix bought balloons, and all of the ingredients to bake a cake. Sang him happy birthday because according to him every day is just as "special" as his birthday. We have always told him how everyday should be celebrated. How important every single day is, and how thankful we should be to get to wake up everyday healthy. When I asked him what are we celebrating today I was amazed that he said "life" instead of birthday. Every day should be a celebration, and it is to our children. Every single day he wakes up forgetting about yesterday and focused on today. Forgiving any of my shortcomings and loving me just the same or even more than the day before. Everyday should be a celebration, and sometimes my four year old has to be the one to remind me. God, I love him. I'm so blessed to be your mama. ✨

I love you so much. ❤️✨

Lmao why is this me

This was a year ago today. My mother had just planned a cute baby shower for me. I was close to my due date and I gathered around to celebrate a new baby with the people I loved the most. A baby we hadn't named yet. (I named her when I saw her) I didn't know if i was going to welcome a little boy or a little girl. I thought it was going to be a boy. It wasn't that feeling that women speak about of just knowing it was going to be a certain gender, because their gut tells them. I think I felt that way because it would almost feel like a fairy tale if it had been a girl. I would now have a beautiful little boy and a girl and it felt too good to be true. Even though I would have been ecstatic with a boy. I didn't really prefer one or the other. There is something magical about being pregnant. I love being pregnant. I feel so absolutely beautiful carrying a life inside of me. A month after this picture I gave birth to a little girl in my bathtub. Felicity will be one next month, ONE. You don't realize how fast time passes you by until you have children. At least for me that's how it feels, or maybe it's because I want to stop time and keep them little for as long as I can. ❤️

Felicity, my sweet fierce little girl.
I see that fire inside of you already, may you never let it go out. May the world we live in where women are told what's beautiful and what's not never get the best of you. May you never look in the mirror and wonder if you're too skinny or too fat. May you love yourself in all of the seasons of your life. May the comments that people make of you never get to your head. May you welcome all criticism and take what you need, and let go of everything else. May you understand that people will be cruel to you, because they never had love and are sad. Treat them with love. May you feel happiness, love and sucess. But may you also feel sadness, loneliness and learn to sort through them and then learn to let them go without hardening your heart. They will tell you your beautiful, but remember that your brain and your heart makes you beautiful. May you still crave love fearlessly after heartbreak. May you never feel down about your body, but rather hug it & thank it for doing it's job in keeping you healthy. If you ever find yourself lonely/empty don't ever try to fill your cup in anyone's arms. Learn to be whole in your solitude. Love people. Help people. May you always be a little more sugar than salt. May you look the world in the eye and stare it down. May you always live unapologetic about who you are, what you love, and what you stand for. Live this life on your own terms. May you stay sweet, stay fierce. I love you my little girl. ❤️

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