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Lmao I was sharing my super dramatic story about a frog that jumped into my car today on my story and I can’t with Felicity. Lmao she is so over me and my drama. The fact that she has that loud sigh like she works a stressful 9-5 everyday & can’t deal with anyone 😩😩 #raisingfelicity

Happy 30th birthday baby! I love you so much! I know that every single dream you’ll go for in life will be yours. I could write a book about how much you mean to me & how our love has transformed the best parts of me. I’ll love you until the end of time. Wishing you many many more. ✨❤️

Last night I was able to get some of our favorite people under one roof to surprise one man, Andy. He turns 30 tomorrow. We aren’t gifts givers unless it’s something super meaningful but more of giving each other experiences. One of my gifts this year was putting together a video from all of the people he loves wishing him a happy 30th birthday. My goal was to hopefully make him cry (he never cries over videos or movies) & I succeeded. The video is exactly 21 minutes long & It was perfect. Every single human being he loves shared their joy and their gratefulness with him. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room yesterday. You are the most magical human being & here is proof that every single person you touch or come across leaves inspired, & changed in the best way possible. You are a gift to this world. You are a light & I’m so glad that i’m able to celebrate you & with you for the rest of our lives. I love you, and I’m so grateful for you. ❤️ // thank you to all of our friends and family who made yesterday so special. I appreciate you so much. ✨ #forevermore @andyin97 (shared longer versions of it on my story)

He’s usually the first one up every morning. He just gets up at 7am everyday without an alarm clock. We were so tired this morning because we stayed up late last night, rearranging, painting, and purging. It’s one of those seasons in my life again, where I have to get rid of stuff that doesn’t bring me joy. He wakes up thinking he has school this morning, and he goes “Dad, it’s day light already” Andy goes “I know baby, but im tired” & he goes “dad, I can’t miss school. I’m going to take a shower” 😩 he gets in the shower and puts on his button up & jeans. We were exhausted so we asked him to watch a movie & when we come out he’s been practicing chess all morning. God, I love this kid. ❤️ (ps. my plant back there is really struggling. Should I re-pot it? Help me)

You think you love yourself until God sends you a little girl that makes you re-evaluate what self love should really look like. ❤️✨ // all time favorite picture of us.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you, they were so mysterious. I had a crush on you from the moment you looked at me. My introverted lover, you had a way of looking at me that made the world stand still. The first time we hung out felt like our souls some how already knew each other. We grew up together in so many ways, and now we get to watch these little ones grow up. I love you more than you’ll ever know. & I’m so happy that we get to do this life together. Im just blessed that even when the phones go down, I can still say that there’s no one in the world I’d rather be with than you. You’re truly my best friend. Wishing us many more beautiful years. #inmyfeelstoday

I remember the immense guilt I felt after finding out I was carrying another baby. How could I possibly have another child when Leonardo was only 3 years old. I should have waited a little longer so I could have enjoyed him to myself longer. Those were all things I said to myself, but my God. What a beautiful blessing it was to have her. The love that pours out of you into these little humans is unreal. The love that they share for each other is so beautiful that there aren’t enough words to express them. Sometimes you try to plan your life, and then God comes through and sends you exactly what you needed. I know that some say that having children is such an inconvenience, and unbelievably hard, but I’ve honestly never felt that way. I thoroughly enjoy being a mother. & even after almost six years of being one, it still feels so surreal. I was made for this, and they were perfectly made for me. ❤️✨ #ig_motherhood #honestmotherhood

Heaven gained an angel today. I have been following @kyrzayda_ for years. She was a Dominican blogger that I had instantly felt like I related to. I don’t follow a lot of fashion bloggers, but I truly loved her. I feel like we all start feeling like we know some of the people we follow because we watch them grow and evolve over the years through their photos. Some people let us into their lives, and we are able to connect with them. I felt that way with her. Just last year she found out she had cancer. She fought so hard and still got up everyday to do what she loved. She continued to show up not only for herself, and the people she loved, but for us, the thousands of people that loved her. She would come on live and give US inspiring words. How fucking selfless is that? She was so beautiful. She not only left the world with a beautiful series of her best outfits, but with so much wisdom. With so much inspiration to continue to do the things we love, no matter the odds that are against us. She would constantly do lives and sometimes break down with us. I think everyone who watched them cried with her. Her last live you could tell how weak she was. It was hard for her to even catch her breath sometimes. & It was the most beautiful but heartbreaking live she’s ever done. Even in the moments that she felt her worst, she used it to inspire people to live their best. Life is so fragile and the end sometimes comes too soon. Rest In Peace Kyrzayda. You touched so many of us with your light. What a beautiful gift you were. ❤️ #kyrzaydarodriguez #youinspireuskyrzayda

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Moana & Harry Potter today ❤️ Life is good

I temporarily deactivated my account, and when I enabled all of my photos are gone. Apparently, they’re supposed to be hidden but pop back up when you log in again. 😩 how do my friends do this every month and have all their pictures back immediately? 😩😩 has anyone done this and has it taken a few days for them to all come back? I was so sad about it this morning thinking they were gone. But im hoping it’s just taking its sweet time to come back. I’ve already contacted IG but no response yet. So I’d like to hear from any of you guys. #instagramhelp

When I take pictures of her like this, they always remind me of the pictures I used to take of Leonardo when he was her age. // she hasn’t taken off this Doc McStuffin get up since she got it for her birthday. ❤️😩✨

The most amazing little girl. Happy birthday to the sweetest little girl. #raisingfelicity \\ sweets by @barbscakess

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