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Yeffry Tablada  Nothing to see here...........I think.... Paintball is my new obsession Team: Team Armory DBD SC: yeffrytablada #JIAB

Armory Strong! Our video from our first NXL Dallas Tournament is up! Check it out! Link on bio. Man it was a blast lol #armory @thearmorypaintball #paintballfamily #nxl #dallas #empire #evs #vanquish #representing #pride @empirepaintball

Had a good weekend. Shield is definitely improving, slowly but surely. We don't even have more than 2 months playing all together. But I can't wait to see what's in store for us. Go @thearmorypaintball !!

Teachers always said it wasn't good to have us in the same class room....but they never said we couldn't be on the same team though lol we growing with the sport and aiming to be better everyday. Double trouble maing 👍😂 #armory #paintball #empire #vanquish #family #evs # twins #red #blue #localtournament #growlouisianapaintball

Had one of the best experience so far at @usxbl kick-off over in Texas. The Armory stood strong no doubt. I got some awesome teammates that im glad were there to make things happen. We just can't wait for our next event! We are ready to keep learning and moving forward.@thearmorypaintball
#armory #paintball #usxbl #paintballfamily #empire #vanquish #lvl #evs #bluemirror #rush #event #strong @visibledudephotography2.0

These group of people here are my Paintball Family. In a few weeks we will be competing in the 2017 USXBL Kick-Off. Our D-5 and D-4 brothers will be representing Louisiana paintball. Everyone of these guys here try their best and love the sport. After each point played and drill we ran, we get back on that starting block and aim to do better than the last point. We don't quit and give up. When we lose, we will shake out opponent hand and go back to practice. When we win, we will shake out opponent hand and go back to practice. Either way. Our Family learned to help each other out in order to make the team that we are today. Thanks @thearmorypaintball for giving us an opportunity to represent them in the sport we share. And @jdylanjones79 for taking his time and patience to coach us. We have learn a tons but I'm sure he just getting started with us.
Also thanks @empirepaintball for sponsoring The Armory Team. We may be a bit rusty at the moment. But i know this team has a great future. Love the sport and Love my Paintball Family.

P.s.- Come out and support The Armory on our Scrimmages on the 15th of January. Or come out and have some fun and play some paintball. Everyone is welcome! You won't regret it! 👍

#paintball #thearmorypaintball #paintballfamily #empire #team #blessed

"Living isn't always breathing or saying you alive. Sometimes living is exploring and experiencing new things or places." #yearly #vacation #colorado #16

Colorado was awesome! Had a blast. The views are endless too. Maing sucks it was a short trip though. Well Till the next one then lol #colorado #mountains #denver #views #vacation #trip

I won't lie. I miss these days. I had a good time with all these people here. I haven't heard from much of them in a longgg time. Hope everyone is doing good. Wish I could play again with everyone but I'm way to lazy now a days hahaha plus paintball replaced that year too. Which means I have to get back on shape quick. Lol man no worries years were the best. #goodolddays #highschool #trophy #awesome #soccer #paintball

Those rush moments are awesome! The feeling of improvement is even better! But knowing there's still a lot to wayyy better! Paintball gives us the best feeling and friends. #paintball4life #empire #training #practice @empirepaintball #paintballfamily

Proud member of Armory Black!
Thank you @thearmorypaintball for having one awesome field and staff!

Hey don't hesitate to come give us a visit! Everyone is always welcome.
Check out The Armory Facebook/Instagram page
And go check out my YouTube channel where we uploaded our most recent tournament videos over at Phill's Paintball Tournament last week.
Share! Share! If you still got some time in your hand, go like our Team page @thearmorypaintballteam and share it! Support your local field and teams! Thank you!

Here guys is @thearmorypaintball D500 Family. Placing 3rd and 4th on Phil's Paintball Tournament. Man i had a great time. Can't wait for our next tournament lol #paintballfamily #paintball4life #tournament #3v3 #greatday #greattimes. @valkensports @planeteclipse @razapaintball @exaltpaintball @empirepaintball

Finally got my jersey in! Being in this Team has been one awesome experience so far. Can't wait to share more practices/field time/shots/wins and losses with everyone! #paintballcrazy #paintballfamily
@watchucallit_jr @kila151 @thearmorypaintball @that_justin_guy @mike.hinojosa
@hkarmy @valkensports @empirepaintball @planeteclipse @virtuepaintball @gisportzofficial @razapaintball @dyepaintball
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