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we’ve been nominated for British Group at the @brits!! 📣 YAY !! thank you to everybody who’s helped us to get here ✨ we love you guys 😩😭x #BRITs

omgggg so many shows to play in 2019. we’re so excited to see each and every one of you! Oslo has sold out 💕 still some tickets available for the rest of the dates in our bio🌙 #PaloSantoTour

enjoyed being back on your televisions on Christmas Day for Top Of The Pops ✨

5 years ago we called in all our favours and spent a few hundred pounds shooting our video for ‘Real’ on this very dance floor. What felt like our last shot turned out to be just the beginning. Watching this video now I get a deep belly knot of feelings. How did we get from there to here ? It’s almost like I’m a completely different person, then again I don’t know if I’ve changed so much - maybe just a bit more confidence and a smaller ear.
This time of year always gets me thinking like this, reflecting, realizing things.... I can see the prototype of Palo Santo in the Real video ( not just because Ben Whishaw appears in both - thank you ben ❤ ) , I start thinking about all the things that have happened along the way and the experiences that have shaped my life. I think of all the people, places and mistakes I am so grateful for. I wish i could articulate better what these years have taught me, but I can’t. I’ll save my words somewhere and keep them for the songs :-). Thank you for continuing to be with us, our fans are truly awesome keep doing your thing and being kind ❤ I’m a big believer of positive mental attitude optimism all things shining and magical so I’m doing a little incantation for you all, and for myself, that the new year brings us many blessings and that we may receive them with grace. Also my New Years resolution is to have more sex. Wish me luck! Happy new Years and Years everybody :-) here’s to more weird sexy magic in 2019 ✨🦋👻 Olly xx

back on @bbcone for the Top Of The Pops New Year’s special today with @jaxjones!! ✨ tune in from 5:10pm

Merry Christmas guys!! 🎄💫we're on Top of The Pops @bbcone from 12.30 today! let us know if ur watching ⭐

All our Christmases have come at once!! We can’t wait to welcome the first Y&Y baby in 2019!!! 👶🏻 >>>>>>>>>> Let’s hope they get this gorgeous one’s genes 😍 #sperm #whale #whaledaddy? #daddyemre #gayuncleyoualwayswanted #RIPemolly

letting @jaxjones win on mario kart in our live vid for ‘Play’… 🙌🕹

i covered one of my all time favourite songs 'Time After Time' by @cyndilauper for @bbcradio2 yesterday 💫❣

me curing my post tour blues in the @bbcradio2 piano room this morning!! 😍 thank u Ken and to all of u guys for listening from wherever u are in the worlddd 🌍💫 #OllyRadio2

brought Palo Santo to @theo2london twice in 5 days!!!! ❤ u London #CapitalJBB @capitalofficial

amaaaazing time playing @capitalofficial #CapitalJBB last night ✨🎄 thank u guys

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