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Lord Knows  Krimkyki A Dixon ♎ Original Goddess ⭐🌙🌊

Missing the Great Guys (Trell from the campground, PA Travis Williams, Paris Woods, Ledell Davis, Lemonhead, Marcus West, Richard Steele, Lil Law, Law, Red, Dolla, Unka Booker T.) Therefore we do not lose heart💙. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day #CharmIsDeceptiveAndBeautyIsFleeting #WaitingPatientlyForThatReal1

They call 📞 me the #Dondada pop a collar, drop a dollar 💸if you hear me 👯you can holla, even rottweilers follow.. §✌rimkyki § old pic.. but yall get it #GreatDay ...that mirror cut I am not 💕

James 1:9~12 #Edification #Love #GreatDay #KeepYaHead☝ Big G want you Hot #Capesh I Am ✌rimkyki

🅱oss 🅱oolin while we restin Lordssss Bless this 1 up #Don 🌙⭐☝ Mark 7:27 "Jesus told her: 1st I shall feed the children my own family let the kids eat 1st,,, for it is not right to throw them kids food/bread to the dogs #Grrrr #ReadyReady

A picture is worth a milli words #TIP Doe #BreadBreadBreadBread 🍞 #VL #G1 Lords bless His soul up ☝

Oh Lords, Dear Men, Kings, young Kings alike , & lila 1s if you are the eldest,only or stronger male figure under your roof..then you are Daddy..and make sure Mom understand that..treat mom swell make sure things are taken care of..raise Mom and siblings #CharityBeginsAtHome it'll keep you busy, yo nose clean,Mom happy & outta riff raffs face, and Kids fed with the truth=Love=God, therefore you can always come back to charity (Prodigal son) 🌙⭐☝§🌙⭐☝§☝§➕👌§➕👌

.5 ⭐

Sapiosexual Saturday💎 I am truly having a great day #Sapiosexual #Goddess

All is Well #EyeOfGod

This street gang is the #1 street gang for #BlackPride⭐ 2nd largest next to the Mafia who were ran by italians #VL lords..this Black Pride gang was the 1st to suggest unity amongst ppl of color...when Fred Hampton & Jose Cha Cha Jimenez of #NationalYoungLords starting Rainbow coalition which was not orginally a gay organization, the idea was to create utopia and spiritual awareness, well being for all ppl which =love #Ourstory

By the age of 21 he was more up on it than older men⭐Already a member of the #NAACP; Chairman of The Chicago chapter Black Panther Party .. Fred Hampton was assasinated on December 04,1969 by 12 Chicago policemen on trumped up charges simply a conspiracy//his short time as BPP chairman starting in 1968 he started #RainbowCoalition , #BlackstoneRangers the oldest known street gang and he met Jose ChaCha Jiminez who lead #NationalYoungLords a Puerto Rican branch/chapter #westsideChicago #FredHampton

Errthing I do is righteous..betting on Me is the right risk..even in a effn crisis..I'm never on some switching sides ish..I switch gears to the night shift, Blacking out cause I'm enlightened ; God talk to me in silence, but I hear Him errtime mane #ThankUGodGodBlessYouThankUsomuch #BounceBack

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