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Simon Shen  BEAM ARTISTE Taiwanese Kiwi, working in SG Chiropractor Music lover and at enthusiast Manhunt SG Winner 2017 Part time actor

Had the privilege of attending this year Manhunt Singapore finals and handing over the title to this year's winner.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Manhunt winner 2018 Mr Nick Langton @langt.nt

For Open category, we have Mr Richie English @richienglisch from Austria.

And for Mr Senior Manhunt Singapore, who is also Mr Congeniality for Manhunt 2018 Mr Bernard Chiew @sasukeber .
Congrats to all the winners and runner up. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. You all have put on an wonderful show and done yourselves proud!! #manhunt2018 #manhuntsg #thebeamsearch #lookingsharp #dousproud #holidayinnorchardcitycentre #funtimes

First ever red carpet interview. Pretty sure I mucked it up but it was so impromptu I was taken by surprise at the end... Hence the wo...awesome. Haha
Had a blast of a time anyways, thank you @wallaceang and @ginat618 for letting me 站同台 (be on the same stage). #thelionkingsg #redcarpet #canyoufeelthelovetonight #beamartistes #firstredcarpet

Hakuna matata! What a wonderful phrase.
They are finally here in SG!
Totally loved and enjoyed The Lion King musical. I heard it was amazing and it didn't disappoint!
Thank you to #thelionkingsg for having us. Thoroughly enjoyed the show.
Yes the first shot was mandatory hahaha

#beamartistes #redcarpet #dressedup #xiaoka #photosyoutakewhengfnotaround

Super sunny and hot day yesterday with beautiful blue sky!!! Time to replenish up on some Vit D.

Photo credit: @arthurchoo

Awesome time at the grand opening of the Twee flagship store in 313 Somerset. Wide range of affordable Korean designed cloths for you to choose from.
@the_real_jitler_world You guys should check it out. (Not the man's section of course)
Tagged you guys coz you guys seem to love Korean fashion

Thanx @blatantmistakes for inviting me for the event!!

So got featured in a magazine this week haha. It's this week's 8Days.
Bought ten for my fam and friends. Going to force some of them to have a signed copy of it and put it on their coffee table haha.
Yayyy, off bucket list. Wohoooo

#neversayagain #iamfamous #ormaybeinfamous #bucketlist✅ #boughttoomany

The gentlemen of manhunt 2017. Proud to be of this class and a privilege to know all of you. Here is a post to remember all the jokes and laughter that we had together. You guys are all champions!

It's been a while since manhunt international and still savoring the experience. Def one of the things that I will tell my kids and reminisce. Had some of the best photos of myself taken there haha. For someone not her photogenic it's an achievement!

#graffitiart #小強精神 #不屎之身 #oneofthebestmemories

Had scalp treatment yesterday at @folliclehair in Nee Ann City.
I had an in depth analysis on my scalp where they found the cause of my hair thinning and did the appropriate treatment for it. Everything was done professionally and efficiently. Highly recommended. Do not hesitate to contact them for any information or appointment!
#hairtreatment #thinninghair #idontwanttobebald #treatitbeforeitstoolate #folliclehair #growpleasegrow #ilooklikeaspaceman #changelives #teambeamers

So surprised that it actually fits into my mouth haha

#bigmouth #proudofmyself #thankyoumumndad #inappropriate #weneedtohavethisinsg


#aftercompdiet #hicalories

Prejudging done!!! A massive thank you to all these awesome backstage makeup artists and hairstylists!!! If not for them I wouldn't have won my prize!!! Super happy! Thank you guys so much!
#manhuntinternational2017 #manhuntsingapore2017 #manhuntsingaporeinternational #prejudging #thankfulforthesepeople

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